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Synnabun's MKF Blog

Do you like my title? Original, I know!!

  1. "Happy Holidays from Michelle"

    Michelle has once again posted her annual message to the forum!

    Quote Originally Posted by MichelleWKwan
    Hello again! I hope this email finds you all well. As I think of things to tell you, I can't help but to want to introduce you to my soon-to-be husband, Clay. I canít wait for you all to meet him soon!
    Click here to read her entire message and member responses!

    Merry Christmas, MKF!

  2. 2012 7th Annual MKF Greeting Card Exchange

    Welcome to the 7th Annual MKF Holiday Greeting Card Exchange!

    It's that time of year again. For us Americans, Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas is less than 6 weeks away! know it's late start, but is anyone interested in participating in the annual MKF holiday card exchange this year?! I know forum activity has been slow, but I'm up for it. We have had an average of just 20 participants for the past few years. I have all the contact information for past participants ...
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