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The Michelle Kwan Forum FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.



1. Do NOT use derogatory, racial, sexual, obscene, rude, anti-religious language in any post. This will NOT be tolerated.

2. Do NOT post any provoking or flaming topics about Michelle Kwan or any other skater.

3. Do NOT harass, attack, flame, or be a smart aleck towards other MKF members. This includes but is not limited to use of profanity or use of insulting language. If you or another member feel you are being attacked, report it to a moderating team member at once via PM, e-mail, and/or by reporting the thread.

3a. As an addendum to the above, PMs that attack another member using racial, vulgar, or sexual language not asked for by the recipient are not tolerated. This is harrassment. We want all members to feel welcome and feel comfortable by coming here. If we find that certain PM wars go way out of line (we see them only if reported), action to the offending party will be taken.

4. Do NOT flood the forum with an excessive amount of threads.

5. Do NOT post spam. Spamming includes, but is not limited to, money earning programs or other self-serving schemes that require member recruitment, advertisements, off-topic posts, double posts, multiple threads on the same subject, and posting incessantly in a thread, with the sole purpose of getting a thread closed or disrupting the forum.

6. Do NOT reply to either trolls or spammers. A troll is a person who tries to start arguments, provoke flames, and upset people. Replying only encourages them and exacerbates the problem. IGNORE these posters, and bring the post to the attention of the moderators via PM, e-mail, and/or by reporting the thread.

7. Do NOT reply to posts made by members you don't approve of, or posts that you don't approve which make you extremely upset. This is the same situation as replying to a troll. If you don't like the poster and/or the topic posted, IGNORE the thread.

8. Do NOT post anything that is related to politics, sexuality, racism, religion and any other sensitive or controversial issue anywhere on the forum, except in the Political Section. No exceptions will be made.

9. Do NOT bring personal disputes into the forum. If you have a problem with another member, deal with it outside of the forum or through PMs.

10. Do NOT post pornography or violent material. This is a family friendly board, and all offensive posts will NOT be tolerated.

11. Do NOT post anything that may be illegal.

12. Do NOT post or re-post anyone's personal information without their permission. This is a violation of their privacy. This includes but it is not limited to, first and/or last names, email addresses, street addresses, phone numbers, workplace, and pictures.

13. Do NOT tell anyone else how to post. The only ones who can determine what is and is not allowed to be said and posted on the forum is the administrators and moderators.

14. Do NOT question someone else's fandom unless it is blatantly obvious they are not a fan. Let's presume "Michelle fan unless proven otherwise".

15. Do NOT join with more than one username. Doing so will result in all usernames being banned.

Any other behaviors that result in a disruption to MKF but are not explicitly covered by the above rules WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

The moderating team reserves the right to determine among themselves what constitutes as rude, disrespectful and inappropriate behavior. Any posts or threads that are in a violation of forum rules may be edited, moved or deleted without notice and at any time. If a member observes what they believe is inappropriate behavior on the forum, it is strongly suggested that he or she contact the moderating team via PM, e-mail, and/or by reporting the thread immediately.

DO NOT post about a problem post or poster in the Feedback Forum. Threads on these issues in Feedback will be closed and ignored. Only e-mail, PM, and/or report the thread to the moderators about these issues. Posting about this in Feedback will just make the situation worse, and this helps to prevent back and forth fighting.

The Privacy & Security of Michelle (and all skaters)

1. Do NOT specify locations or times when reporting Michelle Kwan (or other skater) sightings. Use your common sense to decide whether or not you are being too specific. This is for Michelle's safety & security.

2. Do NOT post information regarding Michelle Kwan's personal and private life. This also applies to other skaters. Once something has been publicized (ie. a confirmed relationship), it will be allowed up for discussion. Until then, speculation will NOT be tolerated. Use common sense in judging what is personal, and what is not. Discussion of a skater's weight or sexual orientation falls under this category, and neither are allowed.

Posting Guidelines

1. Do NOT board-drag. Discussions including controversial issues, their bans, their members, etc. on other boards will NOT be tolerated. However, information/articles posted on other boards will be permitted (through a link, as long as credit is given).

2. Post ONLY in the SPOILERS section about a competition or show, until the event has been televised. Be considerate of West Coast fans. Once the event has been broadcast in all time zones, information on the competition can be posted anywhere on the forum.

3. ONLY post information about a skater's choice of music and choreography during the off-season in SPOILERS. ONCE the program has been skated or officially announced by the skater, it is permissible to post music information in any section.

4. If a thread is locked, DO NOT start another topic to further discuss the issue. If a thread was locked, it was locked for a reason.

