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Log In Problems

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... kinda makes ya' think some can't read or comprehend .....

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  1. lbroncano's Avatar
    I can read and comprehend very well. Followed Grace instructions to the "T" that is how I was able to post, and read all the threads. What it's not letting me do is to view the link uploaded by other members. The example was the thread that has a link regarding an article about MK and the Lakers. It gave me the same error message other members has been getting. I am not very computer savvy, but I am willing to do everything to be able to view anything about MK.
  2. Grace's Avatar
    I'm not sure why you created a blog post for this lbroncano, but I will respond to you here.

    The articles that you cannot read and are having login problems are exactly what I mean as to members not having permissions to read. Only Heather and me can read those articles right now because I am still editing them. That was what was pointing to - the Content Management System that contains those articles. However, for some reason, every time I add a new article, it creates a new "thread". I don't know why that is so. But it ends up confusing everyone.

    For now, just ignore those articles. They are old news, but I needed to update our home page with them. After this weekend, I plan to publicize it all, regardless of whether or not I am finished, due to all the problems people seem to be having, and also, since the Ice All Stars is coming up.
  3. fdevine's Avatar
    I got a video the other day, but now it's just a gray square but at the bottom it has writing that switches from chinese to english saying playing. The bar isn't moving though.
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