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The Michelle Kwan Forum FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

My password isn't working for my username from ezboard! or It says I'm not registered, but I was at ezboard!

The new board (using vbulletin) is completely separate from the old board (ezboard service). You have to completely re-register here at the new board. You can keep your old screenname, or can pick a new one. Once you've re-registered, be sure to post in this thread with your ezboard & current username, so that we can associate your current username with your posts from the old board. You can also post your original ezboard join date in that thread, if you want that updated here as well.

I'm registered and able to log in. Why can't I post or see the Downloads section?

After registering, your account has to be activated. You should have received an activation email immediately after registering. Some users have had problems receiving this email (especially AOL and Verizon users), so their accounts haven't been activated. If you have this problem, please email or PM us, and we will activate your account.

How can I stop getting logged out of the board?

Some members have had problems staying logged in, even when they go to post. Try checking the "Remember Me" option when you sign in. This has helped other MKFers who had this problem.

How do I report a problem thread or post?

To report a thread to the administrators & moderators, click on the this image at the top of the thread. Then just type the problem with the thread, as well as any other comments you have, and press "Submit Report." All administrators & moderators will receive this information. The poster of the thread will not know that you have reported the thread.

If you have a problem with just a particular post within the thread, click on the report image above that particular post. Again, all admins & mods will receive the report

What is the ignore list and how can I add a user to my ignore list?

If there is a poster whose messages you do not want to read, you can add them to your ignore list. When that user posts, their message will be hidden from you. However, if another user quotes your ignore poster's message, you will see the quote. That's on vbulletin's end, so there's nothing we can do about that. To add a user to your ignore list, go to the user's profile by just clicking on their name. You should see "Add [poster name] to Your Ignore List." Just click on that. Then on the next page you will see a confirmation that you want to add the user to the ignore list, and hit submit. In the future, if you wish to remove a user from your ignore list, just go to the user's profile, and click "Remove [poster name] from Your Ignore List." You cannot put an administrator or moderator on your ignore list.

How do I jump to the first new post in a thread since I was last there?

Users can conveniently jump to their last post unread in a thread by clicking on the little icon next to the author's name. For example, there are now 32 new posts added to the previous 12 posts already there since the user last visited. It will jump to the 13th post when you click on that icon.

Threads don't need to be "marked as read" or "mark all as read" like it used to. It's all timer and cookie based meaning that after around 15 minutes of user activity, all old posts will be marked as read. And everytime you come back to the board, only posts that are new since one's last visit will turn up as bold.

A detailed explanation of how to jump to the first new post in a thread:

First, make sure you are logged in. Then, when you are on the board, all threads that have new posts since you were last on the board will be in bold. Next to these threads (all the way on the left), you should see a little blue icon with a white V in it. Click on this icon, and it will jump to the first new post since you have been in that thread.

Or, you could click on the thread, and right under the "Add Reply" graphic, you will see the same icon I mentioned and then "View First Unread", if you click on those words, it will also take you to the first unread post in the thread. This will be at the top of every page in the thread, and will take you to the first unread post no matter what page it is on.

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