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Thread: Michelle at Disney California Adventure Friday

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    Default Michelle at Disney California Adventure Friday

    Hello! I'm new this forum and I'm very excited that Michelle will be competing in 2006. For those of you that live in Southern California, Michelle will be at the park tomorrow June 10. She will be joining Gov. Schwarzenegger, Tony Hawk and other athletes to kick off something to promote physical fitness and sports. The ceremony will begin at 10:30am. I plan to go and i'll try to post pictures.

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    Cool!8) Thanks! I wasn't sure if Michelle would do anything else for Disney since her contract expired months ago. Hope some MKF'rs get to go and give reports

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    2006Au4Kwan-Welcome, and thanks for the info (not that I can go since I'm on the east coast ) Please post a report and pictures after attending!

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    I don't have any pictures, but here's an article on the event.

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    She's joining a council on physical fitness -- didn't Arnold get his start on Reagan's fitness council?

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    There was a story on ABC, but they only showed a couple quick shots of MK. Cute, though.

    ABC News

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    Thanks Lucy25 for the article. And thanks mkjsdp for the video! I've searched for pictures, but haven't found any yet.

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    Here is one more article. It includes additional information on the activities at the event. Apparently, Michelle rode a bicycle and jumped rope.

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    Default Michelle at Disney California Adventure Friday (PICTURE)

    Here is a link where you can see a few pictures and click on a link to watch Governor Schwarzenegger's Speech at Disney. He does mention Michelle when he thanks all the athletes for being on the physical fitness council.

    No captions of Michelle on the video :\

    Here is a picture of Michelle at the event:
    (Love her smile)

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    Default Re: Michelle at Disney California Adventure Friday (PICTURE)

    Thanks to everyone for the info. and photos.

    I caught some of the NBC 11 p.m. news (in LA) that comes on right before Jay Leno and they did a brief story, maybe 20 seconds long, on the fitness council, Schwarzenegger's appearance, etc. The ONLY athlete they mentioned and showed was Michelle. They said something like, "Several well-known athletes participated, including Olympic figure skater, Michelle Kwan." As they said that, they showed Michelle riding on a bike surrounded by people on either side. She was smiling and waving to the crowd. Very cute!


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    Default Re: Michelle at Disney California Adventure Friday (PICTURE)

    I was at the event. There were a lot of cheers when Michelle's name was mentioned. I did take pictures with my SLR camera so it'l be awhile before I post them. When the athletes were introducted they all rode bicycles in front of the stage before going on stage. Tony Hawk was the last to be introduced and, of course, he came in on his skateboard.
    Both Julie Foudy and Michelle spoke together describing how to incorporate fitness into day-to-day life. Then they danced with the Disney characters while the Block Party Bash Parade did a little performance. I forgot who spoke after them but Gov. Schwarzenegger was the last to be introduced.
    I have a picture of Michelle riding her bike. I didn't see her jump rope--she must have done that on the other side of the stage, out of my view.

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    Default Re: Michelle at Disney California Adventure Friday (PICTURE)

    Glad you got to go 2006Au4Kwan! I hope you had a fun time, it looks like a nice event. Thanks for your report.


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