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  1. Thread: New kittens!

    by Kwanfan25

    New kittens!

    I have a siamese cat too. ;) Her name is sassie. She's a seal point siamese. She doesn't meow much except for when she wants water or food or to be held but other then that she's a well behaved cat
  2. Thank You

    ;) Thanks for the birthday shout. I got a new cell phone for my birthday. Got a motorola razr v3xx. They are so cool. :D
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    Happy Chinese New Year!

    Michelle and i were born the same year too. :) I still live with my family and me and my sister love watching michelle compete too. :clap Today's my sister's birthday She's on this board too.

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    champions on ice 2007

    :cry It looks like champions on ice won't be coming to florida :bawl . I was so looking forward to seeing them this year and they're not coming. Im going to have to settle for stars on ice this year...
  5. men's competition

    Wow :boggled Didn't see that coming i figure ryan to take 3rd place but to knock johnny out of 2nd place wow. pretty good moves out there for an 18 year old. he really had the girls going out...
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    champions on ice bought by new owner AEG

    Okay. thanks for letting me know. hope the new owner does more shows :D
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    champions on ice bought by new owner AEG

    Im not sure if anyone has posted this yet but i looked on another figure skating website and noticed that champions on ice has been sold to a new owner . AEG. Tom Collins will still be president...
  8. Now that michelle is taking is taking a year off who will you root for this year?

    I was wondering now that michelle is taking a year off to finish school who will everyone be rooting for this Year? :)
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    Bath and Body works

    :D My favorite scent of all is Moonlight Path. Anything they make of moonlight path i end up buying for me and my sister cause she loves it too. :) . I just recently bought the sweet cinnamon...
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    She had surgery.

    Wow that was fast. :P . Are you sure she's had it? We've only been talking about this for a week and a half at the most. Please let us know more when you find out okay. :angel
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    You sure? :worry . My computer is acting up alot and my settings are off.
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    :bawl What happened to the michelle kwan forum heading. I got on and checked and all im getting is a v bulletin signature on it? :bawl
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    Happy 4TH of July

    I had a nice 4th of july also.:D We have a friend of my sister staying with us and her 2 kids and we all went to cocoa beach for the 4th. They were having fireworks behind Ron Jon's Surf shop and we...
  14. pirates of the caribbean-dead man's chest.

    I am definitely going to see it. I still want to see x-men 3 also. Has anyone here ever been on the movie site? They have a disney game online that i play and it's called Virtual Magic Kingdom. They...
  15. Thank You

    Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. I had such a great party with friends and family. ;) . My mom ordered my cake which was beautiful and yummy. i chose my ice cream. mocha almond fudge. it is...
  16. x-men 3

    I haven't even seen the movie yet. I used to watch the x-men cartoons too when i was a kid. jean was always my favorite character. I loved watching the phoenix saga/dark phoenix saga. i think i still...
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    june birthdays

    Hey :lol . My birthday is in june. i don't feel old and im the same age as michelle. now my sister is five years older then me if it makes you feel better :P
  18. michelle poster

    I looked at the two poster they showed and i recieved a different one. :? Mine shows her in the fields of gold poster and it says on the top
    michelle kwan
    champion forever and on the bottom it...
  19. MK Maxxis poster

    I recieved mine in the mail today. :clap It came with an envelope with 2 maxxis stickers and a letter thanking me for being a fan of michelle's :angel . I love th poster. Im trying to get my sister...
  20. mkf garment order

    Grace have you recieved my check yet? :? . I hope it reached you safely. Let me know when it does okay. thank you :) :D ;)
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    I've been taping charmed for awhile but if i can't watch it i set my vcr for it. Im sad that they are taking it off too. :bawl . Atleast they will bring leo back for the last two episodes. What sucks...
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    Congradulations on the car. :D . You must be very excited. I wish i had a car. :sad I would need to learn how to drive first though . Im still waiting for someone to teach me. :grr . Hope you...
  23. standing ovation

    Me and my sister stood up for her at the champions on ice in orlando :clap .I think me and her were the only one's who stood up as we know of. Did anyone else in orlando stand up for her? :P
  24. mkf hoody

    OMG I totally forgot about it. thank you for reminding me grace. :hug It's been hectic at my house. im babysitting alot lately and the little girl i watch is too die for. She keeps me on my toes. ...
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    Poll: what's your favorite ice cream

    I like cappuchino fudge blitz. :D . It is to die for. either that or banana split. ;)
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