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View Poll Results: Who was MK's biggest rival ever?

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  • Sasha Cohen

    5 2.48%
  • Irina Slutskaya

    138 68.32%
  • Sarah Hughes

    0 0%
  • Tara Lipinski

    49 24.26%
  • Other

    10 4.95%
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Thread: Who was MK's biggest rival ever?

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    I will always list it as Irina Slutskaya. The only reason being because, everytime Irina competed against Michelle, I always wondered where the competition would be held.

    If it was held in an Eastern Bloc country, I knew Michelle had next-to-nill chance of winning against Irina. If it was in a Western country or mostly had Western Bloc judges, then I could breathe a little easier

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    I voted for Tara because she beat a clean Michelle in Nagano. IMO it is very unlikely that a clean Irina, Sasha, or Sarah would've beaten a clean Michelle skating Lyra. Tara also didn't have the Eastern Bloc like Irina did.

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    they competed the most against each other...and seemed (at times) to bring out the best in each other..

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    Irina and Sasha. Both of these skaters coveted Michelle position and worked very hard to surpass her. Irina had more success at beating the Kween than Sasha.

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    Irina and Sasha were the longtime great competitors, though Michelle won most of the time, but Tara was Michelle's equal at the age of 14, and was able to top Michelle at several of the big competitions. So I think little Tara stands taller than Irina, Sasha, or Sarah.

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    Just went back and read this thread again. I'm pretty sure I voted Irina the first time and still hold that view. sigh. The good old days.

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    Tara Lipinski, even if Irina was there a longer time.

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    Default Who was MK's biggest rival ever?

    It was herself. She often said that.

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    It's funny you said that Dolly. I voted "other" because her biggest rival was herself. Nobody ever beat Michelle when Michelle skated her best, except Tara one time at the Olympics. Even that could be arguable, as if Michelle had not spent the season injured, her program would have had her 3/3. Tara's other wins over Michelle were when Michelle was going through her 97-98 adjustment period, and I think that qualifies more as opportunity than rivalry. JMHO.
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    Tara for sure, but Irina got better on her 2nd comeback around 2000 her artistry was much better but still regarded as a technical skater. But I remember Maria's SP to Scene D Amour in 2000 which was so breathtaking and she blew the field away both technically and artistically (ahead of Slutskaya and Kwan) But getting back to the poll Lipinski was the most problematic for Kwan both on a level par on their day 98 OL proved that and was so close 6/3 split
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    How about Kristi Yamaguchi and their battles at the once popular and numerous pro am events. And a bit of a push was Nicole Bobic

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    Michelle herself said Irina.
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