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Thread: 2005 COI Reviews&Pics Thread - please post them here!

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    Default Re: behind the scene photos on coi site

    haha, i look at that picture of the dog and go - *whining*: "I WANT ONE!!"

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    Default COI Colorado Review (from Skatefans)

  3. Default Janet Swan Hill does it again

    Here's a link to Janet Swan Hill's Denver COI review on SkateFans:

    I think that JSH and I must have very similar like/dislikes in skating because her comments in this review about the finale, Artur Dmitriev, Sasha Cohen, Tim Goebel, Johnny Weir, Shen & Zhao, and of course, Michelle match exactly how I felt when I saw COI in Chicago -- only she is much more eloquent than I could ever be. Be sure to read her "present at the creation" comments about S&Z and MK. Here's just a taste:
    I feel so privileged to have been a fan at this time, and to have seen -- live -- the development of Shen and Zhao, and of Michelle Kwan, from what they were to what they have become. ....This year and last, however, they (S&Z) have developed "it". (whatever "it" is). Their skating is exquisite, finished, emotionally satisfying. ....
    And Michelle Kwan. She was totally free out there, totally in the moment, completely into the program. The program has all kinds of little satisfying moments and fillips. ..How lovely to have been around to see the development from that good little skater with more than adequate presentation who won Junior Worlds, through all the stages that led to this mature skater, sui generis, who has all the power that comes from being at ease, open, free.
    Wow! What more can be said -- except: I agree 100%! I, too, feel privileged to have seen Michelle's evolution as a skater -- what a journey it has been so far!

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the link - I've been checking all day for reports on Denver. I really respect JHS's opinions and enjoy reading her posts.

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    Default Re: Janet Swan Hill does it again

    Thanks for the reviews everyone . I can't wait to see Michelle skate on Saturday :rollin ! skatingfan5, thanks for the snip of Janet's review. I couldn't access the link for some reason (try back later), but I've often read Janet's opinions and pretty much agree with her all the time.

  6. Default Re: Janet Swan Hill does it again

    Wow! Awesome review by Janet. Thanks for the link.

    As you stated, her words about Shen & Zhao and Michelle are spot on. Also, her review of the finale, is a perfect summation of how wonderful it is.

    When I took a spontaneous road trip to Providence for the Cheesefest, the early reviews of COI were so good that I took a spontaneous side-trip within my spontaneous road trip to Durham, New Hampshire. It was a little over a 2-hour drive to get there, but it was worth the trip. The show was great, and everybody skated very well that night.

    I completely agree with Janet's comments:
    All in all, despite the cost, I'm glad I found out about COI in time to go. The show was WAY better than last year. Maybe there's hope for next year.
    Catch it if you can.

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    Default Re: Janet Swan Hill does it again

    I guess COI is in San Jose, CA tonight. I am still sad I can't see Michelle and COI for the 2nd year. Boo hoo.

    Kwan hits ice in San Jose (COI)

  8. Default San Jose COI story

    Twinner: That link didn't work for me at first (there was a break in the url "k_wan"). Not sure if this will work better, but here goes:

    The article was nice, but it got at least one thing wrong -- Michelle did NOT wait for an ice remake after the "streaker" in Dortmund. She was offered that, but chose to skate because she was ready (after having a few bits cleared off the ice by one of the flower girl sweepers). And COI will be in San Jose on Sunday, not tonight. Tonight I believe the show is in Sacramento. I'm sorry you can't attend one of the shows -- to me it was well worth a 3 hour train trip each way to see it in Chicago last Sunday.

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    Ritm2k14 Guest

    Default Dont want to be a nuisance...

    But are there anymore reviews from Denver? 8)

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    Default Re: San Jose COI story

    Did anyone meet Michelle at the Columbus Ohio show? I was on the bus going to school today and these 3 guys were talking about sports. Figure skating was mentioned and two of the guys laughed (The guy who brought up figure skating and another). The third said he was a stage hand electrician or somethinf and he was very impressed with Michelle Kwan because she was beyond sick back stage but went out on the ice and performed her @ss off. I don't know how true he was but I thought it was a cute story.


