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Thread: "HI" from Michelle!

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    Default Re: HI

    Iím glad everyone had a good time. I went to look for you guys and never found anyone. When I came home I realized I was looking in the wrong section. For some reason was thinking section 113! Oh well, there is always next year.

    It was a great show. Does any no why there were no order forms this time for next yearís show? I hope this is not a sign that they are not coming to town.

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    Default Re: HI

    There's always a first. I think that was probably the first time Michelle got a toothbrush from a fan. LOL

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    Default Re: HI

    How wonderful for you, Vicky!

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    LOl dave

    Vicky458, that's great!

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    Default STill More

    As my head is coming down from the clouds there is still more.Maxum Marinin is cute. He had a bruise on his forehead and his nose was swollen and bruised. I asked him it Tatiana hit him and he said yea yesterday. I asked if it happen often and he said once and awhile. But he said it didn't hurt. Sure looked like it did. Surya and Phillipe were also very cordial. Elvis Victor and Fumie thanked me for coming. It was great! I can't keep repeating it.

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    how did you get backstage passess. I wont som >:

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    Default Thanks

    What a cute story - thanks for all the info.

    I saw COI in Boston and just loved the show this year. So many great skaters!

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    pumpkinspice Guest

    Default Junior Mints?

    I must have missed something but is Junior Mints, Michelle's favorite candy?

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    Default Re: Junior Mints?

    Yes, Michelle loves Junior Mints. (Or at least, she used to--she's probably sick of them by now, lol.)

    Vicky, that is awesome that you got to meet Michelle and so many other skaters. I wonder if one of the guys was Shep.

    If anyone else gets to meet Michelle, tell her that the Forum says hi!

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    It's nice and wonderful that Michelle said hi to *all* of us. I hope that I get to see her next season at Skate America. *celebrates Michelle with 1800th post*

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    That's great that you finally got to meet Michelle. I've got to met her 2 times. I only got to talk with her for a brief moment. She was really nice. I ran into Tim G in a hotel. He seemed really nice, but I really didn't get to say anything, but hello.

    So happy for you.


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    Default Re: "Hi" from Michelle!

    I'm so happy for you Vicky! That's such a cute story! That's so awesome that you got to meet Michelle!! She's one of a kind isn't she? I'm sure Michelle will put that toothbrush to good use

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    Default michelle'smom

    No I don't think either of the men were Shep. I have never seen Shep but these guys were all dressed in black were very big guys and were Africian American.

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    She's had arena guards as security before. These two gentlemen were probably arena security also. Glad to see that they're taking good care of Michelle.

    And thanks for the report Vicky.

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    Thanks for posting! Michelle is always so sweet to her fans, and she makes a special effort to talk to the MKFers. She is so wonderful!

    I'm a little concerned about the bodyguards. I've been backstage a few times and she never had bodyguards before. I wonder if she got a threat from someone. I hope everything is okay.

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    That is so cool. I missed the COI tour here. Hope to go next year. Maybe meet Michelle.

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    Whoa! What a great experience Vicky!! Thanks so much for sharing it! Haha - the toothbrush is great, what a delightful present. Maybe hers was running out! Thanks again

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    Default :)

    Merrie, Ben's girlfriend, was carrying Ginseng. She also had the dog during the Columbus show. Too cute.

    I went backstage last year at the Cleveland show, too, and Michelle didn't have guards. I don't know why she did. I was quite confused.

    You forgot to mention Tim-did you talk to him?

    So glad you had a good time! It was great fun!!

    balletgirl-sorry you missed us! I do hope the show goes to Cleveland next year-it's been so fun these past 2 years! We'll see!! *crosses fingers*

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    I wondered who the girl was that was holding Ginsing. We did get a chance to talk to Tim. I asked him how he was doing and if he was still having problems with his boots and his hip alignment. He said so far everything is going better. He was doing alot of physical therapy. I sure do hope it helps.

    It was great meeting the skaters who came through the line. I am still concerned about Nicole. She did look like she was having some type of physical problem after the opening and closing numbers and she didn't have a very good skate. Even her sprial was wobbly. It did look to me that Rudy was helping her off the ice during the closing number.

    I hope we see everyone next year and get backstage again. I am still coming down from my "high". :SP

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    AcidAimee Guest

    Default Re: Thanks

    The sad thing is I don't know which is weirder- that you identified yourself as a member of an internet fan forum (as if she cares), or that you then handed her a toothbrush.

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    HardGreg Guest

    Default Re: Thanks

    :rollin I agree, that's pretty over the top. Was it purple?

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    pluto3658 Guest

    Default Acid Aimee

    are u not a member of an Internet fan forum? Are you weird?

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    Default Re: Acid Aimee

    The sad thing is I don't know which is weirder- that you identified yourself as a member of an internet fan forum (as if she cares), or that you then handed her a toothbrush.
    :rolleyes , Oh please...I think you're sad ..

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    Default Re: Thanks

    The sad thing is I don't know which is weirder- that you identified yourself as a member of an internet fan forum (as if she cares), or that you then handed her a toothbrush.
    What's so bad about that? It's no different then someone telling *NSYNC that they are an "insider" (aka their fanclub). Some people are really into that; a lot of people are into that. That doesn't make them wierd.

    As for the toothbrush thing, *I* think that was very creative, and cute Sounds like Michelle got a kick out of it too. Vicky it sounds like you are very passionate about your job.

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    jerry1der Guest


    Who is Ginseng? Is he/she MK's relative? Any picture?


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