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Thread: 2005 COI Reviews&Pics Thread - please post them here!

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    Default Re: COI Reviews & Pics

    I, for one prefer it when there use to be a new thread per individual on their own COI's reviews. You didn't have to search/read thru one thread to get to someones's latest review, it more of a hassle now to look for it. I just use to read the title of a new thread and know instantly which one I already read and recognize a new one. It was more fun that way. JMHO

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    Default Re: COI Reviews&Pics Thread - please post your them here

    First, thanks to all for their reports! They are fun to read.

    XrystalPond, your post made me laugh with your travails with the lady seated near/next to you at COI. I really liked the part where you warned the lady before Michelle skated. My sister did a similar thing when we arrived early for a movie and had some teenage girls sit near us in the back row (where we always sit as that way you can't hear people talking behind you!). Anyway, the girls were laughing hysterically and burping and just really cutting up during the previews. Just as the movie started, my sister got up and went over to the girls and told the if they behaved like that during the movie, she was going to come over and kick their a**es! Their eyes got all big and we didn't hear another peep from them.

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    0711 Guest

    Default My COI Pictures

    Hello all,

    I attended the DC COI and attempted to take pictures with my 3 year old sitting on my lap. Some of them turned out ok, but of course the best one (of the opening number) didn't have Michelle in it :-(. Enjoy!

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    Default COI pics

    Thank you for sharing those photos! They were great!

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    Ritm2k14 Guest

    Default Any reviews...

    from COI - Cleveland, Ohio? THANKS!

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    Cleveland COI...

    I just got hame about an hour ago. Great show - Mk was wonderful none of my pic turned out, I'm so bummed. I have 2 30 sec clips of You Lift Me Up that turned out OK. My all cast photos turned out well and that's about it. Now, if I can figure out how to post them I'll be happy to share. Of course the man w/ the world's largest head sat in front of me so he blocked MK out of the cast photos pretty much.

    I didn't take jump notes as I was trying for photos instead. But most did pretty well. I'd say the cast as a whole had an "on" nite. I'm not going to give commentary on every single skater, just the highlights for me.

    I like Jenny's Chicago number. She does a good job of selling it. Her 2a really is small in comparison to the others but she does have a lot of very nice elements in her skating. All of her of her jumps except the 2a were in the same place.

    Johnny - I'm not sure I can say much that others haven't already said before. He floats on the ice, his spins are amazing and pretty well centered. His jumps are tight and light. I can see why the int'l judges liked him so well on his first outing even w/o the quad. He has so many wonderful qualities that so many other men lack and is a breath of fresh air for men's skating.

    Fumie - also very light on the ice.

    Tanith and Ben - a very cute number. I enjoyed it a lot. It looks like they enjoy it a lot. They sell the program well.

    OK aside from MK, S/Z were worth the price of the ticket alone. OMG does she fly... the split 2twist w/ the height and the delay on that move the Russians aren't even in the ballpark. Then the throw, she goes out to dinner and a movie before landing. Again the Russians aren't anywhere close on that move on height or distance. So I can only imagine how our pairs teams must look in comparison. All I have to say is she is a brave lady because how many times did she get the daylights knocked out of her learning that (as does any pair skater) but sheesh.

    Irina - I know others have mentioned it but her stamina or lack of is clearly evident. I give her much respect for even being out there but three Bielman spins in the same number (for time filler IMO) as it must be an easy move for her.

    Elvis - I liked the way he played w/ the audience. He had several very fun slides.

    Rudy - I can't even believe he's doing 3 toes after having 2 hips surgeries just 8-9 months ago or so, amazing. A rather understated numer for him, but the patriotic music was nice.

    Tim - He had a few struggles. He had some nice moments too.

    Sasha - She had a nice clean steady skate. She did a 3 toe and a 3 flip and I'm not sure what else. I'm wondering if they put the toe jumps in to give her more practice doing them in front of large crowds on a regular basis. I thought she seemed much improved over a year ago. But I also thought this number didn't contain a whole lot of choreography compared to her other programs. She held her outside spiral for a nice long time and her split jump had the slightly bent back leg so maybe that is an intentional position.

    Nicole - I didn't care for this program at all. She never once smiled. It does not showcase her personality. I noticed the wobble on her spiral that someone else mentioned from a previous show. So I don't think it was the ice in that city. Nicole really isn't that old to be losing all of her skating skills.

    MK - a delight as always. The only standing O of the night. It just goes way too fast. She skated fast. I think she looks strong.

