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  • Michelle skated beautifully with Yuna at Yuna's All That Summer Skate in Korea last month

    Michelle and Yuna skated to Mariah Carey's "Hero" last month, bringing tears to some fans' eyes. Like the previous year for "Ice All Stars", the Korean press took a ton of photos, and several fans took some videos of the the performances throughout the three days that this show ran. Michelle is completely back in shape, it's amazing. It's the best we've seen her physically in awhile.

    MK skating to "Primitive"

    MK and Yuna performing to "Hero"

    Fan video of MK skating to "No One"

    For a list of fabulous photos that were taken during the tour, this compilation thread was created:
    Compilation Thread

    Download Links, thanks to many of the wonderful members of MKF

    Michelle, "No One"
    Michelle "Primitive"

    Finale - You can see Michelle dancing here! (and observe just HOW teeny tiny her waist is.. look at those abs!)
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      FlashOBlue -
      I am so hppy to hear this news today!
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