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Thread: Michelle's East West Bank ad on newspaper

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    daylightsaving Guest

    Default Michelle's East West Bank ad on newspaper


    This is my first post, but I have been lurking around for quite a while now. You guys are so on top of things that I was surprised to find this ad is not yet posted.

    I was reading the Sing Tao Daily, a Chinese newspaper. Usually I don't pay attention to any commercial, but then one day I was so bored I read EVERYTHING... and I was nicely surprised by the East West bank ad.

    <a href="" target="_new">Link</a>

    I will attempt to translate the words:

    Challenge the limits, the pursuit of excellence
    Michelle's achievement in international sports is unmatched. In people's applauses and cheers, she challenged her personal best again and again, in pursuit of a more perfect performance. Michelle has brought us endless excitement with a cultural mix of the East and the West.

    She wears a gold necklace Grandma gave her at all times. Grandma gives her strength, and she shares the experience and honor from competitions. This strong bond touches many of us, just like the relationship between East West Bank and the community. We have been working with communities for more than 30 years, and just like Michelle, we will keep challenging ourselves to strive for better services.

    On Michelle's picture on the left, the captions is Michelle Kwan, 5-time World Champion, and 9-time National Champion.

    Sorry my translation is not the best. Maybe someone on the board can help...

    By the way, I have seen this ad on other newspaper as well, so you might have it in your house already if you read any Chinese paper.

    Edited to fix the link.

    Edited to fix the link, again.v

    Thanks babyoscar. I never knew how to post a link from Yahoo. I hope this will work.

    Arghhh, this link thing is way too hard. I simply can't get it working. Of course it works on my computer, but it doesn't count... <img border=0 src="" />

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    Thanks for the info! The ad certainly describes Michelle well!

    Welcome to MKF!

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    i cant see the ad.

    if you could direct link me to the ad i could have my chinese teacher translate for us.

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    Thanks daylightsaving and welcome!
    Don't be a stranger ... keep posting!

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    Thanks so much

  6. Default link

    your link doesn't work. when you do yahoo link, you have to email yourself the link, and post the email link, not the link that you just copy and paste from your album.

    if you posted the correct link, i will be able to translate it as long as it is traditional chinese. i don't read simplified chinese.

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    Default Re: link

    i cant see

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    Default Re: link

    i still cant see it

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    Default Re: link

    I saved it earlier, though now I can't get the link to work. I think I'll upload it, so others can see it.

    Thanks again daylightsaving.

    I've uploaded it, in case the yahoo link doesn't work for other posters. I did resize it and fix the brightness a tad, though.

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    Default Re: link

    Thanks daylightsaving for posting the link, it's a lovely ad! I hope you continue to post here, especially during the season when things really get busy.

    Thanks for uploading it Heather.

  11. Default Re: link

    Welcome and thak you daylightsavings. Great description of Michelle's impact on many of our lives.

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    Thanks for that, Heather That's a fabulous ad!! :SP


  13. Default ad

    The small prints are too hard to see, but as far as your translation goes on the first line, it is pretty much right on target.

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    daylightsaving Guest

    Default Thanks Heather

    for posting the picture and adjusting the brightness. I still can't figure out how to post the picture.

    And thank everyone else for the warm welcome.


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    Default Re: link

    Heather, I did some further adjustments in my Paint Shop Pro8 program. Enjoy everyone!


    Michelle's EastWest Bank Ad



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