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Thread: Ladies podium moment 2006 vs 2002

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    Default Ladies podium moment 2006 vs 2002

    OK I just took out some old clip and watched again the podium moment of Olys 2002 with MK, Irina and Sarah....You know, so much emotion came along...... Watching Michelle's face is still painful for me; but I feel even worse for Irina. She (Irina) looked disappointed on that night in 2002; but on that same podium 2 nights ago in Torino, she looked just SAD and TIRED....I always liked Irina; I feel that she's often mis-represented in the media. I work with a lot of people whose first language is not English, and you cannot judge them the "American way" by their tone and manner when they talk. I hope Irina has a happy and healthy future, and I hope everthing works out for her and her mother and her family. Michelle is our queen and we love her; Irina has skated and competed just as long as Michelle has and to a lot of people in her country, she's their queen. I hope to see Irina and Michelle skate together on tour and continue their friendship....

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    both women are the queens of their own countries...

    and i agree, seeing irina's reaction was equally as heartbreaking for me. they both looked tired, drained, and you can just see their hearts bvroken!

    i love them though!
    "If you spend four years for just those six minutes, it's not worth it...You have to go in with the right reason" ~ Michelle Kwan on her love for Figure Skating


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