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Thread: WOW- another update attempting the impossible

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    Erin, thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. It was great to meet you at the luncheon and I will always remember you and splits saying, "Tosca" and all of us responding with, "purple" when you wanted to get everyone's attention to make an announcment. Thanks again for the pompoms and for all the signs the sistas made!! Y'all are so famous now!!!!
    I took the paper with the picture of you all hanging the sign to school to show all my students. They loved it!

    Gardenkitty, I loved your pendant story, loved meeting you and will remember seeing you and nymkfan51 across the arena shaking your pompoms and starting the whole pompom dance thing before the final group of ladies. :TOS Before long, I saw MKF people standing up all over the arena with those purple pompoms. Of course, I joined right in. Absolutely loved it!!!!! So much fun.

    nymkfan51, I remember seeing you at breakfast Saturday morning and us talking just a moment about being nervous. I loved it when I ran into you in the concourse after the medal ceremony and we just hugged as if we had known each other for a long time. Sharing our excitment and awe together for that brief moment was great!

    Terri77, so good to see you again. I feel the same way - as probably most of us do - about the footwork. Yes, I felt as though I was flying right along with her. I love the quote where Michelle talks about the audience skating with her. many wonderful moments and thoughts. Thanks MKF!!!!

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    Default ERIN!

    ERIN! That was so beautiful -- I feel as if I was there with you. Well, I was spiritually. I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful experience. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.


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    Default speechless!!

    Aww Erin!!!!!! You sent goosebumps and chills up and down my body with that beautiful report!!!!!!! Welcome back and wow you are SO incredibly lucky to have been there for such a treat!!!!!!! Are you thinking of going to Germany in March now? LOL!! Haha and we aren't the only ones who have run out of words to describe Michelle and her skating - Peggy and the other commentators appear to have as well LOL!!!!!!

    Let the Season of Love (oh how I love this name!! ) continue ever so happily!!!!!! And long live our Tosca Kween!!!!!!

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    Default Re: speechless!!


    it was a joy to meet you I am smiling just picturing you sleeping in that T-shirt. That sounds like something I would do

    I ran that whole week with very little sleep and not eating very well. It was b/c of excitment and nervous at the same time. No one told me how nervous I would be

    Thanks again for making the signs

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    Default Re: speechless!!

    Thank you Erin! Your way with words are amazing!

    I appreciate everyone sharing their experience and thoughts.

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    Default Re: WOW- My attempt at the impossible

    Great report Erin. You guys must have had an awesome time!

    I know I did in my livingroom, jumping up and down while pumping my fist as quietly as I could at 10:45 PM yelling "YES, YES, she did it, SHE DID IT!"

    And yes, I can yell quietly after watching Michelle win everything in sight for the past 10 years at 10:45 PM, all by myself. I've had lots of practice.

    I did knock on my 19 yo sons door and told him. His reply? "oh, that's good."

    I was watching the short program over and over (before the LP) he said "What was that music you played obsessively over and over last year?"

    He recognized TFB's. Remember we only had it on audio for a few months as it was taped in Canada and not shown in the US? I WAS obsessed with it, imagining Michelle skating to it etc. and played it many times a day.

    I didn't get to bed until 1AM as I was updating my site and chatting with other MKFers. My DH rolled over and I told him Michelle had won, but he wasn't really awake.

    So in the morning I walked by him as he sat at the computer and all I said to him was "EIGHT." He looked at me like I had 3 heads LOL. :SAL :TOS :LB :SP


    Michelle Kwan is Golden!

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    Default Re: WOW- My attempt at the impossible

    Erin, I always look forward to your posts. So positive and so very enthusiastic...Thanks to you and your "sistas" for making the "Kwanarena" look so great.

    I am sure that Michelle knows who you are...When she saw your pic in the Atlanta paper..I just bet that she remembered meeting you at Worlds, baby!

    Thanks for the pom-poms...I gave mine to Prudence 19 so she could shake it on Saturday night...It's kind of hard to shake a pom-pom when one is holding taf's hand...

    Again, thanks...

  8. Default great post

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Erin. As always you said it perfectly. It was really great getting an opportunity to meet you and hopefully I can hang out again. Glad you go home safe and thanks for your worl with the banners.

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    Default great post

    I can attest that the energy did extend to the top of the arena. I was in the upper section and we were all on our feet! I can't imagine being in a seat closer to the action. I was thrilled even with my view from the top!

