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Thread: This season in a nutshell......reflections on everything.

  1. Default This season in a nutshell......reflections on everything.

    Okay, so it's a rather large nutshell......anyhow, I wanted to reflect a bit on the season, and there was no better place but here.

    Wondering......the season started out as we wondered. What was Michelle going to do? Would she continue? Would she take a break? Was she through with figure skating? We all wondered......often hoped she wasn't done and often selfishly wished she would continue. Above all, we hoped she was happy and that was all that mattered. Many claimed after seeing Champions on Ice that Michelle just glowed......that there was something new about her skating, and that she had a little secret that she was keeping. She certainly knew something that we didn't.

    She knew how much she loved the sport. And while we aimlessly posted our hopes and wishes, Michelle was back home, deciding what to do and where figure skating fit into her life.........

    We were still left wondering, and that's all we could do.......Michelle was the one with the decision to make, and ultimately, we were to support her no matter what she choose.

    Rumors of a new program kept our hopes alive......rumors that Michelle would be at the season opener also sparked our imaginations. What was to come? What to expect?

    The campbells competition came, and Michelle was added to the list. It was her only confirmed competition for the year, at the time. We didn't know what to expect. Would there be a new program? Would Michelle be prepared? Could she still challenge the youngsters?

    Our questions came and went like the air we breathed. We watched in amazement as Michelle debuted a new program. A program that displayed freedom and joy that allowed Michelle to showcase her love for the sport. We were at ease........we realized why we followed skating. Not because of the medals, but because of the emotion and journey Michelle took us on everytime she skated. The process was what we were allowed to finally grasp.........because from here on out, it didn't matter. Michelle was already our hero, already a champion and quickly becoming a legend. We began opening a gift that only Michelle could give.

    Then we were surprised. Michelle, despite turning down the Grand Prix, became a last minute replacement for Skate America. This was the wrapping paper we tore off in excitement. We couldn't believe it.......another competition to sit back, relax and enjoy. Michelle was going to be there. On top of that, she threw in another surprise. A new short program......a program that was saucy, full of fire and something only Michelle could carry out. It was something new, it was fresh and there was no stopping Michelle.

    Skate America came and went. We cherished every moment keeping up to date on pictures, beloved articles and searched high and low for a video of "The Feeling Begins".........we wanted to take it all in and cherish each moment of celebrating.

    Nationals was a question mark. Would she be there? It was a cold, cloudy, rainy day where the simple question was answered......yes, Michelle was going to go for her 7th National title. A new coach, and a renewed joy was going to take her there........we could only sit on the edges of our seats and wait.

    Two more gifts arrived before then. Small to some, but huge to the fans that post here. We were introduced to a new forum member, MichelleWKwan.......our mouths dropped, our hearts skipped a beat and our eyes filled with tears. Was it really her? Yes.....yes, it was. And yes, Michelle was truly someone very special.......not your everyday super star athlete. She was different, an angel sent from up above to bless our lives.

    The long await finally arrived. Nationals. Dallas. The Feeling Begins. It was worth it. We were lifted up, and taken on a magical ride. Every moment was so special. Michelle was here, competing this season and blessing us with the best gift we could imagine. Freedom. Joy. Love. It all came through. Only Michelle had the power.

    And then Worlds. Worlds was beyond cannot adaquetely put into words what happened at Worlds. The whole season has been so special. A season of cherishing the truly important things of skating........we were celebrating already. It didn't matter if she won because we already didn't matter if she had a triple-triple because her magic was far greater. It didn't matter if she skated first or last.........we were there to enjoy it all. Many of us were there, while many watched on tv. A spell was cast. We were mesmerized........we laughed, we smiled, we cried. And in the end, she won. Not just her 5th world title, but many more victories..............

    Michelle didn't have to nor was it her responsibility to give anything back. This was for her.......but she so graciously took us along and made this year a truly memorable one. A year that will go down in the history books. Thank you Michelle. How can we ever give back to you all the lessons you have taught us.........and all the joy that you have brought us?

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    Default Re: This season in a nutshell......reflections.

    Whew, Cole that was awesome. All I can add is that I am so incredibly happy that I was here to share it with all of you. Especially Her Royal Highness MichelleWKwan.

    beegirl curtsies

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    Default That was wonderful Cole

  4. Default Re: That was wonderful Cole

    Colleen, ive got tears. This was beautiful and summed up what many have felt so adequately.

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    Default Re: That was wonderful Cole

    Beautiful post Colleen! 8)

    Hope the rest of your night was great and that you enjoyed watching some skating before bed! Talk to you again soon.

  6. Default Re: That was wonderful Cole

    Thanks Colleen!

