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The Michelle Kwan Forum FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

General Rules for Images Posted on the Forum

These rules are for all images, pictures, and banners users post on the forum, whether in the body of the post, as an avatar, personal icon, or signature.

(a) Make sure you have permission to use the picture -- please respect copyright!

(b) Any images posted on the forum cannot be larger than 100k.

(c) Please do not post an image directly in a post if it is not housed on your own server (for example, a yahoo picture.) This is called hotlinking, and is bandwidth theft. If you have permission, you can upload the picture to your own server, or to a free host such as A very popular service used now is Imageshack, where you can even provide a thumbnail to stay within the image guidelines for users to click on for a larger image: ImageShack

(d) Do not use a picture that is hosted at MSN, because it creates "Microsoft Net passport" popups for many users. Please upload it to another host.

(e) When it doubt, please just post the link to the photo instead.

(f) Images with offensive or controversial content are prohibited. This includes images of suggestive sexual nature, half naked pictures, disturbing or scary images.

If any of the images being used break any of the rules above or do not seem appropriate for our forum, you will be asked to either remove, modify or replace the image(s) as requested by our Staff.

Rules For Using Images In An Avatar

(a) See #1 for all image guidelines

(b) The avatar should be the actual dimensions as they are supposed to show up on the forum. The default for an avatar on the board is 100x100 pixels. Therefore, do not use a picture that is originally 800x600 pixels. This takes a long time to load. If you want to use the picture, resize it first, or find someone that can resize it for you. Any image used with dimensions more than 100x100 is not allowed.

(c) Avatars cannot be larger than 30k.

(d) Along with the opportunity for you to chose a custom avatar, this board allows us to upload some pre-defined avatars for you to use. Thanks to all the graphic designers who gave MKF the permission to include their avatars on the board! The list of pre-defined custom avatars can be found here. To use one of the pre-defined avatars, go to your Custom Panel, select Edit Avatar, and then click on the drop down menu to chose which graphic designer's avatar you want to use. Then select your avatar, and click save changes.

Rules For Using Images and Text in Signatures

(a) See #1 for all image guidelines

(b) The dimensions of an image in your signature cannot be larger than a width of 450 pixels, and a height of 300 pixels.

(c) Do not post a signature banner/picture more than once in the same thread (see here for how to turn off your signature.)

(d) If you wish to have a text signature instead, please limit your text to 4 lines. Text signatures do not have be turned off when posting more than once in a thread. Your name does not count as one line.

(e) If you want to include both text and an image, please limit your signature to one image and one line of text. Your name does not count as one line.

(f) Your signature is limited to 300 characters.

Credit For Images Used On The Forum


Thanks to luenatic for most (all but two) of the MK emoticons! Thanks to Lunar for the Bolero Knee & Extension Practice MK emoticons!

Thanks to Maze Guy for most of the other emoticons used on MKF.


Thanks to Teresa, foxytime_icons (username is naganosilver98 now), shetan7, Grace, wunderbere, Yzerbear19, Teso, haro, geeky_graphics, angelofmine, Tinkerbellskate, Heather, WorldChamp, and michelle2006 for their amazing avatars.

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