    Peace and Love to MKF!

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    Default You raise me up!!

    OK, after listening to Josh Groban and the Tosca tape once again this morning (so much for my self-control!) I am ready to add...I can't believe how much I've slept these past few days! Between volunteering and seeing everything, we "sistas" were running on about 3-4 hours of sleep a night, I am serously making up for it now!

    It was SOOOOO worth it!

    Here are some little tidbits that I wrote down on the plane ride home- beware this will be looooong!

    "As Atlanta disappears behind me and I begin my trip home, thousands of thoughts flow through my mind. I pray that I can do them justice. I know that I have already frogotten some things...those itty-bitty cute stories that I wish I could capture and keep in a bottle somewhere. But some will come back to me and others I know will not, but thats okay because they have done their job. The moments have blessed me and influenced me and left their mark..."

    -We would "de-vibe" on occasion, thats the feeling begins hand thing which turned into our own silly game...we did that WAYYYY too much.

    -We were nervous Thursday night, but brilliantly EXCITED Saturday night. We woke up feeling so excited, I just can't explain it! After watching the SP, we bolted over to the sports bar to watch the broadcast. We were out of breath and just asking for a table with ESPN2...we didn't care that the kitchen was closing! Then she said we couldn't put the sound on:\ ummm, ok. We put it on anyway, it was like our own little personal TV. The waitress saw how excited and into it we were and she asked "Is your friend competing or something?" and the five of us looked at each other thinking that "short was best" and so we replied "Umm, yes." And when MK came on and we all responded with tears, laughter and hugs, she said "Oh THAT must be your friend!" I want to know if the waitress watched Saturday night and watched "our friend" win her 8th national title...

    -What did that final The Feeling Begins pose say again, Sarah?? THAT got us psyched for Saturday night...oh man did Michelle want this! Sarah (Schez's) words became our mantra for the rest of the week. I can't say it here...little ears...

    -Sasha came to win, Michelle came to have fun, its that simple. It was the result vs. the process.

    -I'll never forget the moment that it hit me this week. There was not a single place on the planet that Michelle would rather have been this neither.

    -We sistas had our weep while we listened to "You Raise Me Up" after the exh. broadcast. We all layed on the bed, hovering over the little discman, with a box of chocolates and a box of tissues between us and the tears just rolled...*orders life for self and sistas*

    -I don't want to offend anyone but Atlanta is not the smartest city in the country...stuff happened all week long. After just a few days, we just wound up saying "It's Atlanta!":p Just an example: a local hospital was giving out commemorative pins and the little card it came on said "Enjoy the week of skting- our staff scores a perfect 10!":| That was just the start of it. We laughed after a while because honestly, something little like that happened every day.

    -While working on one of my shifts, Mr. Hartsell came up to me and started making conversation. He was very very chatty and he was interesting to talk to. I finally figured out who it was after he said something about how many nationals they had been to. He mentioned that Boston was his favorite ("aside from the head injury", I said!) so I took that opportunity to tell him that I am from Boston and that I was there that week. I went on to tell him that his children were my favorite pairs team and that I was rooting my heart out for them that week. Legends of the Fall is one of my fave programs and he told me much more about his kids, nats 02 and what not. Well, 10 minutes later he comes back and says "I have someone that I want you to meet" and in walks Steve and Danielle. We volunteers are NOT supposed to do this, and I am NOT outgoing like that, but since he instigated it, I felt fine. I fought back tears telling them how lovely "L.o.t.F" was and how nice it was to see them. Danielle looked great and was there cheering on her brother. Steve told me how nervous he was about that night. It was just so nice, I couldn't believe it...

    -We sistas loved being together in Atlanta. Apparently we were very popular on the volunteer circuit, it was nice how everyone loved working with us. It was very flattering. Some people actually thought we were sisters, others dubbed us "the mouseketeers" or "my little sign groupies" Everyone is a Michelle fan; our coordinators went on and on about how lovely and considerate and gracious she had been all week long. (I'm sure she had her credential with her at all times )

    -Hot, HOT dancer do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Yes, Alexandre Kyrsanov is just dreamy. We saw him everywhere this week, like he was following us or something! The sistas and I had one shift all of us together in the competitors lounge and, yea, its fun watching hot hot dancer boy play pool. We had a great, err view.

