View Full Version : Chances we'll get a few MKMs this season on sports radio/TV?

July 23rd, 2005, 09:44 PM
I am normally disapointed by the lack of attention the general sports media pays to figure skating in general, though they occasionally redeem themselves with slim articles or headlines destined to be overshadowed by other major events in the sports world. If I were a more informed sports fan I could enjoy how oodles of people will call in on sports radio and discuss the latest trade in baseball or the big NHL agreement, but I miss that about skating. I understand that there are more fans for the other sports, but with Michelle's 3rd Olympic season around the corner it would definately be nice to see a renewed interest in figure skating and Michelle's career by the general sports media.

For many people figure skating is a novelty they are treated to only once every four years when the Olympics are on TV, similar to how gymnastics and other obscure Olympic sports are treated when they get their few minutes of fame then step back into the shadows to wait again for another four years to reclaim that glory.

It's amazing that Michelle is in good enough condition to compete and still be motivated yet again to capture Olympic gold. I hope the sports world takes notice b/c Michelle is newsworthy. It would be nice just once to discuss Michelle's career on sports radio with individuals who usually are not privy to such discussions or to know that her Olympic achievements are not turned into a 30-second soundbite, then again maybe that's why the Olympics are so special...