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They Took Michelle for Granted.

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Every time Scotty or Sandra said something about it being the younger generation's "turn", my eyes came close to rolling all the way out of my head. Um, seems to me that the younger generation needs to pass the "old people" based on the merit of their performances and not on the veterans "getting out of the way".

I can't hold projectiles when I watch NBC coverage. I came close to destroying my TV a few times over the weekend.
I have no emotional investment in any of the skaters of today. I enjoy some of them more than others, but they will never fill Michelle's skates for me. I do have to admit, though, that it was nice to watch Nationals and not have my stomach in knots like I used to. Michelle is one of a kind and I doubt I'll see anyone come close to her in the rest of my lifetime.

I hope that when she enters the HOF that they induct only her that year.

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  1. MomNatur's Avatar
    I was there and I didn't see anything that compared to Michelle's complete package. Left me yerning for my Kween!

    Btw, I didn't see Michelle at Nationals. Does anyone know if she was in Greensboro?

    And I was EXTREMELY disappointed that Kristi, a resident of Raleigh, was not in Greensboro. It seems like the former champions treated Greensboro as though it was a second class Nationals. Shame on you! The event was GREAT and the LOC deserves all the accolades they receive!
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