    -The night of the pairs and dance final, we got to our seats and found that a group of young men were hanging Sasha signs right behind us. Those big "SASHA" letters, you prob. saw them on TV. Anyway, they put them rioght next to our "What a Kwanderful World" sign so we started laughing...of all the places in the arena to hang that! Now their signs reads "What a kwanderful world, Sasha" So, they weren't the brightest sign makers, so what? THEN they proceed to hang (and not in regulation places, I might add!) an ABC sign...America's Best Cohen. When we saw the ABC theme using the same colors we had, we said "Oh its ON, NOW!" We assume they got busy with the signs because Terry Gannon said the night before that there were a ton of signs for Michelle. We felt like 6th graders...we actually left the pairs final, ran to CVS and then re-entered the arena and went to the top level. We sprawled out and made more signs that night while watching the birds-eye view of the pairs and dance finals. We really are nuts Schez, katializ and bagelpuss joined us, so we really had a sign making par-tay.

    -I still have hardly any voice...I saw my choir director last night and she said "Michelle did it again! Can I just tell you how wonderful I think it is that you love this so much..." and I started to talk and she said "What did you do to your voice? its totally gone!" I said, "I left it in Atlanta Saturday night cheering for Michelle!" I'm sure I'll be able to sing Sunday, no worries!

    -I knew that I was screaming "wrong" Saturday night...I felt it, I knew my voice would be trashed, but I didn't really care. You can't control it, its the uninhibited child that comes out. We just shrieked and cheered and jumped all over the place, I'm surprised we got on TV with Kim's sign because honestly, we had it raised for less than 10 seconds, we couldn't get ourselves together! We were too excited! "Thats Tosca, BABY!":rollin

    -You know how Dick Button has said "It's raining teddy bears"? Honest to goodness, thats what happened. Its actually kind of freaky to be under it all! I swear the arena dimmed for a few seconds while the torrent just fell. It was amazing...amazing. One woman told me that Michelle had 12 bags filled after the free skate!

    -Throughout our shifts this week, we worked at the arena near the "Loading Dock" the first time I heard that I laughed...I couldn't wait to call Colleen and tell her that we saw "the lost loading dock". It was a really nice feeling to be in the hallway where the medal was presented. It was just nice. That area was nicknamed "Siberia" because it was so freaking cold.:x We and the other volunteers took turns in Siberia because the coordinator couldn't bring herself to leave someone down there for more than an hour and a half. It was COLD!

    -Oh, and you know how people sometimes send Michelle cards before the event just addressed to the arena? I'll tell you right now that I'm pretty sure that she gets them.

    -We talked to Rohene Ward this week on the bus to the practice rink. He was very, very nice and funny. He was sitting behind us and he was talking to his coach or someone about Michelle and Sasha and he said "Are you kidding, I never go against Michelle. This is Nationals. She is so incredible, something magical always happenes when she is on nationals ice." He went on and on and I looked back at him and smiled and nodded, so then we started talking. He is a major Michelle fan. We saw him at the arena as well after the free skate. I stopped and told him how much I loved his style and skating and then said "See you in Portland?!" and he said "Oh yes!"

    -Probably the most touching moment was talking to Naomi. we saw her sitting across the arena from us and we needed to ehad over there to fix a sign. Katializ, Schez and I talked and talked about is it was approriate to go over to her. It was a pretty easy decision, but I am just so cautious about intruding on people's space! Anyway, we went over to her and she greeted us with a smile. I said "Just in case you didn't feel it enough the other night, I want to tell you how much we love you and that it was an honor to stand and cheer for you." She got teary eyed and she looked touched to the soul. She said "Oh my gosh, thank you." "Seriously guys, you have no idea what that means to us." Katializ and Schez started talking about how important it was for them to get well, just take care of yourself and get better, they said, your fans will be waiting right here when you get back. For the next little while, she would look over to us and smile. After our conversation, I cried more then I had while I gave them their standing ovation...I pray that everything is ok. I am so glad that we had the chance to tell her.

    -the photographer of the event asked us if we were "fans of Nancy Kwan" no lie, Colleen! She then proceeded to ask us "which one is Sasha Cohen" and to verify that Michelle was "the one in the pants". *shakes head* WOW.:|

    -we found "little sign sistas", these two little girls who were 7 and 10 I think...they saw us hanging signs one day and asked if they could help. We were attached the rest of the week. They called us "the nice ones" they were so cute! Their mom was such a Michelle fan and I wish I could remember exactly what she said about her. It was so beauitful...this was after a practice and Michelle had this woman in tears.

