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Thread: Michelle at MTV Movie Awards

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    I watched it and I never saw her at the preshow or during the show. I kept looking around the crowd. I missed the last ten minutes and the after show.

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    Oh yes, graciesfriend! That's exactly what happened! When they got back from the awards, Michelle left her coat in his trunk, and she opened it up and well...there I was (with the coat on as well). She slapped her "date" in the face, and Michelle and I went off to have a cup of tea! 'Twas a lovely time!

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    G Man, thanks for telling us how the story ended!

    I'm sure you and Michelle will "live happily ever after" now that the dweeb is history!

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    she definitely wasn't shown? So I can delete the whole thing off my computer? (I've only watched the preshow and first half hour or so of the show.)

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    Default Michelle MTV Awards

    I really liked the dress, hair, shoes and make up. The only thing I was a little iffy onn was the jewelry I thought it was a little too much.

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    Default Re: Michelle MTV Awards

    At 4 AM this morning, I rolled over..I had MSNBC on..They did a "flashing" retrospective of the MTV Awards and I did see MK..If you blinked you missed her, but it was definitely she.


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