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Paratransit software

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Call Back
It becomes necessary to call back a patron if his scheduled pickup time
is not in his promised pickup time interval. A patron gets a promised pickup
time interval when he calls in to make a trip request. However, this promised
pickup time interval may not be the pickup time interval that paratransit software uses to
schedule the patron. Due to the way that time windows are constructed, when a
patron specifies a pickup time, his pickup time interval will coincide with
the promised pickup time interval. However, if he specifies a dropoff time,
his pickup time interval will not necessarily be the same as the promised
pickup time interval. In this case, his scheduled time can be outside the
promised time interval.

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RSDAR has a subroutine CALBCK to check every patron if a call back is
necessary. If so, affected patrons will be marked for call back and, in the
report subsystem, a call back list will be generated.

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