    -Chai tea...that was really good! We had vanilla chair tea almost every day.

    -The Smoothie Smuggle of 2004. Katializ had me living on the otehr side of the law because she didn't want to throw out her strawberry banana smoothie. I am SUCH a rebel I tell you...

    -Sasha's costume looks better in person. Alissa Czisny takes the prize for "Best Dressed Swan"

    -Jennifer Don's dresses were almost startling...I felt like saying "It's 9:34, do you know where YOUR red Schez. dress is?" From Schez, to Lyra, to East of Eden, it was really kind of goosebump-y to see such a replica.

    -Danielle Kahle aka Tara Lipinski...between her sakting, her bun, her 3l/3l and her "Much Ado" program, it was startling! I met her mom and little sister this week and for the record, the little sister likes "TENNIS! NOT SKATING!" and their last name is pronounced "KAY-lee"...she was a tad jealous so I did the best I could to talk to her about everything else that she loved.

    -After the medal ceremony, Amber made her way out to greet a bunch of her fans, but security said she couldn't and they ushered her back in.

    -Before the ceremony, the announcer said "Who are you waiting for?" and the audience cried "MICHELLLLLLLLLLLLLE!"

    ONE WEEK LATER- I try to put it into words---
    There was this energy, this amazing hush and excitement waiting for Michelle to take the ice. Peggy described it as "just a roar!" on TV and it was. A few people were standing and the cheers continued as Angela waited for her marks. To be polite, the three of us didn't go nuts until after Angela had received her marks and we had applauded for her. We just kept watching Michelle skate around with this amazing look on her face. "This is nationals, here I am" I know this sounds weird, but I care less about Michelle winning Worlds than I do about Nationals...something about this is just "hers". Her warmup was perfection and she had quite a long time to skate around and get well-wishes from, I think, half the audience! I thought she was going to start getting botehred by it, but she just kept on smiling and she probably blocked some of the noise out. As I said, Angelas marks took a very long time and all these little voices kept shouting 'We love you, Michelle!" "We love you!" After a few minutes I whispered to Aggie and Kim "Lets just establish that the entire arena loves Michelle so that each person doesn't have to tell her individually!" Michelle owned the warmup and I can tell you that even though I was in the 4th row, I couldn't hear her blades. It was incredible. I couldn't believe that I was here. Her name was announced and this auidence threw open its arms and just let her have it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but her reception gets louder and louder with each performance. Its this pride, this JOY that she ignites in people and when you have 13,000 people loving you at the same time, it gets a bit noisy. She commanded herself to center ice and I forget whether or not I looked at the jumbotron to see her face. I don't remember doing that if I did. I always try to look for just that one moment to see if shes happy. But that week I was thinking "How can she smile and still have the look of Tosca?!" Well, she figured that one out! The power with which she exploded her arms in theopening of the music was SO powerful. She is one with the music...its amazing. She becomes one with the ice- so INTO her program, yet reaching outward...I think it comes out of her fingertips, I don't know! We sistas were holding hands through the entire thing "just like Worlds" and we never stopped smiling...

    She landed the loop and I felt like standing right then! She did the combo right in front of us and she landed on a cloud. She had me giddily laughing this was so much fun! We knew she would land just fine as soon as she took off. Kim's the jump expert but from my point of view, she landed the best loop, lutz, and flip as I had seen her do all week in practice. Yes, we were excited that she was checking off these jumps like they were peacnuts, but this was something more...we got closer and closer to standing up as each second passed. She just exuded such happiness to us and we were just giving it right back to her. We were dancing in our seats, thoroughly enjoying this performance. She had us enraptured...I had asked Sam just hours before "How was Aranjuez different at the Nationals performance rather than practices last year?" I had this crazy feeling that she would just give us "WOW" that night...Nationals is when Michelle puts her heart on skates. I knew that "Tosca" would become "TOSCA!" that very night. And I was right. This was nothing compared to practice- yet we had seen her do full run-throughs- how did she do this?!??!!!!