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    Default columbus

    I saw her before the show-she seemed okay...maybe a little tired but that's to be expected. She signed autographs and took pics with everyone that wanted them. Seemed ok to me...not sure about at the show and backstage though. Interesting.

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    Default Re: San Jose COI story

    TarotX thanks for the info I hope Michelle is feeling better.

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    Default Re: columbus

    I cropped my pictures from the Columbus COI '04 show. Thought I'd share. of course, this time they are in reverse order--when will I learn??:b

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    Default Re: San Jose COI story

    Ugh...poor thing if she was sick.

    I can't imagine, even if you're sick, you just go out there. I mean if there was an announcement MK would not be performing, there would be riots in the arena ! I'm sure that even if she was on a stretcher the crowd would want to see her!

    What drive though, to just go out there, raise a few thousand people up, and then go back to feeling miserable.

    I'm sure everyone at that show wants to say THANK YOU!

    Hope shes feeling better!

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    Default COI Sacramento

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to COI Anaheim this year (cost of flying there and the lack of good seats left), but I was able to make it to COI Sacramento. It amazes me how much energy these skaters have. They skate from 7:30 to 11:00, get on a bus, and skate at anaheim at 3:o o the next day.

    On Michelle's performance; she was awesome.. This exhibition is right up there with FOG. What seperated her from the other skaters is that she was so into her performance; she took her time on the little details in between the jumps. The little hops did remain me of fog.. but where's the falling leaf =( ? What first surprised me was the beautiful triple flip! I haven't read that many reviews so I don't know if she's done it before.. but I was expecting a triple toe. She also landed a tight double footed triple lutz and a double axel. Her spiral was awesome.. she was going toward us when she changed egdes, and she held it for so long! She received the biggest ovation of the night.

    After the show I walked around the whole arena to figure out where the skaters where heading out of. There were only a few fans (about 15) waiting.. there wasn't even a barrier between the fans and the walkway between the skaters.

    The first skater up the ramp was Tanith Belbin... no one asked for her autograph so she just kept on walking towards her bus. I yelled "We Love you, Tanith" right before she got on the bus. She turned around, gave a big smile, and waved back.

    Fumie came up next.. She put her bags away first and came back down to sign autographs. aahh.. i gotta go for be continued later..

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    Default Re: columbus

    ITeach, you have some great photos! I had front row seats and my pictures weren't that good. Could I use the Tanith and Ben ones on my website? I'll give you credit.

    I still haven't typed up my COI Detroit review

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    Default Littlewild1

    Thanks. Sure, you can use the pics on your site. I had 2nd row seats. My camera just has a good zoom. When I cropped them, I was pretty happy with the results.

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    Default Champions on Ice - Sacramento

    This was fantastic!! I think I loved every single performance (even the hoola hoop girl).

    But of course the absolute best was Michelle!! She received by far the loudest reception from the audience!! And she received a standing ovation at the end of her performance. Her jumps looked terrific to me (i think she might have two footed one of her jumps --- but I don't know which one it was because I am not very good at identifying jumps). But it really doesn't matter -- she could have just skated around in circles and I would have been in heaven. We were very lucky to have front row seats and it was so exciting seeing her up so close. It's so different seeing her live --- you can feel her energy and emotion. This program is just terrific. The choregraphy is really lovely and a bit different from what she has been doing. I didn't think I would like this program because I am not a big fan of the song, but it worked so well and it was so emotional...I really hope she keeps this one for next year's exhibition, because I NEED to get this on tape. :b

    My second favorite performance was actually Fumie's ---and that's for one very special reason.... I GOT ONE OF HER FANS!!!! It was so cool!! Towards the end of her performances, she went to one end of the rink and she picked up two fans and she started skating with them for the last portion of her performance. And then she skated towards one side of the rink and she handed out one of her fans to an audience member. And then she started skating towards our direction. And my boyfriend turned to me and he was like, "oh my god, I think she's coming this way". And she was!! The minute she reached our end of the rink I just jumped up and she was so sweet, she said something like, "please take this fan" and it was so cute. I felt kind of bad that I might have jumped just a little too soon, :o My boyfriend was convinced that she was going to give it to him, because he claims they locked eyes!! But I think he's nuts.

