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    I just want to ask you all a question about emails from other countries trying to scam me. My husband is out of town now and I don't want to bother him with this.He has enough on his plate now. I am hoping maybe some one here will know what to do.

    Here is my situation. I am getting emails from Nigeria and they are telling me that someone with my maiden name is in trouble and needs money. THey all say urgent help needed, or something to that effect. I am not stupid and I am not falling for this. First of all I know this a lie and their are only trying to scam me. I saw this on Dateline last year so I know this is garbage and I certainly don't know anyone in Nigeria. I have gotten 4 of these emails. I forwarded them to someone (cannot remember who but got no response.) I finally deleted the emails and forgot about it, but I am getting more of them now.

    I don't even use that email address anymore, but I still get email there. My question is, how are they getting my name and email address and what can I do about it? WHo can I report it to? Have any of you ever gotten anything like this and what did you do about yours? I would appreciate any help you all could give me. SHould I just ignore it, delete it and just forget about it?
    Thank you for your help in advance.
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    You can report those emails here. There isn't a lot you can do though. They mention things that can help stop spam.
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