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Thread: Q&A with Phil Hersh

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    wingheartsong Guest


    Thank you so very much Mr.Hersh for your time and your thoughtful, interesting answers.Great questions MKF! Thanks to all who made this possible - it is appreciated!

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks to everyone who made this Q&A happen - particularly Mr. Hersch for being so generous with his time and straight forward in his answers. Thanks also to the moderators for facilitating this interesting Q&A.

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    Default wow...

    congrats to everyone who participated in the Q&A and thanks to Phil Hersh for answering the questions. My take on Sarahs 2003 was that the judges started cracking down on cheated jumps and flutzes. I thought she would be getting better marks because she was the Olympic champ. I remember thinking that cause I was surprised to hear Peggy and Dick talking about cheated jumps. They never talked about that before.

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    Default Re: wow...

    those were some great questions. Thanks for answering, Mr. Hersh It's nice to get some outside commenting here! Sometimes at MKF we get cabin fever.

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    honey827 Guest

    Default Re: wow...

    Awesome read thanks to Mr Hersh for giving his time to answer some of our questions.

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    Very provocative read. I found myself agreeing with 99% of what he said.

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    This was awesome, thanks so much to both Phil Hersh and MKF for making this possible

    My favorites were

    Michelle Kwan will be best remembered for her dignity and grace in both victory and defeat. Her record speaks for itself. Her actions speak even more eloquently.

    The pairs incident in 2002 SLC was widely overblown by Blatherin’ Bezic and Hollerin’ Hamilton. The Russians were better.
    ITA completely with both !!!


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    AYS Guest

    Default Re: wow

    Thanks so much to PH, to those who submitted questions, and moderators. I enjoyed reading the Q&A's a lot.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks, Mr. Hersh, for taking the time to answer this Q&A - looking forward to your piece on Johnny Weir.

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    While I disagree with Mr. Hersh about a lot, I think he absolutely hits the truth when he talked about how Michelle will be remembered:

    "Michelle Kwan will be best remembered for her dignity and grace in both victory and defeat. Her record speaks for itself. Her actions speak even more eloquently"

    As great as Michelle has been ON the ice, I think she is so beloved because of her dignity OFF the ice.

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    kyla Guest

    Default Comments

    Wonderful questions everyone and wonderful answers Mr. Hersh. It was nice of him to take the time and provide thoughtful answers.

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    Default Re: Comments

    This Q&A was wonderful, it's great that Hersch took the time to answer so many questions in depth, and that he was so candid in his answers. Thanks to Hersch and our moderators.

    quote from TimmyJon
    His ranking of the ladies slc lps are completely different than what he said after the Olympics...I think back then he thought it should have been Sarah, Sasha, Irina, Michelle.
    No, the order he stated immediately after the Olympics was:

    He always had Irina fourth, he just flip-flopped Sasha and Michelle. People do change their minds.

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    Default re: Comments

    I, too, am very greatful to Mr. Hersh for taking the time to answer our questions. (ITA, also, as to his comments on how MK will best be remembered.) Could our messages be forwarded to him?

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    Default re: Comments

    It was very nice of Phil Hersh to do the Q&A. I look forward to reading his article on Weir.

    I'm a bit bothered by his flip-flop on the pairs LP at the Olys. He said in an interview on the Today show several days after the comp (he and Paul Wylie were interviewed together) that he would have given the Russians 5.8/5.8 and the Canadians 5.8/5.9. Then, he completely disavowed it when the backlash against the protesting started.:rolleyes

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    Default Q&A

    Yes, interesting questions and thoughtful comments. Good of Mr. Hersh to contribute to the Forum. I'd like to debate a few points, not that what we have to say here will make much of a difference to those in power who make the decisions in this sport.

    Regarding Mr. H's take on Michelle's career and impact, I agree with some of his comments and disagree in some respect -- I've posted a separate topic to discuss where I differ.

    The men's costume issue, is an interesting one. I'd have to say that the sport is made up of individuals with different personalities, and that a costumes is a big part of a skater's performance. Figure skating is a sport and an art, no matter whether some people feel it should be treated more strictly as a sport. Since the costume, choreography and the skating are all part of what is being judged, the judges in some instances probably do consider how a costume adds to or detracts from a performance when they decide marks. Its ridiculous to make all the men conform to one standard of skating outfit. Why not say all the women should wear tunics, or no sequins, please. There are rules about costumes, but skaters are allowed to make individual choices based on the music and choreography and the feeling, theme or character they may be trying to convey. A skater is not yet very well-rounded if they can do all of the jumps well but don't have a fully realized progam which addresses all of the elements of a performance.

    I'll end this and address another point raised in the Q&A.


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    Default Q&A

    I agree with Mr. Hersh's comments about pairs, and about the state of figure skating today. Its also interesting how he began covering the sport, and his friendship with Carlo Fassi who gave him a lot of insight.

    I disagree with Mr. Hersh's comments about S&P and B&S at 2002 Olympics. B&S definitely won the SP, and if they had skated the same sublime way in the LP that they did in the short, they would of course have won outright with very little debate, even with the perfect skate that S&P delivered. While their choreography was more intricate and their artistry superb, B&S were noticeably tight in the LP. Anton flubbed his double axel, and their throw jumps did not flow out on the landings the way S&P's did. Elena had to fight for the landing on one of the throw jumps and she landed stiffly on the other. S&P were perfect in all of their elements and they performed beautifully. They are not the first skaters to re-use a previous season's program at the Olympics. I also disagree with Mr. Hersh calling their program "shlock." When their program to Love Story first debuted, it generated a lot of excitement and was considered innovative. Perhaps the movie and the book "Love Story" can be considered somewhat shlocky. I don't think that makes their program schlock.

    It would be interesting to have some of the more well-informed journalists occasionally serve as skating commentators. I don't think there are actually too many sports journalists right now who understand the sport that well. However, many journalists are becoming better. Mr. Hersh is one who is a cut above, and obviously has more than a surface knowledge of the sport. Obviously, many of the on-air reporters who interview the skaters don't know an awful lot about the sport either, and generally come from reporting on other sports, except for the former skaters, like Peter Carruthers, etc.

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    Default Re: Q&A

    Thank you Mr. Hersh for taking the time for this interview.

    In my opinion the most important thing that you did with a lot of your replies was let us know why you answered the way you did.

    Knowing where you are coming from with your comments made them much more meaningful and easier to understand.

    By the way I still can remember the Walter Cronkite News and I still enjoy seeing him host stuff for PBS

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    NicoleM Guest

    Default A thank you

    A big thank you to Mr. Hersh not only for doing this, but for spending so much time and thought on all of his answers. I didn't agree with them all, of course, LOL, but I still very much appreciate that he shared his thoughts and reasoning so thoroughly.

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    Default Re: A thank you

    Thank you Mr. Hersh, it was interesting. ITA with Nicole - didn't always agree, but appreciate him sharing his thoughts and opinions.


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