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Thread: OFFICIAL messages to Michelle (will be sent to her) - Deadline Sunday 2/19

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    Dear Michelle,

    Girl! You are figure skating and I don't care what anyone else says. Skating would be dull without you. You have the grace of Oksana Baiul and the strength of Midori Ito all in your being. But please do your fans one little favor and bring in that 10 national title and 6th world! PLEASE! =) It's ok if you don't, you've done enough for us and the sport and of course for yourself. There is a world outside of skating and I hope you get to enjoy it,

    Your devoted fan,

    Lily Luu
    San Francisco, CA
    All we need is love, music, and the KWEEN!

    Keeper of Triple Flip

    Keeper of Wildside

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    Dear Michelle,

    It must be a very difficult time for you now. I know how much going to 3 Olympics meant to you. However your health is more important above all else and I hope you take the time to rest and heal. Relax and take some time off. You must have been under a lot of pressure this season to get ready for the games.

    You have touched us with your courage, grace and integrity.

    We all love you and so proud of all your achievements.

    Toronto, Canada

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    Dear Michelle,

    I know it was a difficult decision you made and now is a difficult time for you. I just want to say that I am pround of you for all that you have done for your sport and your fans. You have shown us beauty, grace, sportmanship, class and dignity. Get well soon. Your fans are behind you 1000%.

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    I still believe in you Michelle.
    You are the very best of the best, and no Olympic gold will ever change that.
    I truly hope this is just a pause, and not an end of an era- your era, in figure skating. I am not ready to say good-bye just yet. Take care.
    Proud to be an "MK Uber Fan"

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    Dear Michelle,
    I'm praying for your complete healing so you can continue in the sport that you love so much. Please accept my thanks for all of the joy you have given me throughout your career so far, both on the ice and in your beautiful spirit and character.

    With love,


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    Dearest Michelle:

    Today we cry with you. We are also so very proud of you for the brave attempt you made this year and for the unselfish act of giving your spot on the team to a teammate.

    You are the champion of figure skating. The world knows who you are, what you have accomplished but most importantly that you are an incredible and wonderful human being.

    Please take very good care of yourself and heal. We (your fans) are selfish and of course want to see you go on in 2006-07 and onto 2010. But no matter what you decide to do with your future please know you have absolutely nothing left to prove.

    It has been an honor to watch you grow and takes us on your journey over the last decade. What an era it has been.

    You have left your legacy not just on this beautiful sport but on how human beings should treat each other and portray themselves in everyday life.

    May you feel the love we all have for you!

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    Excuse for my evil English, but I do not speak this language, use a translator.

    You are a great person, an excellent sportswoman, for me you are the best skater. I admire your force, dedication and certainty. In 5 months I will enter the university and you are my inspiration to give the best thing of me.

    By you I fell in love with this sport, but I fell in love more with your skating. I loved and I continue loving each one of its beautiful progrmas, they made me dream.

    I wish the best thing you, the most rapid recovery.

    God bless forever Michelle.

    Viva Michelle!!! Viva la mejor!!!!

    Alexis Flores Vega
    Madera, Chihuahua, México

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    Default Thank you!

    Michelle Kwan,
    When I heard about your injury and withdrawal from the Olympics, my heart broke. But the courage and grace you've shown at this difficult time has helped me to deal with a very difficult time in my life as well. Your skating, which has always been for me beauty in its purest form, has given me such joy for so many years, and you've been such an inspiration, I feel guilty that I can't do more for you other than to thank you with all my heart. In the tv movie, A Christmas Memory, the character Sookie says, "It's bad enough in life to have to do without something you want, but what gets my goat is not being able to give somebody something you want them to have." I've never felt that more than now.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and countless joys to come in your life, each greater than the one before.

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    Dear Michelle, I cannot imagine how difficult a season it has been for you, yet I do know that you have been in countless hearts, minds, and prayers including mine. You are our NATIONAL TREASURE for all time and we are SO proud of you. Your grace, courage, integrity, loyalty, passion, and HUGE HEART are such a breath of fresh air and inspiration.In this message I'm sending out a sincere and big hug to let you know that I'm so sorry that you are hurting now and I thank you for all you have given us. With prayers for total healing, JoAnn (Wingheartsong)

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    You're a legend who transcends being a champion athlete. You're a role model for millions, young and old alike. Thank you for all of your joy, grace, beauty and dignity. You truly are one of a kind. Just like there will never be another Sonja Henie, there will never be another Michelle Kwan.

    God Bless You.


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    Please continue to heal yourself and remember what you said during Katie's interview, "It's not life or death...."

    You are a legacy, a true champion, forever in the hearts of many.

    I've been watching you for a long time, since 1992 to be exact. I've always appreciated figure skating, but since you came on the scene, you've made me love and appreciate it more.

    I wish you success in whatever you do and I'm sure you will shine.

    May you bask in the glow of the sun forever.


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    Dear Friend,
    There are no answers. You have meant so much to all of us for so long; a light went out in the skating world when you could not go on in Torino. We will always support you. An athlete like you comes along once in a generation. Sincerely, Mary and Eileen Hughes Your friends in Rhode Island

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    I can't imagine what you are going through, but as always, you are filled with grace and dignity, which is no wonder. You are loved and adored by millions of people. I am so sorry for what your have endured this season.

    You have given us so much and all I can think is how thankful we are that you have skated for us for so many years. More than any other skater in history, you have blessed our lives.

    I can't thank you enough for the joy you brought to my life.

    I look forward to sharing more with you and I also look forward to being blessed by your skating for years to come.

