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Thread: Joannie Rochette's Journal

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    Default Joannie Rochette's Journal

    Joannie has a wonderful and informative journal going at her official site. She's been updating it recently, and I thought some here might enjoy reading her thoughts on competition and touring.

    She seems like a thoughtful and respectful young lady.

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    Thank you for sharing. It's the first time I've read one of her journals. She is very thoughtful and articulate. I love learning the skaters' feelings about their skating development more than their personal life, where they ate, etc. Great entry. I'm glad touring helped her, b/c her presentation was already one of the best, IMO, and I look forward to seeing her growth. I would love to see her as world champ!
    "As it turned out, Kwan was the one who attacked the ice. In one hand, she held a saber, and in the other, a feather duster." -- 2001 World Championships (NY Times)

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    Thank you for sharing. She seems like the Johnny Weir of the women's side of the sport when it comes to journals--very long, thoughtful entries that really give fans an inside look at the sport.

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    Thanks for the link Joannie is delightful. Hope she has a strong season.

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