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Thread: Michelle TV flash!

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    Default Michelle TV flash!

    Those of you with Comcast in at least New ENgland, Cinderella On Ice is playing right now and they just said that when they come back world champ Michelle Kwan will make her debut in CHina. So, obviousely an old program but it looks like Michelle's goign to skate in a second.

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    Well it ended up being nothing special. Michelle was skating to "WInter" but they cut up routine with clips of her at The Great Wall of China with her family and the skating clips were out of order AND instead of WInter playing it was some annoying, jarring duet but Michelle was wonderful and mesmerizing regardless.

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    yeah, this was televised a while back. nothing special But you got to see Michelle, that's AWESOME.

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    Default Wish I'd seen it

    I bet it was great just seeing her on TV, even if it was an old clip.

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    I can't recall where but the Video was available not too long ago. I found it interesting that they left fall she had in one of her skates in front of the Cinderella cast in the video. I have not seen the video in some time but as I recall, she fell out of a spin.

    I never really thought that Michelle was doing anything more than a guest appearance during a family vacation in China.

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