    Johnny Weir was really impressive -- I think he is going to be one of my favorites in the upcoming season.

    Timmy looked pretty good. He was a bit more expressive then he has been in the past. And his jumps looked good to me (but keep in mind, I don't know much about jumps so this previous statement could really be meaningless coming from me :o )

    Jenny was also fantastic. I really saw her attacking her jumps and her skating looks a lot better in person than on tv. She has so much energy and her performance overall was very entertaining. For some reason, I have always felt that she kind of holds back a bit, but maybe it just doesn't transcend on tv because LIVE she looked great!

    Rudy wasn't wearing the skimpy flag outfit that I was expecting to maybe someone said something to him because he wore a different outfit that looked a bit more conservative.

    Nicole's dress was really beautiful.

    I liked Bonaly's performance!!! I thought I was not going to, because I don't think I have ever liked any of her performances in the past, but I really enjoyed it!! She looks so incredibly cut and athletic!! It's just amazing how in shape she looks. By the way, does anyone know what her music is? I thought it sounded like one of the Lion King songs...anyone know?

    Shen and Zhao are just amazing!! I think they received the second warmest response from the audience. I LOVE this program. Their technical elements are so impressive live. And their artistic abilities have developed so well. I loved this program.

    Okay, I know a lot of people don't like her, but I LOVED the hoola hoop girl. It sort of felt like a rave. As I was watching the Hoola Hoop girl, I realized that if she ever wanted to take a break from skating, I could totally take her place. I loved the techno music, and I was totally digging the whole lighting effect. I'm not bad with the hoola hoops either, so I'm thinking this is not a far-fetched possibility....

    Sasha is so incredibly beautiful. I had never seen her live before and I just couldn't keep my eyes off her. She really looks fantastic on the ice, and her spins are really beautiful. I don't think that this program works however, because of the music. I kept thinking while I was watching this, that if the vocals were just a bit different, perhaps a different singer, and a more powerful rendition of the song, that the program would have been more effective. The choreography suits the program -- I really liked the begining portion, I think it captures the essense of the movie. Overall it was a pretty good performance. She had only one fall (not sure on what it was) but it was still a lovely program, and I really think that the main reason for this is because Sasha has a great presense on the ice.

    So all in all, it was a great show! We wanted to wait afterwards to see if we could get some autographs (I was hoping Fumie could sign my fan ), but it was getting late, and we couldn't figure out where they would be so we ended up just leaving. San Jose is only about 2 hours away from Sacramento and my boyfriend and I were thinking of driving over to San Jose tommorow to see if we could watch the show again and maybe this time get some photographs and autographs, but we still haven't decided whether we should go or not. It would be great to have a pic with Michelle but we'll see what happens! Thanks for reading if you got this far!! (sorry it's so long -- and sorry for the typos --- I'm too lazy right now to go back and fix them)

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    Default Re: Redvispa's review

    Thanks for the great report Redvispa! How marvelous that you had front row seats ... it really does make a huge difference.
    Glad to hear Michelle skated well ... I'm sure she will keep this program through Worlds next year. She usually debuts her new exhibition number at COI each year.

    And congrats on getting a fan from Fumie ... isn't she delightful?

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    Default COI Sacramento--tidbits

    No one has mentioned the quirky things that happened at COI Sacramento, so I'll add these tidbits to the nice reviews that have already been posted.

    1.) Elvis cleans the ice again! (Isn't he the one that had the bat incident at another COI show this year?) This time it was a piece of tulle that had fallen off the ballerina outfit that one of the acrobats had been wearing. I saw it fall off, and when the acrobat-guy didn't notice, I was so afraid that someone was going to skate over it and have a terrible wipe-out. Fortunately, the lighting people had been paying attention, and when the lights dimmed for Elvis' performance (he skated after the acrobats) they kept a spotlight on the piece of tulle, presumably so that Elvis would notice it. He did and proceeded to pick it up and wave it around.

