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  1. So you are controller.....that's an interesting contrast with the artistry and athleticism of figure skating...seriously. It must keep you well balanced (ah, a double pun!) I am not so balanced, and neither is our controller. He has no artistic side whatsoever; and I have no technical side. I am always thinking I would have been happier born about 50 years earlier - so I could have electricity, but no cell phones. Cell phones are too complicated for me. I went to Verizon to buy a new phone several years ago, and when they asked me what features I wanted, I told them I wanted "ON" and "OFF". No call directory, no messages, no jingling or singing, no flashing lights - nothing at all - just "On" and "Off." He said they haven't made anything like hat for ten years. My phone has continued to go off during gymnastics meets while I'm judging (I still don't know how to turn off the ringer), and other inopportune times. Finally, I gave it to my husband to use for a pager at the VA. I told him I would pay for it as long as he would carry it with him when he's out alone on the river with the dogs. I'm free again. The only place people can find me is at home or at work. The rest of my life is MINE!!! The one thing I do love is my Excel! I still can't work a calculator right. I'm sure people like me give you nightmares! But I can write a poem, make a souffle, indian bridle a horse, interpret federal rules and regs, plant a garden, and bathe my grandbabies. Life is good!

    Tell me Scootie - are you as mellow as you seem? Its hard to read people some times. I was glad to see that you might go back and test up (skating, that is). I have been meaning to say - do it... you will enjoy it. Just warm up really well. I went back to an adult ballet class when I was 38. The pain after 3 or 4 weeks finally overwhelmed me - but my body looked good!
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