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Thread: [TV] MKM: VH1 "Web Junk 20"

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    Default [TV] MKM: VH1 "Web Junk 20"

    OK I don't even know how I'm watching this right now but apparently it's a top 20 list of um weird videos people post on the web of themselves?

    The commentator said "I'd like to see Michelle Kwan doing... [picture of her doing a spredeagle from Aranjuez]" ....ok I don't remember what he said exactly but something about her doing some crazy bicycle stunt someone posted online.

    Can't find the video online but here;s a link to the show:

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    Yeah! I saw that. They were showing all kinds of weird sports in India and the host said he'd like to see Michelle Kwan do the same thing as the guy who was on a bike with some kind of hoop on fire around his neck. They showed a brief clip of her Aranjuez performance (blue costume). It was a slam on the Olys being lame and how he'd rather see that stuff, but the fact that he mentioned Michelle instead of anyone else was cool.

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    Aye, that show...I watched it once and it was so lame I've never turned it on again. Yea this is kind of off topic, but boy has VH1 gone down the toilet lately. They'll make a clip show out of anything! "I love the 80's," "I love the 90's," and now even "I love toys"!! Something tells me they must really be hurting in the ratings to put something as bottom-of-the-barrel-scraping as that on national television...yeouch.

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    Eh. I actually like that show. I am sure it costs next to nothing to produce and I know a lot of people that watch it along with Best Week Ever. Thanks Goo!
    Keep on truckin

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    I like the show, but I wish the guy did curse so much. I mean I curse, but being an ex-broadcaster, there is really no need to do it on the air.

    Glad Miss Thing was included though, Go Michelle!

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    Remember when Music Television used to play

    ...well... know... music??? When MTV stopped showing music, at least we still had VH1 to watch music videos, but now VH1's not showing much music either. They should rename themselves "Teen Channel" and "20-something Channel", because that's what they've become. Not music.

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    I don't know if anybody have seen this, but they have a video of Michelle at the "Rookie" premiere talking about second chances from the website that Googoo posted. Just type in "Michelle Kwan" in the search box and it should be the first video.

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    I saw this on VH1 over the weekend. It's usually a funny show. Goes to show that Michelle is well known. I mean if the guy had said, Irina S, Sasha Cohen, Kimmie, Tara, Sarah or Emily, most audience would have said "who?" With Michelle, People know exactly who she is and what she does!
    There's nothing more beautiful than being yourself!

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    Looks like the show repeats the following times if anyone wants to catch it:
    Tues 12:30a, 11:30p, Wed 3:30p.

    I have it set to cap tonight. I'm still a bit confused as to even what this is, lol, but if it has Michelle in it, I guess I have to watch

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    Aww Heather. Do you get any sleep? :-)

    Only Heaven could send us such an angelic skater.

    "If you have nothing in life but a great friend, you're rich."- Michelle Kwan

    I'm looking at the world through Kwan-colored glasses.

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    Sleep, what's that?

    I've posted a clip in the Downloads section, if anyone is interested.


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