    2.) Another snag--literally: in the finale, some of the skaters were skating around with long billowing pieces of blue cloth. Oksana Kazakova's skate got caught in the one that Artur was holding, and she couldn't get it unsnagged for the longest time. Her leg was up at a 90 degree angle to her body, and she kept trying to pull it out of the cloth. Finally the cloth began to tear, and she got her skate out.

    3.) Ben Agosto tripped and fell over during the intro, while someone else (I think it was Plushenko, whose jumps were all funky last night) tripped at the end of his program and ended up lying flat on his back as an impromtu ending post. Very funny.

    Other things I noticed: Johnny Weir's jumps are so beautiful! He just floats up into the air and lands so softly--it's amazing. I was very impressed. Of all the men last night, I think his jumps looked the most impressive. Sasha's program is very nice. Her dress is so beautiful.

    Nevertheless Michelle is still unmatched. This is the first time I didn't take a camera to COI--and we were on the front row--so I was able to watch her program completely, and I have to say that the purity of her skating is still unbeatable. People can argue about her jumps and spins, but when it comes to the essence of her skating, she has something that sets up apart from everyone else.

    We waited around by the buses after the show, and many of the skaters came out to sign autographs. Michelle did too, but she only signed for a little while before getting on the bus. Her hair is getting so long, and it's very beautiful. I told Timothy Goebel that it was nice to see him skating again, and he looked up at me and thanked me. He seemed genuinely grateful. Someone asked him if the little dog running around was his, and Tim answered that it was Michelle's, but everyone took care of it--it was like community property. I chatted with Fumie Suguri for a bit, and she is very humble and sweet in person. There were a couple other MKFers there, as well--we seem to be everywhere! (If you're reading this, see you next year at the show!)

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    Default Re: Champions on Ice - Sacramento

    Thanks for the great reviews!

    Francis, is that you?

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    Default Re: COI Sacramento--tidbits

    .) Elvis cleans the ice again! (Isn't he the one that had the bat incident at another COI show this year?) This time it was a piece of tulle that had fallen off the ballerina outfit that one of the acrobats had been wearing. I saw it fall off, and when the acrobat-guy didn't notice, I was so afraid that someone was going to skate over it and have a terrible wipe-out. Fortunately, the lighting people had been paying attention, and when the lights dimmed for Elvis' performance (he skated after the acrobats) they kept a spotlight on the piece of tulle, presumably so that Elvis would notice it. He did and proceeded to pick it up and wave it around.
    I believe this is planned. In Detroit, he did the same thing. The spot light stayed on the tutu until Elvis picked it up.

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    Default Re: Champions on Ice - Sacramento

    Thanks Redvispa for the review very cool that you got one of fumie's fans.

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    Default Re: Champions on Ice - Sacramento

    Thanks for the reviews! I hope Elvis is getting paid extra for all the cleaning up he is doing! And that tutu is causing a lot of trouble!

  25. Default I'll start my review...Anaheim COI

    ...and see how far I get...I am going by order of how I remember them.

    Michelle - This is another exhibition for the ages. Seriously, how does she do it? I love the beginning of the program, and the power that builds up in her effortless moves alongside the music. The edging is to die for and the other added touches, so simple, so soft but so powerful and perfect. She landed all three of her jumps with beautiful flow and edging...and her spiral, wow...the crowd roared when she just started going into it and the held their applause all the way through (it sort of looked like she caught an edge during a part of it, but no big whoop). She got a partial standing ovation and was all smiles for the looks like she is truly loving what she is doing and having a blast. That is all that matters. And she truly transcends skating...she skates, she performs, and yet she connects with the audience and makes it personal for each individual.

