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  1. Grace,

    I decided to write this message as for the past
    few days Michelle has been on my mind. And after
    seeing the practice clip which was posted on You
    Tube, I am kwanfused. Michelle looks in prime form
    and the fact that she is not competing this season
    is just confusing. Just watch it! The speed and passion
    is just KWANTASTIC!

  2. Thanks for the picture comment too

  3. Thanks, Grace for the response
    And yea, I asked my friend, and he
    asked his dad who uses ebay to help
    out. I learned a big lesson. I am still
    in awe in how my question got picked!


    PS: I hope Michelle comes back. First she checks
    my profile, and second she answers my question.
    w000t. I think I see a comeback
  4. KJ, your question got picked!

    BTW, did you ever find anyone to purchase the item you got off of ebay?
  5. Hi Grace! Thanks for everything you do on the MKF and off it as well. Thanks for the advice on the photograph thing before I went for vacation. It helped. And also the help about ebay. Thanks. It's been a pleasure getting to know you through MKF.

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