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  1. Thanks for helping out...Donations always help keep the forum running. There's actually a section in the FAQ regarding donations. If you go to the link below, you can actually donate via Paypal. Otherwise, if that's not an option for you, I would shoot Grace a PM and see if there's another option available.

    Hope this helps out!
  2. Hi Scootie-rather than chat to the world at large I have a quick question--when do we need to contribute to MKF to keep this wonderful fan forum up and running? I haven't been able to do my share in contributing in the last couple of years but am now in a position to do so. Thanks in advance for helping me out on this.
  3. got it! not the one i wanted but heck--any pic of the kween is great!
  4. evidental i did something wrong--it's just showing a red x in a box for my avatar--back to the drawing board.
  5. ty for the help on avatars. going to try to do it, hope i can.
  6. To add an avatar, simply go to the User CP option at the top left part of your screen, and when you get to the next page, you'll see on the left-hand side an option for Edit Avatar.

    When you get to the avatar screen, you can choose from the pre-loaded avatars, or you can add a picture of our own (you'll see the Browse option toward the bottom of the screen).

    Hope that helps.
  7. Thanks 4 letting me know that I got u entered correctly, lol. I'm never really sure if i do things right. Just want to adks (as ur a moderator) how do I add an avatar? I don
    t have one yet but would like to and of course I'm not sure what the steps are to doing so. I feel funny (stupid) asking, lol
  8. I got i

    Seems like a cool new feature of the board.
  9. scootie-I've tried but am not sure if i got u r friend acceptance entered correctly. I'm completely compter illiterate, lol. Let me know ok?
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