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  1. Paratransit software

    Call Back
    It becomes necessary to call back a patron if his scheduled pickup time
    is not in his promised pickup time interval. A patron gets a promised pickup
    time interval when he calls in to make a trip request. However, this promised
    pickup time interval may not be the pickup time interval that paratransit software uses to
    schedule the patron. Due to the way that time windows are constructed, when a
    patron specifies a pickup time, ...
  2. They Took Michelle for Granted.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matiara View Post
    Every time Scotty or Sandra said something about it being the younger generation's "turn", my eyes came close to rolling all the way out of my head. Um, seems to me that the younger generation needs to pass the "old people" based on the merit of their performances and not on the veterans "getting out of the way".

    I can't hold projectiles when I watch NBC coverage. I came close to destroying my TV a few times over the weekend.
    I have ...
  3. My bookmarks - industrial racking definition - used industrial racking for sale in Greater Milwaukee area - Seismic Considerations for Steel Storage Racks
  4. A Salute to the Golden Age of American Skating: Tickets go on sale September 20th

    Quote Originally Posted by kwanette View Post
    Actually, Tara signed on to do the show the wk before it was "taped". MK was not excluded.

    What ticked me off is that we didn't get to see Todd or Michael Weiss, both of whom were were Peter and Naomi and Calla and Rocky. Instead we got to see Sarah's jumpless, wobbly-spiraled program and an interview with Tara who turned her back on the sport for 8 yrs.
    You spoke for me!

    I'm afraid that it will always "bother" me that ...
  5. Happy Holidays, MKF!

    Hello, visitors and members of the MKF!

    I would like to take this time to wish each and every one of you a safe and happy holiday season, whatever your religious take on it may be!

    Our 5th greeting card exchange is currently under way. Our cards are crisscrossing in the mail and I've been getting cards almost every day that the mail runs! Thank you to those of you who have participated! I hope more will be willing to participate next year, because it really is a lot ...

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