Etiquette - How To Post

Get a feel for the ropes.
New members are limited to 5 posts per day up to your first 15 posts. This is done so that new members can acclimate themselves to the way the forum works.

Descriptive Titles
Any member should be able to figure out the subject of the thread by looking at the title. Threads titled "Wow!" and "Question" are not descriptive. For example, if you are posting about an article, include the source at the beginning of the subject in brackets (for example, this is a possible thread title: [USA Today] Article on Michelle receiving last 6.0s ever.) Type "MKM" (Michelle Kwan Mention), and try including the article title, article source, etc. If you have a question, state exactly what you need help with, don't just say "I have a question" or "Help!" Note that the title can be changed at any time by the moderating team.

Thread Creation
Make sure you are posting in the right section of the forum. Any thread posted in the wrong section will be moved. If you are unsure, post your question under Forum Feedback or PM the moderators.

Double Posting & Searching
Search (the Search function is your friend) and check the first 5 pages of the section to see if your topic has already been posted. Do not post something that is already being discussed. Double posting causes older topics to fall off the board faster, and creates confusion over which thread to post in. Any double posts will be merged immediately.

Also, if you have just posted in a thread, and you want to add another point but no one else has posted in the thread in the meantime, please go in and edit your post to add the new information rather than posting again. A good rule of thumb is that if you posted within the last 30 minutes, and no one else has posted after you, then you should edit that last post with your additional thoughts. The moderators will merge consecutive posts together if they come across them.

Respect the Team
The moderating team volunteered for their positions and do not deserve to be abused. If you believe a moderator is acting out of line, please notify another moderator so that the situation can be evaluated privately and more closely.


Do NOT post the text of an entire article on the forum. This is illegal and against copyright. This will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Instead, post a link to the article, or quote a few lines from the article and post that on the forum.

Also, please read the "Signatures, Image Usage and Avatars" thread in this FAQ section, to learn about copyright issues for images.

Individual Sections Rules & Guidelines

Each of the following sections have their own rules and guidelines. Members will find more detailed versions within the forum itself, but here is a quick overview of the main guidelines:

1. Be fair in your pricing.
2. Do NOT make numerous threads for each list or compilation. Sellers who have several lists, compilations, etc, must combine their offerings into no more than 3 threads: one for Michelle tapes, one for other skaters, and one for other lists and events.
3. Use Trader Feedback where members can post their tape trading/selling experiences, whether it's positive or negative.
4. All Ticket Sales must be posted in Marketplace, so that members can read the feedback thread before making purchases.
5. As an alternative, members may also use the Downloads section to request a specific skating program or event media clip they can download online.

1. All image & avatar rules apply to this section
2. Use descriptive titles
3. Please read the GraFX specific guidelines before posting in that section.

Cloud Nine Downloads
1. Only registered members will be able to view this section, so make sure you are logged in to read.
2. Use the described naming thread scheme as per the guidelines for that section of the forum.
3. All requests belong in the request thread, "What are you lemming for? Requests!" Any other requests will not be fulfilled.
4. Please read the Cloud Nine Downloads specific rules & guidelines as well as the Download FAQ before using that section.

Political Discussion
1. This section has it's own moderator: probativev. They are moderators ONLY for the Political Section, no where else on the board. Do NOT contact the rest of the mods & admins about a problem in this section.
2. All board rules still apply.
3. Stay on topic.
4. Do NOT notify the moderating team about a back and forth argument.
5. If there are any continuing problems in this section, at any time, the moderators can decide to close the section immediately.
6. Please read the Political specific guidelines before posting in that section.

Consequences for Offenses

This section covers the actions that will be taken when major and minor offenses occur on MKF. The following actions will apply to all members:


Extreme offenses will result in immediate banning from the forum. This action is limited to certain offenses such as spamming, obvious trollish behavior, and extreme obscene language.


When major offenses have occurred, the following procedures will be taken:

First Offense: Probation for 2 to 4 days
Second Offense: Probation for one to two weeks
Third Offense: Banning


Minor offenses are given three warnings. After the third warning if the member still has not taken appropriate action to correct the matter, then the minor offense will be treated as a major offense, in which case the above actions will be taken (meaning, the 4th minor offense is treated as the first major offense.)

--Warnings will be issued to members through PM or e-mail, or in rare cases when neither is available, where a member has recently posted.

--Probation is essentially a banning for a temporary period. The length of time will be determined by the admins and moderators, based on the offense. The member will always know why they have been put on probation & for how long the probation lasts.

--Probation will be strictly issued in private with no announcement made.

--Bannings will only be made public when the administrative team deems it necessary for the general forum to be aware of actions taken.

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