    The entire performance was grogeous and so emotional, but after that last lutz, man...we saw her smile all the way from the other end of the rink and then she started running towards us. We had let go of each others hands by now because we were standing up...jumping up and down just screaming. Not screaming to scream and make noise, but shrieking because it just happened! Your body doen't know what else to do...that audience was just dancing. Forget the final pose, I lost the music as soon as she started her footwork. That sfl was "just for us" right there, right there...and we were just laughing, crying and jumping! This is a moment that you can't imagine- that you can't script, you can't stage. It just happens, this creation of a moment that Michelle does every, every time. Tosca filled the building...let me see if I can do this. Every other skater- as lovely as they were- just skated. They had the performance in the frame of a 5 foot something figure skater as the music accompanied them. Teh audience responded with appreciation. With Michelle, the responded out of sheer euphoria and gratitude. Then there was Michelle...Michelle who made this music a part of her, who spell-bounded an entire arena into oblivion. The Michelle who took us with her; we were four inches off the ground I swear. I felt like I had skated those four minutes right along with her. I saw her reach her final pose (btw, I didn't notice the hesitation in person!) and I saw that she was crying...

    I feel so grateful, really and truly.

    I felt badly for Jenny- I wish that she had waited to start because not only was this audience too jazzed and wanting to applaud for Michelle some more, but I wasn't even sitting in my seat when Jenny started! I felt very badly about that and tried my best to focus even though I really couldn't...we were still all goose-bumpy. I wondered then why Jenny started so soon (because clearly you can take 12 minutes before reaching center ice:rolleyes ), but I know now that she was very very sick and probably just wanted to get this overwith!

    It was exactly one week ago today that Michelle took me on a trip...and still I just smile and shake my head. I am so grateful that I could be there- I am so lucky and so blessed. Bit even moreso to be a fan of hers...Kim said something this week about that. Through tears she said "Imagine what its like to be a fan of other skaters. I mean, I know we like other skaters, but imagine if we felt the same way about Sarah as we do about Michelle...we only had that for a moment in time. Look at Michelle! How many "once in a lifetime performances" has she had? How many lessons has she taught us? This is just so incredible." I couldn't agree more.

    I think this is quite long enough for now...I just can't stop remembering and smiling. This week was overwhelming in every sense of the word. It was absolutely amazing. I should stop being suprised with Michelle, I really should. I think this year, she even surprised herself. I'm getting goosebumps right now. I can't believe that I was there to see that. I feel almost selfish, Michelle gave me this- what have I done for her? Its honestly like she gives you a piece of her heart in exchange for the piece of yours that is one the ice with her. I wouldn't trade this week for was another "Once in a Lifetime".

    I laugh knowing that I put myself through high school and that I am currently supporting myself going through college, and I have never taken out a loan...well, I will need to now!!! I couldn't be happier. After Michelle's performance, we couldn't cath our breath. I kept putting my hand over my mouth and saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh"

    I know that this will sound crazy coming from me, but there are no words. There just aren't any words...

    Except maybe: Thank you, Michelle.

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    Default oh my gosh!

    That was so much fun to read! I had tears at some points, then chuckles at others. Thank you again!

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    Default WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Erin I love you!!!!!!!!!!!! You are SO funny and your reports are always so beautiful!!!!!!!! You had me laughing and crying at the same time LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you think of more, please post - I would LOVE to read even more!!!!!!!! Ah too beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I can't stop laughing about the "newly made" sign that looked like it said "What a Kwanderful World Sasha"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rollin Aww and everything you described about Naomi and Michelle were just SO touching!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: You raise me up!!

    What a wonderful post! Your excitement and the enthusiasm of all the "younguns" definitely made the week so much more fun for all of MKF.

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    Default Re: You raise me up!!

    edited to delete inadvertent double post

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    Default Re: You raise me up!!

    Oh Erin, that was wonderful! Dare we hope for a Part 3?

    I'm so happy that you had a chance to interact with the Hartsell's and Naomi. I have concluded that sincere fan involvement is important to most skaters. Skating is essentially a solitary pursuit with very little audience contact beyond that at a competition or show No matter how exaulted and successful they might be, everyone needs to know that their individual effort is recognized and appreciated by others.

    Thank you for being the perfect person to convey that. It is one of the reasons you were there.

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    Default Wonderful!


    You have me in tears and laughing again. Just hearing the words "Loading Dock" gave me a nervous tick!

    Thank you so much. It was a wonderful report.

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    Default Re: Wonderful!

