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Thread: Michelle's 26th Birthday Project (IDEAS?)

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    This year it's pretty much up to each MKFer to do whatever they want (Cards, donation to charity/skater, etc).

    There wasn't enough support for one MKF Birthday Project this year.

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    PM me if you need ideas for who to make a donation to. Sylvia also has a pretty long list of who needs support, so feel free to PM her, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by synnabun
    This is double posting ... but I'm adding an idea and no one has responded to Handle's idea yet!

    Anyway, if we do the video thing... we could have Gus6x's song "Michelle" playing during the credits of the video (A new MKF member... recently posted the mp3 file in Cloud Nine!). Or during a slideshow of member pictures with or of Michelle. Or for a masterpiece montage made by churckofkwan or any of the other fantastic montage makers! We could have a contest based on his piece and the winning one(s) would be included on the video dvd!!!

    Yay?! Nay?! Lets hear some more ideas!
    actually, I kinda like the idea bout the montages! Like everyone who wants to make one can, and then they can all get put on a CD! It would be cool for ehr to see becasue they would all be so different...I like the video messages idea too though you gusy are coming up with some really good ideas!
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