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The Michelle Kwan Forum FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

What is an administrator? What is a moderator? Who are they?

The administrators are Heather, Grace, and Jenny. The MKF moderators are AshleyL, Kwanluv, michellesmom, and synnabun. On the forum, the administrators' names are bold & green, and the moderators' names are bold. All of the moderators have "Moderator" in their custom title. All of the moderators deserve the same respect as the MKF administrators. A moderator can close, move, merge, and delete threads. However, only an administrator can ban a user, see IP numbers, and make changes to the forum's policies and structure.

We've recently appointed probativev as a moderator in the Political Section ONLY. They can close, move, merge, and delete threads and warn posters in the Political Section ONLY. Again, please show them the same respect that you would all admins and moderators.

Does Michelle REALLY post here?

Yes! Michelle's username is MichelleWKwan. If any other poster says they are Michelle, do not trust them. Michelle only posts under the username of MichelleWKwan.

Michelle has posted 5 times on the board. All past posts from Michelle can be found in the Michelle Speaks to MKF section of the forum. Any current posts from Michelle will usually be found on the main section of the board, MK Fan Chat. The admins usually don't have any advanced notice of when Michelle posts on the forum, but as soon as one of the admins or mods sees that she has posted, her thread will be stickied, so no one will be able to miss it!

Thanks so much to Michelle for posting here! Every post always means so much to the rest of the members.

How can I add my birthday to the MKF Birthday calendar?

On the old board, we had one thread with everyone's birthday listed. It was great, but you had to manually check the thread daily to see who's birthday it was today. On this board, there is a calendar completely for MKF members' birthdays, and when it is a member's birthday, it will show up on the main board! Also, a thread will be started for that day's birthdays in Random Chat. To make sure your birthday is included, be sure to list your date of birth in your profile. You can edit your profile here. You do not have to list the year you were born. Make sure in your profile that you don't have your bday/age hidden, as well. Otherwise, your birthday won't show up on the calendar.

To see the MKF Birthdays Calendar, click on Calendar. Then scroll down past the bottom of the main calendar. Chose "MKFers Birthdays" from the Calendar drop down menu. Then, you can pick a month, and see who's birthday is coming up!

Where is the MKF Chatroom?

Click here to go to the current MKF chatroom. If that one has any problems, you can also check out the old MKF Chatroom we used while on ezboard. If you have other suggestions for where the MKF Chatroom should be, please let us know!

What is a custom title, and how can I get one?

Under your name on the forum, all users have some sort of title. On this forum, your title will say Hi, I'm new! :-) for your first 15 posts on the forum. After that, your title will just say ~Member~ unless you change it to a custom title. Your custom title can be anything you wish, and you can change your custom title as often as you like. You can change your custom title by going to the Edit Profile panel. Your custom title cannot be longer than 50 characters. The custom titles for the MKF moderators all include: "Moderator" in bold.

Why must I be logged in to see the Cloud Nine Downloads section?

Only registered users can view & use the Downloads section, so you must be registered & logged in to use it. We always wanted it this way, but ezboard doesn't have that type of feature. Thankfully the new board does. It can take a long time for members to upload a video, so it's only fair that only MKFers can download the files. Also, we ask that users please comment when they download the file. Obviously, only registered users can post on the board. So, there is no problem for only registered users to see that section.

Are there any rules about using different colors and sizes of fonts?

It's hard to give an exact size of fonts that shouldn't be used. Try not to use incredibly large fonts because it's both hard on the eyes and incredibly annoying. The same applies for colors. It's fine to use colors here and there, such as in your signature. However, try not to use bright red for your entire post. Once again, it's hard on the eyes and annoying. Also, if you are new to using online message boards, writing an entire message in all capital letters LIKE THIS is considered it's best not to do so.

Is there anyway I can help towards the cost of this forum?

First, thank you for helping the forum!

You can donate directly to our webhost's billing area using Paypal here. If you wish to donate via check/money order, check out this thread for details.

What if I have another vbulletin related question that wasn't answered here?

Check out vbulletin's FAQ. And feel free to post your question in the Feedback Forum. We'll answer your question (unless we're stumped too, LOL) as soon as we can.

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