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Lisa Seye

Cheerleading Sponsors

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Recently Dynasty All-Star Cheerleaders (the team my daughter is on) attended a national grand championship competition in Sevierville, TN. At this competition a couple of our competitive cheerleading teams were awarded “bids” to compete at the International All-Level Finals in Cincinnati, OH on May 7-8. This competition is a huge honor because not only do you have to be invited to go, you also compete against teams from around the WORLD in hopes of receiving the title of International Grand Champion. This is the first time our teams have received a bid to attend this level of competition. This competition offer is a WONDERFUL one for our athletes as it opens up so many opportunities in the forms of scholarship, sportsmanship, showmanship, and the trip of a lifetime!

Our cheerleaders come from several areas in the region. They are from five counties in three different states, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. The cheerleaders and parents all love our coaches very much. Our head coach and gym owner, Megan Belcher, was nominated 2009 Coach of the Year by Christian Cheerleaders of America, 2010 Top Christian Coaches by CCA and has been among those featured in American Cheerleader Magazine's Who's Who of All-Star Coaches 6 times! Many of our cheerleaders are also hoping to cheer competitively in college. My own 7 year old daughter has decided she wants to become a cheerleading coach when she “grows up.” She is a straight “A” student and works hard both in the gym and the school.

Anyway, while we are super excited to have been offered this opportunity, we are in need of YOUR HELP! The registration fee to attend is $2,775.00 plus the expense of lodging, gas and food. In order to help offset the expenses, we are planning several fundraisers and each family has been asked to assist in finding sponsors and in planning the fund raisers. We have only a short time to raise the registration fees which are due by April 20th. So we asking for any sponsorship donations you may be able to give. Sponsors will receive advertising on t-shirts which we are selling and will be listed on the Dynasty website and Facebook page as well. The gym’s website is located at:

UPDATE-Tshirt ads are no longer available as the shirts are being printed soon. We still welcome sponsors or donors of any amount (every little bit helps).

Please contact me via email or through MKF if you can assist in any way. My email address is

Thank you for your response and assistance,
Lisa Seye
Mom of Sarah Seye, Youth Level 2 Team Member (ages 5-11)

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