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  • Michelle to skate in Yuna Kim's Ice Show again this year in Korea

    Last year's Ice All Stars show in Seoul, Korea was a huge success for Michelle and her host, Yuna Kim. This time last year, fans will remember our anticipation in wondering whether Michelle would make a comeback and try to compete again at this year's Winter Olympics. Prior to the show however, we came to find out that Michelle would not make a comeback. As we all know, Michelle went on to study for her Masters at Tufts Fletchers School University.

    Fans were treated to what would have been Michelle's short program had she decided to compete - Carmina Burina, and the beautiful Winter Song, as choreographed by her sister Karen.

    This year, Michelle is invited back to skate again at the Ice All Stars by her now friend Yuna Kim, and what she will skate to remains a mystery. She has not skated for fans on home soil since 2006, which is a disappointment for many North Americans (at least for this fan). However, some fans from the Asian countries will get the opportunity to see Michelle take the ice in person, including a few people on this forum!

    The Ice All Stars show is from July 23 to July 25, which takes place this year in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province.

    News of the Ice All Stars Show:
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