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The Michelle Kwan Forum FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

History of MKF

Welcome to the Michelle Kwan Forum! This forum is here for one basic purpose, to discuss figure skater Michelle Kwan and her skating. MKF was originally created to link different Michelle websites to the same message board, since at that point, there were so many scattered Michelle boards on different fan pages. We wanted this forum to be a central place for Michelle fans to meet because it was hard to go to all those separate message boards regularly.

This thread concerns information on MK Forum history, common abbreviations you might see used, and stories you may see referenced.


The Michelle Kwan Forum was established in March 1999 by Administrators Heather and Jenny. Fast forward almost seven years and membership has grown to over 6700 individuals.

Check out the various looks the forum has had in it's history!

Board Structure

MKF is divided into five sections that allows the forum to run as smoothly as possible. All posts corresponding to the topic/subject must be created under the related section.


Forum Feedback: For comments, suggestions, and questions


MK Fan Chat: For all things related to Michelle. Get your MK news fill here.

Michelle Speaks to MKF: View Michelle's posts and messages to the forum.

Dear Michelle...: For messages members wish Michelle to read.

MK Fan Fiction: For creative members who wish to write a fictional story or write a poem related to Michelle.

Michelle Kwan Projects: Ideas/Planning posts for projects related to Michelle or MKF.


Skating Chat: For general skating discussions.

Spoilers: For competition reports and results that have not yet been aired.

Event Info: For meeting up with other MKF members, questions on attending competitions, shows and events

On the Ice: For skaters to share comments, and questions on technique.


Cloud Nine Downloads: Download and request media files. This section is only visible to registered members, so make sure you are logged in to read this section. Be sure to read the rules that pertains to this special section.

Marketplace: Looking to sell, trade or buy items

Polling Booth: For voting in and creating polls.

Archived Topics: Read some of the best threads from MKF's past, or find old and interesting discussions.

Event Archive: View old discussions moved from the Spoiler board.

Grafx: Share your artwork, of any subject. Read the specific guidelines for this section.


Random Chat: For subjects unrelated to skating or politics.

Politics: This section is for politics which is minimally moderated (ie for off-topic subjects.) probativev moderates ONLY this section of the board. Be sure to read the specific rules of this section.

Common Terms & Abbreviations

There are quite a few abbreviations and acronyms used on MKF. Some relate to Michelle's programs, others are for general skating terms, and the rest are general online terms. Here is a sampling of some of these terms, so you won't be stumped while reading the forum.


ADITL -- A Day in the Life
Aran -- Aranjuez
ASFY -- A Song For You BW -- Beautiful World
DOD -- Dream of Desdemona
EOE -- East of Eden
FOG -- Fields of Gold
KY -- Kissing You
Lyra -- Lyra Angelica
MKM -- Michelle Kwan Mention (An article or other media that mentions Michelle)
MM -- Miraculous Mandarin
OMO -- On My Own
OMT -- One More Time
Rach -- Rachmaninoff
RV -- Red Violin
Schez -- Scheherazade
SOTBS -- Song of the Black Swan
Taj -- Taj Mahal
TFB -- The Feeling Begins
TTA -- This Time Around
TUTBMP -- This Used To Be My Playground
TWINE -- The World is Not Enough
YRMU -- You Raise Me Up


Axel -- Axel Jump
COI -- Champions on Ice Tour
COP -- Code of Points
DD-- Death Drop
FC -- Flying Camel
FL -- Falling Leaf
GP -- Grand Prix
MITF -- Moves in the Field
Lay -- Layback spin
Ltz or z -- Lutz Jump
Lp or l -- Loop Jump
LP -- Long Program
NJS -- New Judging System
QR -- Qualifying Round
SA -- Skate America
SC -- Skate Canada
Sal -- Salchow Jump
SE -- Spread Eagle
SOI -- Stars on Ice Tour
SP -- Short Program
Toe -- Toe Loop Jump


BBL -- Be Back Later
BRB -- Be Right Back
BTW -- By the Way
ETA -- Edited to Add
FWIW -- For What it's Worth
FYI -- For Your Information
IRL -- In Real Life
IMO/IMHO -- in my opinion/in my humble opinion
IIRC -- if I recall correctly
LOL -- Laughing Out Loud
ROFL -- Rolling On Floor Laughing
'suicide post' -- A Post where a member says s/he is leaving a forum permanently.
YGM -- You've Got Mail

Unique Forum Stories

The Chicken Sacrifice Story -- One of the "inside jokes" of the forum, this began when a visitor once asked if MKF was a cult to Michelle. The visitor commented that posters at MKF were very obsessive and that pretty soon we would be having sacrifices to Michelle. Obviously MKF is not a cult, but someone decided to make a joke out of it by playing along with the idea, so they responded to the visitor by saying that daily sacrifices had been going on for some time. Another poster added that the reason Michelle didn't win the 1999 World Championships was because we didn't make enough sacrifices. After that, someone offered to bring the chicken next time, but when a live chicken couldn't be found, KFC was used as a substitute. Now it's ballooned to the point where many posters joke about eating chicken (or Tofu, for vegetarians!) to ensure Michelle skating well!

The stories about other food items -- Along the same lines as the chicken story, people joke about drinking orange juice so that Michelle won't get sick during a competition. Other things some fans do before Michelle competes is eat Junior Mints (Michelle's favorite candy) and potato chips (for her to draw a good skate order.)

Mooing -- Certain posted started to moo at each other because they love cows. Some posters started mooing each other, and it made them laugh because it was funny and silly. Then others on the forum joined in to moo each other. It's just a fun thing some posters like to say to each other brighten each other's day.

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