    As I've reflected on Worlds (all week; like so many of you, I can't get it off my mind - to the detriment of my school work ...), I've come to the realization that this is my favorite season ever. I truly think that this year, for me, is the highlight of her career. Actually, the beautiful season that this has been for me began on February 22, 2002. That was such an important day - I will remember it for the rest of my life. It was strange, because that day was sort of a growing up for me, in many ways. As a fourteen year old kid in 1998, I was crushed after Nagano. I cried my eyes out for a week, and even up until last year, it was like a knife-wound in my heart. For four years, I watched Michelle churn out beautiful programs and memorable performances, winning two World championships in stunning fashion, along with her four more straight national titles. And I loved every minute of it. I remember dancing around the living room in 2001 after Irina's scores were posted, realizing the judges had done the right thing and just bursting with joy and pride for our girl. But in the back of my mind was always the thought: "Okay, this will all be great. But what about the Olympics. I really want the Olympics."

    I can't even describe to you the feeling in the pit of my stomach when she started her long program. Somehow, things didn't feel right. And when she went up for the flip, somehow I knew it wasn't going to happen. My eyes filled with tears as soon as she hit the ice, and they didn't stop. I sobbed during the medal ceremony. My heart hurt so bad for her because I knew how hard she worked, how much she wanted it, how, of all the great things she'd accomplished in her career, that was the dream she'd had since she was a seven-year-old kid, the ultimate goal she'd been working towards. But as I watched her class, her dignity, humility, grace, and sportsmanship - starting with getting back up off the ice after the flip and finishing with a smile on her face - I realized how proud I was. February 22 was already a seminal day in my life - my first college interview, publicity shots for my senior play, and the growing realization that no matter what had happened the night before, Michelle had given me so many wonderful gifts and was such an amazing person inside and out. I was so proud of her. The main thing was that I worried for her. I worried that she was hurting. And then she came out and skated Fields of Gold. I will never forget that performance, and nothing will ever replace that performance as my favorite skating performance of all time. Watching her was like watching her entire career flash before my eyes. It was like I was watching a little girl skating in a secret garden. But I was also watching a woman who had experienced pain but who had grown stronger because of it. I suppose that in the grand scheme of things, the Olympics really isn't all that significant. There are people in this world who struggle just to make it through the day. But when you dedicate your life to a goal, it hurts when you don't make it. And I saw the pain of that, but the thing I saw most clearly was Michelle's love for the sport. She was saying to us, "Yes I'm hurting right now, but I will be okay. The thing that matters most is that I love skating. I love it. This feeling is what I love about the sport." The first time I watched it, I had tears in my eyes at the end, and then I rewound it and watched it again and sobbed like a baby from the opening note.

    Since the Olympics, we've seen Michelle's love for the sport renewed in an absolutely incredible way, and we've also seen more clearly than ever before what an amazing person she is. The way that she has been able to put things in perspective. The way she gives to her competetors and her fans. And every time she's stepped on the ice this season, she has skated with her heart and soul more fully than I have ever seen her do before. After watching her grow up from a cute little thirteen year old girl, she has blossomed into the amazing rose, an absolutely beautiful, incredible young woman. The combination of the love for what she's doing and the incredible maturity and perspective that she brings are the culmination of her career and of everything we've loved about her over the years.

    This has truly been an amazing year. Thank you so much Michelle. You are truly a gift!

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    Default Re: That was wonderful Cole

    Well said, and perfectly written! It's beautiful!!!

  8. Default Re: That was wonderful Cole

    Great posts! I think they sum up alot of what we all feel!!!

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    Default Re: That was wonderful Cole

    Fabulous! I hope that Michelle one day reads your reflections. They are both wonderful; and so apt.

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    egskater0003 Guest

    Default Re: That was wonderful Cole


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    Default Re: That was wonderful Cole

    Oh my gosh...

    I have no words.

    Thank You, Colleen, Thank You MKF, Thank You God, and Thank You Michelle!

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    Default Re: That was wonderful Cole

    Wonderful post.....

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    Default Wonderful posts from Cole and Michi

    Your posts just made me cry. As if Michelle's journy in past ten years replayed in front of my eye.

  14. Default Re: Wonderful posts from Cole and Michi

    Great posts by both of you Cole and Michi! I think they really expressed how many of us here at MKF feel about this past year.

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    Default Re: Wonderful posts from Cole and Michi

    ITA fb03, well said and thank you !

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    Default Re: Wonderful posts from Cole and Michi

    Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that this season turned out the way that it did...From Campbell's to Skate the book signing in NYC, to "kicking butt" Nats to this last wonderful week...if the Kwanophiles had scripted this season it couldn't have turned out any better...Redemption, vindication.....I am still smiling....

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    Default Re: Wonderful posts from Cole and Michi

    I know this has been said before, but to me this season was a gift ... a beautiful, beautiful gift.
    The most satisfying part of it is that Michelle went with her heart ... she skated this year for the pure joy of it ... and it showed. I feel so blessed to have been at Worlds ... I cannot put into words what it meant to me ... except that I am thankful for all of you ... and of course, Michelle.

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    Default Re: Wonderful posts from Cole and Michi

    Wonderful thread everybody! Everything so well and beautifully said. Being at World's was an experience of a lifetime and I am at a loss for words. What a joy and a blessing Michelle is! Wingheartsong


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