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    Default COI Cleveland

    I am still shaking with excitement meeting Michelle! For an over 50 year old woman I am STAR STRUCK! I will start with Michelle because she is the FIRST for ever in my mind:SP

    I love this program. The edging, the spins, the spiral, the footwork. Next to Dante Prayer and Fields of Gold One More Time it is wonderful!:YS She skated perfectly and once again I was crying, had chills and was full of emotion!O

    Shen and Zaho-They skated to Sarah Brightman and Andre Bochelli. It was WOW! They did the split triple in front of us and the crowd went AGH! He had such a big smile like "oh you like that now watch this"! Great much better than either Russian pair. I do have to say that Arthur is out of shape.

    Sasha-Very good skate. She finally related to the audience. It was a sweet program and I loved her dress.

    Fumie-Beautiful and elegant. I love her skating. She is so delicate. She did a layback with two fans in her hands that was wow then she gave the two fans to people in the audience.

    Nicole-I am not sure she was feeling well. After the opening number she was skating back and she was bent over and holding her side. She didn't have a very good skate.

    Irina- She is not up to her ability but it was nice to see her skate. Hated her dress!

    Elena- Yawn!

    Victor-It was ok. Not too exciting

    Plenchenko-I was too busy watching Michelle warm up!

    Elvis-Great! He is a showman

    Phillip-Never did like him. Still don't. Spends more time with the audience.

    Rudy-Amazing doing triple toes in combination only months after surgery! He relates well to the audience and I loved the Star Spangled Banner.

    Dan-Cute sister act! He is a fun guy!

    The hula hoop lady and the acrobats about the same.

    I am off to work that is all I can think of right now! I am still in HEAVEN!

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    Default Re: COI Cleveland

    Thanks for the reviews of the Cleveland show; glad you all had such a good time! Vicky, I wonder if Plushy has any idea that some of us see very little of his skating because we're happy to watch Michelle warm up, even in the dark? Kloud Kwan is a great place to be!

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    Default Re: COI Cleveland

    Just wondering how Michelle's 3lutz was in Atlanta and Clevleand?

    Thanks for all the reviews. I'll be sure to give you guys one from Detroit on Saturday. I haven't read of anyone else from the Forum going to that one.

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    Default Re: COI Cleveland

    The only problem I saw from Michelle was a single axel during the opening number. But she did it again just fine later in the show. All other elements were on. She was her usual strong, beautiful self. She really does skate A LOT faster than the other skaters. Her edging is also way more impressive in person. I also noticed how much faster her spins are now like others have mentioned. You really canít appreciate these things on TV.

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    Default Re: COI Cleveland

    I was also at the Cleveland COI last night. And S and Z were amazing!! The split twist was right in front of where we were sitting and I couldn't believe how exciting it was!

    I thought Michelle's spins looked excellent last night and her triple lutz looked good. But, the best was her COE sprial - she held it for soooo long.

    I thought the show overall was great! The skaters all seemded to perform well.

    I was wondering if COI is coming to Cleveland again next year - since there were not any pre-order forms on the seats. Anyone know?

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    Default COI

    I'm alittle worried about COI in Cleveland next year too! There were alot of unsold seats. I sure hope it comes back.

    I just wanted to add a few more observations. Michelle's lutz was dead on. She did only do a single axel in the opening. But all the rest of her elements very "Very Michelle"!

    Timmy -had a very rough skate. I sure hope he is ok. When I asked him backstage how he was doing he said much better.

    Surya-always picks strange music but I liked this years.

    Jenny -skated the Chicago number and started right in front of us. I took her picture sure hope it turns out. She is a very pretty young lady.

    Tanith and Ben-Cute program. They relate very nicely with the audience.

    During the closing number Nicole and Rudy skated off in front of us and it looked like Rudy was supporting Nicole. Since she had such a ruff skate I am thinking maybe she was sick.

    I really enjoyed COI this year. Maybe it is because I got to met Michelle. But, it was definately worth every penny!

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    Default Re: COI Cleveland

    Question for those who went to COI Cleveland: Shen & Zhao didn't skate to "Come What May"?

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    Default COI

    No they skated to Time to Say Goodbye by Sarah Brightman and Andre Bochelli

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    I am worried about Cleveland being a show stop next year too. Last year the attendance was about the same as this year. 2002 was a full house. I figure in the Cleve/Akron/Canton/and surrounding areas there are at least 2 million or more people so for only 5000 tickets to be sold that is sad. But the past two years our stops have been right near Easter and that is prime spring break in NE Ohio. Families that can afford to travel are also the ones that can afford COI tickets. (In 2002 the show was in May and post Oly.) This part of Ohio has been very hard hit w/ job loss. Those are the factors I can put my finger on.
    I too noticed the lack of the pre-sale ticket papers on the back of the seats. Although at SOI they weren't there either but instead were coupons for jif and smuckers.

