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  1. Hi Grace and Heather,
    I checked the FAQ and also did a search and couldn't find anything to answer this question....

    Can members use the MKF logo on items? For example, I have a friend who has a sewing machine that she can attach to a computer and then have the machine capture the image and then embroider it to a shirt or piece of material.

    I would, if possible, like to have her put the MKF logo on two hoodies for me. I bought a sweatshirt when you had a sale several years ago, but I could only get a huge size and it doesn't really fit nicely. I love having something that shows I'm a member of this board, but would wear it more if it fit better.

    Please let me know if I can have my friend use your logo on some shirts for me.

    If I can, please send me a copy of the logo via email or PM.

    Thanks for your time (I know you are both so busy running this forum) and thanks for this forum too!!!
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