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March 25th, 2000, 04:33 PM
What qualifying group is Michelle in? I thought it was B but I'm not sure. I know this has been discussed at length at different boards etc. but could someone please clear this up for me one last time?
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March 26th, 2000, 05:33 PM
I have a question about this too. I read that Michelle is in the same qualifying round as Irina and that it is worth 20%. Could someone explain the implications of this. Also, what program does Michelle skate in the qualifying round?

March 26th, 2000, 05:46 PM
Michelle will skate to RV for the Qualifying. She has used the same program for the quals and final for a long time now, so if she hasnt changed it, it will be Red Violin.

March 26th, 2000, 06:54 PM
Go to Spoilers for Start Orders from some skaters including MK and Irina. Both are in group B!!!!!! <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :( --><img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/frown.gif ALT=":("><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP-->

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March 26th, 2000, 07:03 PM
I just read at FSW that Michelle is in qualifying group B, which will skate first....she is 16th out of 23 skaters, while Irina, who IS in her group, will skate 17th. All the US skaters are in the same group, Sarah going 8th, I think and Angela going 13th.

Maria, is obviously in group A...she will skate 5th out of 22 skaters.

Out of both groups, 15 move on.

March 26th, 2000, 07:07 PM
these are just randomly drawn, right? For which group you're in...

March 26th, 2000, 07:09 PM
Hmm I thought that Maria was 2nd and Elena Liashenko was 5?

To say the least I don't like this at all! Maria gets lucky once again....

March 26th, 2000, 07:11 PM
Qual groups are based on last years placings I think and as for Irina, skaters not at worlds last year were placed in alphabetical order in either group A or B.

March 26th, 2000, 08:30 PM
I have total faith in Michelle!!!!!!

<font color=purple size=5>Michelle Kwan will Beat Irina & WIN GOLD!!!</font>

<img src=http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Flats/3170/animmkbanner.gif>
<font color=green>Image Courtesy of Chemy</font>

March 26th, 2000, 08:43 PM
She can not back down, and should go all out.

March 26th, 2000, 08:47 PM
We have to have faith in our Michelle........
I know she will do her best.
GO MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 26th, 2000, 08:49 PM
It would have been nice to see Irina and Michelle separated in the qualifying round, but I still have faith that Michelle can have the edge over her.

She won the qualifying round at the GPF.

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Lara F
March 26th, 2000, 09:14 PM
With Irina skating right after, Michelle *cannot* back down....go for the triple-triple, and good luck!

March 26th, 2000, 09:35 PM
Can Michelle place 2nd in the qualifying, 2nd in the short and still "control her own destiny"? What about 3rd in the short? Of course, this will never happen LOL.

March 26th, 2000, 10:39 PM
Maria got lucky? Wow, you're not kidding! She doesn't have either Irina or MK and the strong American contingent to deal with in qualifying... what a break for her! I don't know who's in Group A... is there anyone at all who could challenge her?

In any case, it sounds like she got a good break. I wonder if she'll take advantage of it, and actually skate well. She was pretty good at Europeans, compared to her earlier competitions this season. I know we tend to count Maria out, but we might want to remember that she is a late-season bloomer. Her best skates have always come towards the end of the season.

In any event, I think it's a good thing that Michelle is in such a tough group, because it will motivate her even more to skate well. She seems to respond best under that kind of pressure. If she were in Maria's position and had no real threats in her qualifying group, I don't know if MK would feel pushed by her group to skate her best. (Not that she doesn't always want to skate her best, but it seems to help Michelle to have someone pushing her). I think the competitiveness of Group B will be good for MK.

March 27th, 2000, 01:12 AM
That is a very beautiful jump you have on the banner, thanx for sharing it with us.

March 27th, 2000, 05:37 AM
Here's my first shaky attempt at figuring out scores, so plese someone correct these if needed....

I *think* that if Michelle was second in the qualifying and second in the SP, she'd have a total score (or whatever it's called) of 1.4 (0.4 for the qual and 1.0 for the SP). If Irina won the qualifying and the SP, her score would be 0.7 (0.2 for the qual and 0.5 for the SP).

So if Michelle won the LP (add 1.0) and Irina was second (add 2.0), Michelle's score would be 2.4, and Irina's would be 2.7, and so Michelle would win the title.

How's that, knowledgeable fans?

March 27th, 2000, 05:50 AM
Isn't it 0.2 for the quals, 0.3 for SP and 0.5 for LP?!

if so, say MK is 2nd in both qual and SP, her total into LP is 1.0
and let's say IS is 1st in both, then her total is 0.5
and then let's say MB is 1st in qual a and 3rd in sp, then her total is 1.1
then say in LP, MK is 1st, IS 2nd and MB 3rd
then MK and IS both get 1.5 and MB gets 2.6 and MK wins since she wins LP

if so, say MK is 2nd in qual and 3rd in SP, her total into LP is 1.3
and let's say IS is 1st in both, then her total is 0.5
and then let's say MB is 1st in qual a and 2nd in sp, then her total is 0.8 into the LP
again if MK is first in LP, with IS and MB 2nd and 3rd, then their total are 1.8, 1.5 and 2.3 and IS can win even with a 2nd place in the LP!!!!
smart move MK putting 3 flip into her SP and good luck

you can do it!!! win all the rounds!!!get as many 6.0s as you did at 98 Nationals!!!!

March 27th, 2000, 05:58 AM
One day I will really learn how to do this!

But I'm glad to see that your first computation had the same final result as mine did!

March 27th, 2000, 06:17 AM
They assign a 1.0 factored placement for the LP, and since it is 50% of the score, the qualifying round gets .4 and the SP gets .6 factored placements.

March 27th, 2000, 06:29 AM
Here are the complete groups from IceCalc:

Qualifying Free Skating Group B (http://http://www.icecalc.com/events/wc2000/results/SEG030.HTM)

Qualifying Free Skating Group A (http://http://www.icecalc.com/events/wc2000/results/SEG029.HTM)

Group B skates first. I'm going to move this from MK Fan Chat to Spoilers since some people might prefer not to know when Michelle skates (and those links will turn into results once they skate).

March 27th, 2000, 06:35 AM
In that case, my method still works I think, the placements wont change, it's just that all the total scores are doubled.

March 27th, 2000, 11:41 AM
So, correct me if I'm wrong.
Michelle can be 2nd in Qualifying and 2nd in short and 1st in LP and win gold.

Michelle can be 2nd in qualifying and 3rd in short and 1st in lp but possibly NOT win gold? Is that right? Numbers boogle my mind! Of course if something at Macy's is 14.4% off on sale, I can compute it in a milisecond!LOL

March 27th, 2000, 12:06 PM
The 2-3-1 scenario would require help from the other skaters (i.e. whomever was in 1st after the qualifier and SP would have to place third, I think...)

March 27th, 2000, 01:01 PM
3-2-1: she can win but doesn't "control her own destiny"
Ok thanks, I think I've got it.

March 27th, 2000, 01:56 PM
Rene, just one qualification: those calculations assume that the top three ladies all place in the top three in each of the portions of the competition. If one of them has a crash and burn in one or more of the events, it could be an anything goes proposition....

March 27th, 2000, 03:32 PM
Gotcha. Thanks

March 27th, 2000, 07:02 PM
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