    Have they had the papers in other cities or are they no longer doing that? Thanks for any insights!

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    Hwoarang26 Guest

    Default Re: COI

    Thanks Vicky! That's interesting that they changed back to "Time To Say Goodbye." Perhaps it was just for that one stop on the tour. Anyways, that's a lovely program as well.

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    Default Re: COI Cleveland

    I am wondering if any of you that went to COI know how much the cast photo is. There is one for sale on Ebay and they have an opening bid of $6.00 (plus $2.50 S/H). I would like one for my scrapbook but I won't be going to COI, so I guess Ebay is my only option to get one unless I could talk one of you MKFers into picking up the photo for me at COI and I would be more than happy to send you the money beforehand.

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    rationality52 Guest

    Default Cleveland?

    Any Cleveland reviews coming? Jack

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    Ritm2k14 Guest

    Default Reviews??

    Any reviews from Columbus, Ohio? THANKS AGAIN!

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    Default Re: Cleveland?


    I can pick you up a cast photo tomorrow at the Detroit COI. Send me a PM.


  21. Default Re: Reviews??

    The photo cost me $5 and it is beautiful.

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    Default Re: Cleveland?

    Thank you for your offer, Yzerbear! I sent you a PM and an e-mail too.

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    keanra Guest

    Default Columbus COI

    My sister and I went to the Columbus show last night. We were sitting in peanut heaven b/c we paid for front row seats for the Wheeling show. Everyone had a good night. Phillipe Candeloro had some jump problems, but other than that, everyone seemed to land everything (no falls). The Chinese pair was wonderful. We also liked Johnny Weir, Elvis, and Dan Hollander. Michelle was spectacular! She did all her jumps. Definitely the loudest applause of the night. Flashbulbs everywhere. Because we sat at the top of the arena, you could see everybody leaning forward in their seats when she skated. I could just watch her forever!!

    After the show, we watched the skaters get on the buses. We had to stand really far away, so it was hard to make out who was who (even with binoculars). When Michelle's bus drove by, you could see her sitting in the front and waving to everyone who was waiting for them. Definitely a great night! We can't wait for Wheeling!

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    ITeach2 Guest

    Default Columbus

    I went to the Columbus show last night. I had a great time! One of these days, though, I'm going to learn to keep my camera at home. I missed a lot trying to take pictures. Overall, everyone was great. The only stand out was Phillippe. He had quite a few mistakes and some hands down if I recall. The definite favorite of the crowd was Michelle. The crowd (compared to the others) roared for her during the opening, her performance, and the ending. She did a fantastic job. No mistakes that I could tell. The crowd also really enjoyed S/Z. Wow!!
    We had great seats--2nd row, directly across from the opening. I was concerned at first because I've always sat on the sides near center ice. Many of the jumps were landed right in front of us. It was awesome. The looks on their faces were also priceless--huge smiles. Michelle is just so beautiful and elegant. Her landings in front of me were very smooth and quiet. When Fumie skated I heard lots of "She's so pretty." Everyone seemed very happy tonight. I'll share my pictures soon.
    A few side notes from the fiance:
    -"So we don't get to see that kiss 'n cry area?" (We went to Atlanta)
    -"Will we at least get to see some straightline footwork stuff? We have great seats for that."
    -About Fumie: "How old is she? She looks 12." (very shocked when told the answer)
    -"That martial arts guy just lasted way too long." (Philippe)
    -about Nicole: "Hey, you kinda look like her. Why wasn't she in Atlanta?"
    about Tatiana: "My, she's very tiny."
    -about the acrobats: "That's two men???"
    -about Irina: "Ouch!! How on earth does she get that leg up?"
    -Michelle's You Raise Me Up: complete silence. (he knows quality when he see's it) "How about using that for the father daughter dance?" Hmmmm....
    -"I know you think I don't like this, but I do. I can appreciate all the athleticism. It's cool being so close." (Yippeee! It shouldn't be too hard talking him into more trips)
    -on the way home, I asked if he like COI or Nationals better. He had pros/cons of both, but said St. Louis was probably a do-able trip!!!!!!!!Yippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Default Re: Columbus COI

    I went to Columbus last night. It was a great show! Everyone was pretty clean except for Phillipe. Michelle's number was incredible! As she was doing her spread eagle I saw that she was singing along with the song! She held her spiral forever. She got a partial standing O. My other favorite number was Shen & Zhao's. They are beautiful to watch skate! Tanith & Ben's Green Acres number was fun and they skated it well. Johnny Weir is wonderful! So smooth and he hit everything. The whole show was fantastic!

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