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Thread: WOW- another update attempting the impossible

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    Default Re: Schez

    Gardenkitty, aw shaggy dang darn, thanks! I will continue to try to live up to that image! Scheherazade -- fighting for the rights of people and signs around the world!! :rollin

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    Default Re: Schez

    Erin- great follow up post! "Nancy Kwan"- that made me laugh because my dad always calls Michelle that but only because he is busting on me!

    Scherezade- I love your sig line of Michelle and Pearl Jam- my two favorite things!

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    Default Signs

    Erin, thanks so much for the beautiful posts. The three(four) sistas are great, and I loved meeting you, as well as seeing the week through your eyes. Keep writing

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    Teacher1 Guest

    Default Re: Signs

    It was nice meeting you and the sistas Erin. Thanks for arranging the pom poms. It kept me a little more calm before the final flight to see fellow MKf members around the arena with them! Mr. Teacher1 knew you would come back with more signs when he saw some added!

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    Default Lovely post

    Erin and the sistas! you are all so awesome, sweet girls and i love your enthusiasm!!. I have to pay homage to all the brilliant signs and the hard work you all put into them! Everywhere we turned, we saw signs for Michelle which made the stadium feel more cozy if that is possible.O

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    Default Re: Lovely post

    WOW Erin....what an amazing report. I loved every bit ! Thank you so much !

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    ht007 Guest

    Default Thank you Erin, Kwanett and fans!!!

    What a wonderful report! I can feel your passion, and your love. It is a wonderful when I can share the MKF's feeling and thoughts. That is the reason I love this place( I am here only for a 3 weeks), and I could not remember any better fan page than this one. I mean in any sports!!!. The passion, the feeling and the nice way of expression... You name it. Thank you all.8)

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    SOIfan21 Guest

    Default Re: Thank you Erin, Kwanett and fans!!!

    Erin, are you a writer? If you aren't you should consider it! Your metaphors and descriptions are amazing! Thank you for putting so much time into your report to describe it to those of us who weren't as fortunate to attend (and the rest of you who were able to attend--thanks for your reports as well). I only can hope that I can describe Portland 2005 (I'll be there--Michelle better be!! LOL!) in half the way that you described 2004. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Thank you Erin, Kwanett and fans!!!


    I love your banner. Can you tell me where the City of Kwan is located? :rollin

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    Default Re: Thank you Erin, Kwanett and fans!!!

    Erin, as always you've written another wonderful recap of your adventures.

    Scheherazade, you sound like my kind of girl.

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    SOIfan21 Guest

    Default Re: Thank you Erin, Kwanett and fans!!!

    LOL!!! Ha! I didn't notice that! And to answer your question--the City of Kwan is located in the "World"--the 6th "World" to be exact!

    To be honest, because "Sacramento" is so long--"Michelle" didn't fit right, so I just put Kwan.



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