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Thread: All COI Pics/Backstage/MK Reports go here!

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  1. Heart COI Anaheim 06

    Better late than "Never",as they say. The inside photos were just "lights"as I didn't have a Zoom camera.
    I'll only show 8 photos,mostly outside pictures. There is a repeat of MK with Karen & Olivia. Olivia is so cute, as she was playing with MK's necklace & she was staring at her intensely. The pictures are mostly MK as the other skaters were with other MKFERS and I don't have their permission to publish them.
    I noticed that MK lost so much weight since I last saw her the early part of the year. I did ask her, and she said she did a lot of swimming exercises .
    Here are the Pics:[U]
    Hope it works. It is the MK performance that you have to open.

    BTW Corbon,the group photo of the MKFERS was terrific. It's too bad you were not in the pic as you're the official photographer. We should have ask MK to be in the picture too.

    Also, Grace,a "Big Thank you", for the passes and the delicious mango cake for the luncheon.
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