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Thread: Refreshing That Cohen Didn't Make Excuses

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    she's outta excuses this time.

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    The only one left was cramps!

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    I was surprised she didn't. In fact her I was lucky to get silver comment and "I was gifted" comments were un expected.

    However there is tomorrow.

    Irina didn't say anything yet either but you know when she gets back to Russia she will.

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    Hey folks, some people on the west coach are just now watching the Olympics...please keep Spoilers in the Spoilers hasn't ended for us yet. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eeyora
    The only one left was cramps!

    She just should have told the truth: "It is impossible for me to keep it together for a long program in a major competition."

    Then again, she didn't have to say it. The record speaks for itself.

    You know she could have used the injury or whatever it was as an excuse. She probably could have gotten some sympathy for it. If she said she hurt her groin, people might feel sorry for her like they felt sorry for Michelle.

    Kudos to Sasha for being man enough to admit she screwed up...again
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    I think she was very suprised and happy to get the silver.

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    I was happy to see her get silver. My heart broke for her when she fell, twice. I'm not a Sasha fan, but she was America's hope. Oh well. Hopefully Michelle comes back in January to Rach the ice again!! Whoohoo, the dark age of figure skating is almost over!
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    I was sorry to see Sasha fall yet again but happy Arakawa won fair and square. None of the Lp's were what I would call extordinary or really high tech. Not my kind of contest to begin with. I did get a kick out how mad it made some to see Sasha win silver like Irina and Michelle. Now all three have it. I also think, given the programs they all presented that Michelle could have won this. I'm looking forward to Worlds. I wonder if Mao will be allowed to skate at that?

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    According to the LA Times, Sasha not only didn't make excuses, but admitted that "it was a gift" (her words, not mine!) Kudos to her for her honesty!

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    I wonder with this all being behind her, if Sasha wishes she would have done the practice skates on the ice instead of skipping them.

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    Sasha deserves some credit for not saying she had lingering pain in her leg, etc., etc. I think she has matured somewhat over the years. She pretty much stayed away from the media before the short program. That was probably a good thing. She didn't say anything that would come back to haunt her if/when she didn't deliver the goods on the ice. Sasha has been gracious and pretty humble so far, and that is good.


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    I was surprised (pleasantly) not to her a litany of excuses. Hopefully that will be a trend that sticks!

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    She said the truth because in fact she was gifted w/ such high PCS.
    With 2 falls, how can u not get a ding on your perform/execution and among other things.
    My New Year resolution is to be less obsessive w/ the Kween (lol)

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    But, oh, how the commentators tried with the leg wrap thing. The first time ever that I have ever gained a wee bit of respect for America's "crotch" queen !

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3Flutz3Lip
    She said the truth because in fact she was gifted w/ such high PCS.
    With 2 falls, how can u not get a ding on your perform/execution and among other things.
    Performance/Execution probably could have accounted somewhat for the mistakes, and her PE marks were lower in the LP than in the SP.

    The fall and hands down couldn't have affected any other PCS marks, though--TR is specifically for everything NOT jumps, spins, footwork, or spirals; CH is a reflection of the program as a whole choreographically and compositionally; IN is simply that--a score that reflects a skater's interpretation; and SS--which could possibly reflect mistakes, but it's not spelled out in the rulebook to do such a thing, so it would be (insert appropriate word here: crooked, wrong, weird) for the judges to take points here for mistakes they've already deducted for on the technical side of the score.

    Sasha was lucky that her mistakes occured in the first 34 seconds of her program--that way the judges were able to use the vast majority of the program to determine her overall PCS scores. The fact that she finished the program so strongly (and reached a personal interpretation high for the year--that middle section was absolutely gorgeous) is something that is definitely reflected in the PE mark.
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