    Thanks Erin. Another wonderful thread full of Nationals stories. Your stories are awesome. I'm so glad you had such a great time.

  18. Default Re: Wonderful!

    Thanks so much for the rest of the report Erin!

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    Default Re: You raise me up!!

    Aw, Erin, you're making me cry!! Last week would have been NOTHING without the three of you. Liz and Barbara and I had been talking about how we really had become best friends over the past year, but now I really consider all five of you some of my best friends. Who else could have put up with my potty mouth all week? :b :rollin (to all Nats-MKFers, I truly apologize! I think I needed to be the antithesis of a southern belle or something )

    But OMG -- what a week. I don't think I could ever describe my experiences the way you and everyone else has, so I'm not even gonna try. I'll put it all in a journal and wrap it up in peach and eggplant and GOLD paper. All I can say is it was even more magical than worlds -- which I would never ever have thought possible. Michelle just transcends all words, except, to all the naysayers, (yeah, Erin, I'm gonna say it ) YEAH, SUCK ON THAT, BABY!!! The Kween lives, and she's never been better. Ok, now I have to de-vibe :b

    Get that viomolin ready, girl!!

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    Default Re: WOW- My attempt at the impossible (updated)

    Another great report and they just keep getting better. Thanks Erin. See you in Portland.

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    Default Re: WOW- My attempt at the impossible (updated)

    SARAH! Hugs right back atcha! You totally edited it! That is NOT what you said...and I think Michelle's face on the Rach button "add Reply" comes pretty close to her ending TFB pose this week..."Suck on THAT, peach!" Edited, but still closer to what Sarah said. I loved bonding with y'all this week, we became so close and really had a blast. You had me in stiches...and I'll NEVER get in your way. "Well if you won't take it down then I will" devibe, devibe... I'm not worried now, I didn't devibe after taking the picture of the "What a Kwanderful World, SASHA" sign, so whatever.

    BTW, do you want violomolin part 1 or 2 for the Bach Double? I'm totally getting my unnamed violin ready I don't want to be embarassed by my skill level! (see, now I feel like a bad violin mom because yours is named and mine is not )

    I love you guys so much, thanks for everything...Oh and I'm contact papering the rest of the '06 banner tonight so that it'll be all ready for its trip to Germany with you- that is SO COOL!
    Thanks for completing our sista circle...
    Peace, Love and Tosca, Baby!:TOS

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    Default Re: WOW- My attempt at the impossible (updated)

    Oh Erin, loved every word! I'm so glad the sistas were there experiencing it all and bringing it back to us. Loved seeing your picture in the Atlanta paper that someone posted - the sistas at work with their signs. Michelle couldn't help but feel the love. When the camera flashed on you and Splits with the sign in the arena, I felt so proud! You represent us all so well! The positive energy really does make a difference. And you let us all share in it again through your words. Many thanks!

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    Default Re: WOW- My attempt at the impossible (updated)

    you're right, that's not what I said, but, well, you know

    Yeah people should know by now not to get in my way when I'm on a mission -- I swear, if I ever find out who really took that thing down I will verbally kick their arse -- seriously, they won't be able to sit for a week! :rollin Ah well, at least I got to run through the club section and hang out with Gardenkitty and nymkfan for a while (thanks taf!)

    As for the Bach double, I'll take either, but sadly I only have a photocopied version of viomolin 1, and I've never bought the original -- I've never played the 2nd part though, so I'd be more than happy to take it! But don't worry, I'm sure I'll be much less prepared than you. I'm so bad, I didn't go to work today and told myself I would practice for at least a couple of hours, and alas, I haven't even opened the case Merlin is probably going to be a very unhappy violin. And you are NOT a bad violin mom -- it's never too late for a naming ceremony How about Rach? Or, Puccini (Pucc (pronounced pooch) for short!), or Eden or something like that?

    Anywho, I think I'll go take a look at good ol' Merlin and Oblio (that's the bow, lol -- Merlin was originally called Oblio and my previous vln was named Merlin, but I just like Merlin so much better, more magical, ya know? So Merlin just grew up, and the name "Oblio" had to go somewhere! damn I'm pathetic! )

    Love ya! And thank you SO much for welcoming us into the family

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    Default Re: WOW- My attempt at the impossible (updated)

    Thanks Erin...

    From the long lost one...

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    Default Schez

    Determination like that is what makes you so good as our resident freedom (and sign) fighter.


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