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Thread: OFFICIAL messages to Michelle (will be sent to her) - Deadline Sunday 2/19

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    I am so proud of you! You are a great credit to your country, family, and fans. Thank you for years of the very best pleasure possible. I'm anticipating traveling with you down your new road of choice! You are a national treasure I'll cherish forever!!

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    Dear Michelle,

    I am in tears while writing this. This is so hard for me to grasp but you have given so much joy to me over the past 12 years. I hope you recover soon and I hope to see you skatex in Champions on Ice even if you can't jump you will still be a joy to watch and bring tears to my eyes.You are the greatest.

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  3. Heart (((((((Michelle)))))))

    You did the right thing. You looked after you & your looked after your country all at the same time. You make me proud to be an American. You make all of figure skating so very proud. If this were the old fs system I'd give you 6.0s all around. Thank for all you have given us. To paraphrase Dick Button. YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!

    Love Always,


    aka dramaqueenjc

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    Dear Michelle,
    Thank you for all the contributions you have made to skating. You are an icon of the Olympics for exhibiting all of the qualities that it stands for. So many people look to you for inspiration and for good reason. Best of luck for a speedy recovery and we will always love you!!!

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    Dearest Michelle

    My thoughts and prayers are with you right now. I hope that in the coming weeks you get the time and space you need to heal both emotionally and physically. I know you will be surrounded by your family and friends who love you dearly, and we will be waiting here to greet you when you're ready to come back.

    You have given so much to us for so long ... now it is our turn to give you all the support and love you need to get through this.

    Feel our love, Michelle

    Keeper of Michelle's next masterpiece!!!

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    You have inspired so many people throughout your career and today was no different. The class you have shown will no doubt inspire an entire new generation of fans. Thanks for all the years you have graced our lives with your skating. Hopefully there are many more to come.

    - Jarrett
    Keep on truckin

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    Michelle, I've never been more proud of you than I am right now. We love you.
    No other road, no other way. No day but today. ---RENT

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    Me and my Shih Tzu, Bamboo would like to give you a biggest and warmest HUG now.

    You are the bravest person I know. Take care, Michelle.


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    When the "storms of life"
    Gather darkly ahead,
    I think of these wonderful words
    I once read.

    And I say to myself
    As "threatening clouds" hover,
    Don't "fold up your wings"
    And "run for cover."

    But like the eagle,
    "Spread wide your wings"
    And "soar far above"
    The troubles life brings.

    For the eagle knows
    That the higher he flies,
    The more tranquil and brighter
    Become the skies.

    And there is nothing in life
    God ever asks us to bear
    That we can't soar above
    "On the wings of prayer."

    And in looking back over
    The "storm you passed through,"
    You'll find you gained strength
    And new courage, too.

    For in facing "life's storms"
    With an eagle's wings,
    You can fly far above
    Earth's small, petty things.

    ~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

    One that enriched our lives and forever captured our hearts. One with a beautiful spirit that is full of dignity, grace, and beauty. One that has given us soo many beautiful performances and shown us even for just the briefest of moments, what pure joy can be. One that has managed to touch the inner part of our souls time and time again with just a smile.

    We are soo very proud of you Michelle!!

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    Hi Michelle,
    We are all pulling for you as you make a fast and speedy recovery! We look forward to whatever comes your way. We will be here to root you on every step of the way

  11. Default Love from the Cayman Islands.

    Dear Michelle,
    Thank you for all the wonderful momentís youíve brought us over the yearís. I know the best is yet to come.
    Get well soon.

    All my love

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    Dear Michelle,
    You are a strong and courageous young lady.I believe your skating life is not finish yet,you will come back strong ang healthy.Believe and have Faith in GOD,He's the one you can trust and help you.
    We Love You.

