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Thread: When Did This New Injury Occur

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    Default When Did This New Injury Occur

    Did this injury occur before she left the United States? I saw film clips of the practice session and no injury appeared to occur then and certainly marching in the opening ceremonies--although it could certainly have, along with the long plane ride, caused stiffness--could not have caused a groin strain.

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    I think it happened when she two footed the flip and made worse by the straight down landing on the fallen flip. Also remember Muscle and soft tissue injury often get worse as time passes and after a nights sleep.

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    she said so herself that when she stepped out of that first flip, she felt something and sensed something could be wrong immediately...
    Thank you Michelle Kwan, for the heart you continue to share with all of us.

    "When Michelle takes the ice, it's like Moses parting the waters... the Kween is on. Here I am. Take a look. In your face."--Charlie Cyr


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