    You are the most decorated skater in history! You have accomplished so much and you are a legend and icon. YOU make people turn on the TV to watch skating. YOU make people purchase the ticket to Champions on Ice and other endless competitions. YOU make people purchase magazines in which you appear.

    You stand alone as the greatest skater who can move people by a single performance. No other skater moves me like you do.

    God bless you, thank you and get better soon! Our hearts are with you always!!

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    Dear Michelle,

    I know that no words at this moment can dissapate your sorrow, but please know that you are not alone. You have a wonderful family; you have a large "extended family" of fellow atheletes and coaches; and you have millions of fans all over the world. We are all with you right now, and we are all proud of you.

    Take this time to heal your body, your heart, your mind. Consider all your many, many possibilities, and don't let your grief stand in the way of action. Your future will outshine this dark moment, and we will all be waiting to cheer your progress.

    Take care and much love,

    Phillip Eibeck

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    Dear Michelle,

    You are truly a legend in my heart. In my eyes, you are the true Olympic champion. You might not realize the powerful emotional effect your skating has on me. There is something about your performance that is captivating and beautiful. No other skater has ever did this to me. So thank for all you have contributed to the sport.

    UCLA (go bruins!!!!)

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    Dear Michelle,

    Thank you for everything. Thank you for always trying your hardest, for your determination and perseverance, for fighting back from disappointment and injury. You are such an inspiration. Thinking about how you've always given your dreams 100% effort helped me do the same and manage to scrape my my math grade up to the A- I needed to get into AP calculus this year when I'd almost given up on that goal as a lost cause.

    Thank you for your example today of courage, honesty, and consideration. I wish you’d never had to make this decision, but the way you did it so quickly and unselfishly, putting the US team before yourself showed such character and respect. Thank you also for always being so graceful and polite both through your disappointments and of course your innumerable successes. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say something rude or unkind to or about another athlete or the media. Thank you especially for all the times you’ve taken my breath away with your performances. There is absolutely no one who skates like you do. You are AMAZING!

    Please take care of yourself and get better really soon. Relax and let yourself heal completely. No more pain! I hope you do whatever makes you most happy in the future, because you more than deserve that. While selfishly, I would love to see you skate *forever*, you’ve given us so much already. I hope you have a ton of fun whatever you do. So good luck, hope to see you back soon, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything! I have always looked up to you and will always be a huge fan! As an American, I couldn’t possibly be prouder than to have you representing us!

    Get well soon!

    Boston, MA
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    Keep your chin up. I still Believe and I'll see you in 2010

    Boston MA

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    Michelle -

    You ARE figure skating to me. Everything you do, you do with such grace and sportsmanship - you are truly an inspiration.

    The Olympics won't be the same without you, though in my mind you already earned a gold (really - 1998 ... that medal belonged to you).

    I hope to see you skating again soon; without you the sport will lose its most precious jewel.

    Miss you,


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    You only have 1 challenger yet to beat in your last 12 years of comeptitive skating: yourself. Get well soon, listen to your doctors, forget about competition for a while, conquer your injuries and uncertainties first, then come back with a bang!

    No one can ever replace you in figure skating history and no matter what your future plans are, we will always support you 100%. We all look forward to seeing you take the competition ice once again when you return to a healthy state.

    Best wishes to a speedy and complete recovery!


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    Default You are still the Gold Standard.

    Dear Michelle: Your constant drive to excel at what you love doing most, your earnest endeavor to achieve, your serenity to accept what cannot be changed, everything about you is continually inspiring. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do--I will always love you and support you. Jack Cashman

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    Default Re:


    Hold your head up high. You did all that you could for these Olympics and I want you to know that you are golden in my heart. You are a true champion.

    RI, USA
    This is a sport and it's beautiful. ~MK 2/12/06

    member since July 2002

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    Aww Michelle, you made me cry . . . once again. Get better and then come back and wow us with that long program we never saw. You are golden, you make us proud (time and time again) and I am so fortunate to have been able to follow your career and witness the many--too many to count--memorable moments.

    Just know that your legacy is set and in 100 years, everyone will still know your name and they'll still talk about you as if you were a skating goddess.

    Keep fighting, Michelle, we're all here for you. And if you decide to go to Vancouver in 2010, then so will I!

    Lots of love and hugs,

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    Dear Michelle,
    I am so proud of the way you have handled everything during these very difficult times. I'm sure the decision to withdraw from the Olympics did not come easily to you, but I believe it was the right one. Your long term health is what is most important.

    Take care of yourself, and hope to see you back skating when you are fully recovered.

    All the Best,


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    Dear Michelle,

    Sport doesn't build character, it reveals character.

    Thank you for the incredible gift that is you.

    Love, kwanette
    Keeper of the "Wing-It Pose" from 98 Nats
    Keeper of Evan's kindness
    Keeper of Adam's "As it should be"..
    Co-keeper of John Coughlin's protective nature

    "....and in fact lived every moment of her life as if a child might be watching..."

    Christine Brennan on Michelle Kwan 2/12/06

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    We all love you!! and know that this is a difficult time for you- and just want you to heal and be healthy!!!
    You are such an inspiration to us all- you show such strength and dignity- especially in the face of adversity- not only are you an amazing athlete, but you are also a beautiful person- you have so much heart. You make me want to be a better person. And every time i see you skate, it just leaves me awe-struck.
    Thank You!
    Get Well!!
    Luv, Steph - your Devoted fan forever!!
    St. Cloud, MN
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