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  • Vote!! - Michelle goes toe to toe with Greg Louganis in the Royal Caribbean Deck-athlon!

    Every three days on the Royal Caribbean site videos are being revealed of Michelle competing with swimmer Greg Louganis and we fans have the opportunity to vote for who we believe is the winner! We can vote for the winner and get an opportunity to win a 7 day cruise on the Royal Caribbean. But most importantly, we want Michelle to win don't we? So far, she has beaten Greg in the "Flow Rider" show down and "Rock Climbing".

    The latest, Michelle skating on the Royal Caribbean - well, has Greg beat hands down for most obvious reasons - is it even a competition? Continue to come back every three days and make sure you vote for Michelle And oh my, this is the first we've seen her skate in a long time! * Brings tears to my eyes! *

    Here is the page via Royal Caribbean: and if you vote, go here!
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    1. JNagarya's Avatar
      JNagarya -
      "In my sport, they heat the water -- not freeze it. I'm outta here!" -- Louganis.

      Has anyone been able to capture the videos?
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