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Thread: make our own gold for kwan!

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    Default make our own gold for kwan!

    Ok I tried to look through to see if anyone had already posted this idea but didn't see one.

    Hopefully, I am not the oldest fan here and someone else will remember this too!

    Kurt's fan club got together and everyone donated whatever gold they could (ear rings, necklaces, etc.) and made him a gold medal from his fans with as many fans that Michelle has I think this could be accomplished easily.

    I'm thinking this would be a wonderful way to show our appreciation for her and possibly lift her sprits when we all know she must be sad.

    What does everyone think??

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    MKF did a medal project in 2002 and Heather has already said that it doesn't seem appropriate to repeat it.

    There are a lot of other ideas being discussed. I'm sure something will be chosen in a month or two.
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    I remember we did a platinum medal project after the salt lake city games. It got some press.... I agree that it wouldn't be appropriate to repeat it.. however, i do want to do something for her...

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    Here's the thread about a discussion about what we should do for Michelle. Hope this helps.
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    Default oh well

    Oh well, it was just an idea... maybe a donation to a charity she supports then??

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    I think it's good to start out with what we're already doing instead of getting too many projects going at once. I agree also that making another medal for Michelle would be too redundant. I'm sure we'll be doing plenty of projects and charity work in the near future.

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    MKF Platinum Project 2003:

    Sorry the site is old and moldy.. !

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    I would love to be part of this project. Count me in


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