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    Because of your grace and dignity during your interviews today, we all love you more than ever. You have brought so much pleasure to untold millions of us, and I wish we could do more for you at this time. Best wishes and God's blessing to you and all of those around you.
    Keith, keeper of The Falling Leaf Special a.k.a. The Diplomat

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    michelle - you mentioned that your parents support you and are proud of you.. there are millions of us who are so honored that you have always represented our country as the best goodwill ambassador we've ever had in sports....and that can be extended nearly every where. and we are all so very, very proud of you.
    you are magic, you are an artist - on the ice and off. and such a fine person. just the best.
    i've watched figure skating since before you were born - only torvill and dean came close to what you make me feel when you skate. i was lucky enough to be at the world's championships in 2003 in DC. i watched all your practices as well as the competition....i'm watching them now...i can replay them anytime i want to - they are alive in my memory. as you will always be.
    no matter what you decide - i will always love to see you skate anywhere - any time.
    be very, very good to yourself. you've already given us the best.
    but i write all of this in the present tense. you are here. you are now. you are your future.
    we will be here too.

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    Dear Michelle,

    You always make us proud. Always.

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    Dear Michelle,
    I know this is your dream-but you're still you! We love you, and still hope for the best for you. You have given us so many, many beautiful moments. Please remember that.

    <<<<BIG HUG>>>>

    God Bless.
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    Dear Michelle

    As your fan for about 10 years now I was very proud of you for making this decision when you realized you could not be 100% or even close to it. I felt so sad when I saw you crying last night on tv just after falling. I was very proud of you this morning for the way you handled the Press in saying that Emily Hughes was ready to skate and you were bowing out to give her the chance. GOOD Sportsmanship which we have long admired you for. God Bless

    Shirl your fan in VA

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    Dear Michelle,
    As always, you are in my prayers. I so admire your strength and perseverence. Try to focus on your health and well being for now. With some perspective I hope you feel better and realize just how loved you are with or without that Olympic Gold Medal. Go with your heart--keep competing if you want, go pro if you want. Just know that your mark on the sport will never be forgotten. We will support you no matter what you decide. Dry those tears and keep in mind the many blessings in your life. I would like to thank you for bringing such magic to the sport I love so dearly. This day is a hard one for us fans, not so much because we so desparately wanted to see you compete, but because we are feeling your pain. All I can hope for now is that you find happiness and contentment in whatever do. God bless you always. We can't wait to see you smiling again so get well soon!

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    Dearest Michelle,

    Simple words cannot do justice to this moment. My heart breaks for you but at the same time I know you will be okay. You have just demonstrated once again your character, your undaunted courage, and your shining grace under pressure.

    I wish for you the quiet time to be with family and friends who love and support you. I hope you know how much all your fans are *with you* now and in the future, whatever it brings.

    Your heart will "sing" again. And when it does, in whatever adventure you decide - skating or something else - our hearts will join in.

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    Dear dear Michelle,
    Just so you know NO MATTER WHAT we LOVE you the SAME. You've brought us so many joy and happieness through your skating. We are proud of you.
    Take good care of yourself.

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    Dear Michelle:

    I want to start off by giving you a big hug and saying thank you. Its because of you that I have so many wonderful moments to cheerish for the rest of my life.

    What I love about you is how humble and gracious you are. You treat everyone with respect. Your mere presence can light up a room and put smiles on everyone's faces. You're just an all around super sweet person and the wrold is a better place because of you.

    I know right now must be a very hard time for you. Always remember that we at the Michelle Kwan Forum will always support you on and off the ice. You'll always be our champion. You Rach Michelle.

    Love and Support


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    Michelle, just wanted to say that I am praying for you, and I hope you feel better soon.

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    Michelle, you truly have "The Heart of a Champion"!! No medal can ever outshine your beautiful spirit.

    Patty Jordan
    Sierra Madre, CA

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    Michelle, words cannot express how proud we all are of you. I feel like these words just belittle what it means to be Michelle Kwan. You are the inspiration to all of us everyday no matter what your decision will be next in your figure skating career. We are here. We still believe. We love you Michelle. Get well soon and remember to keep fighting.

    Kristin Rielly
    Lawton, Oklahoma
    Banner by MKIcePrincess
    MKGA Keeper of Seven Skate America Gold Medals

    2 Cokes at the AA Center (Dallas, TX) - $8
    1 program/1 t-shirt - $40
    Clapping so hard for MK, you bruise your hand - PRICELESS (7/9/06)

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    Dear Michelle,

    No words can ever express how much you mean to the world of figure skating and to us fans. You are grace, dignity, integrity and courage personified. We are so extremely proud of you and will support you in whatever you do. You are so loved by everyone and forever will be a champion in our eyes!

    Thank you Michelle!!!



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