    Sasha - A nice program, but it does not beat Romeo and Juliet by any means. I think she got more of an applause for her name then for the actual quality of the program. She had some nice moments, but the program is empty (when we know she can really add some flair as far as "wow" moves)...she landed her jumps, albeit sort of two footed and another "turn ankle" landing (you know, when it looks like her ankle is about to roll over, but she manages to hold the edge).

    Elvis - I love this guy. The programs are high energy and I love how he gets into it...singing along and really making eye contact with the audience. I love it when I can sing along and dance right along with him.

    Shen/Zhao - Holy crap! Was that not beautiful or what? They are incredible...the quality of their moves and the power in which they do them. Their throw jumps are huge...and then the whole program was just incredible. I was in awe of the command they had and was very impressed...A delight to have them added to the tour as well. Hope they may become a mainstain on the cast list.

    Tanith/Ben - They're so good. And they have such a fun number. It allows them to show off some of their ice dancing skills and it really gets the crowd into it. They really did a great job in presenting this number. And on the skating aspect of it, I cannot wait to see what they can do in future years as far as their competitive skating is concerned.

    Jenny Kirk - I love the Chicago movie and I love the music, so therefore, I also really enjoyed this performance. She had some trouble on jumps, but everything else was nice (but not held or as finished like Michelle or Sasha). She looked lovely with her hair down and in that sparkly dress...

    Amber Corwin - It was good to see her live although her skating was nice and she did well, the performance was somewhat bland...but she is such a sweetheart and I have enjoyed watching over the I was glad to see her skate.

    Russian Acrobats - I was about to yawn and take a nap because every year it is the same old posing and what not...well, I was proven otherwise...they actually changed up their program and performance a bit. They skated around more, did different tricks and actually had a whole new kind of performance. Thumbs up to them.

    Irina, Elena - Alright but nothing out of this world. Good to see them skate live, but nothing that tugged at the heart or got the excitement going...they're sweethearts, but the performance level wasn't quite there for me.

    Johnny Weir - Loved him...such a nice performance and I love the the middle of the program he caught an edge and sort of tumbled over, but struck a pose while he was on his knees getting up. That got a huge crowd response...and at the end, after the performance he got a really respectable applause. It'll be fun to see what he can do over the next few years...

    Nicole - Good to see her skate to a more serious song rather then the "dancing" number she's done the last few years. However, I don't remember much other then that...well, I liked the dress and thought her new hair color was nice...but that is all I REALLY remember, haha...

    Timothy - Did alright...landed all his jumps but one and seemed to do alright with those, the performance seemed a little dry. I miss his American Pie exhibitions...

    Viktor, Phillipe - Could have done without even though they are incredibly nice guys, but their performance, um, Sorry.

    Russian pairs (Tatiana/Maxin, right?) - Alright...had some nice moments, but it was also somewhat didn't develop into any sort of relationship with the audience...only mere skating and ticking off the elements.

    Other Russian Pairs (1998 Olympic champs, can't remember their names right now) - They are always a delight...they have nice programs, with such great skating quality and interesting moves. She had a bad stumble on a throw jump, but of course, recovered nicely and did some beautiful lifts and pair spins.

    Baldwin/Inoue - Good to see them. They had some really nice moments in their program and I can see potential for future programs...

    Fumie - A lovely number. She is so light and effortless in her moves...I was amazed by it. She looks so fragile out there but commands you with her skating. The look on her face and the performance itself gives the feeling that she is also just plain loving what she is doing. I am thankful she is on the tour and hope she is there to stay as it is a very good added dimension to the show.

    Um...let me think...

    That is all I remember really. Opening was alright...just all the music that I am sort of getting sick of hearing after hearing it so much on the radio, haha...I liked when they all came out and did their group dance number, that was fun. Closing was good. I love all the blue dresses...they are beautiful...the music is good and quite electrifying at times...of course, the best is when Michelle comes out to the roar of the crowd, at the height of the crescendo and hits a beautiful falling leaf.

    All in all, a nice show and better then past years, in my opinion...actually I think this show beats the 02' and 03' COI shows...

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