View Full Version : Kelly on Skate Radio says MK is putting in the 3 flip for su

March 27th, 2000, 03:20 PM
I just got on the net for the first time today and turned on skate radio (and went to do my daily request for the song of the week!) and caught the tail end of Kelly's report & she said she saw Frank Carrol today & that MK is going to do the 3 flip!

[center]<h1><font color=Maroon>Go Michelle!!!</font></h1>

March 27th, 2000, 03:25 PM
Hooray! I'm "flipping out" with joy. Okay, I'm bored. Both of my kids are sick and sleeping off the Dimetapp.

March 27th, 2000, 04:10 PM
<font color=Maroon>[center]<h2>Kwantastic Fabulous Flips Kwantastic Fabulous Flips Kwantastic Fabulous Flips</h2>

(say it in threes as she does Triple Flips!)

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March 27th, 2000, 04:13 PM
Shallah, make that Kwantastic Flips. You don't want to direct the chants in the wrong direction...

March 27th, 2000, 04:29 PM
<font color=Maroon>
<h2>Kwantastic Flips Kwantastic Flips Kwantastic Flips</font></h2>

Heeheehee...Shallah & sw10025...

March 27th, 2000, 05:35 PM
SW - is there a required direction we need to face?

Please give me something to do while I keep my nerves at bay!

March 27th, 2000, 06:02 PM
<font color=red> <font size=18> GO MICHELLE!</font size-18>
<font color=black>I am so proud of her for going for the 3 flip!

March 27th, 2000, 06:25 PM
currently South-East of me) when I do my chant ;)

<font size="10"><font color="Maroon">Kwantastical 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0
6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 </font></font>

March 28th, 2000, 04:37 AM
thanks Shallah,
I don't know about anyone else, but I can't take this!!! I almost wish it was in my timezone, so I wouldn't be thinking about what is or is not happening during the day, it would just happen. But OTOH, if it was live, those minutes before she skated would be pure torture and I don't know if I could bear to watch

Save me from myself - aye yi yi!!!1

Lara F
March 28th, 2000, 05:31 AM
Hooray for Michelle! <!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :) --><img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/smile.gif ALT=":)"><!--EZCODE EMOTICON STOP-->

March 28th, 2000, 06:32 AM
Face toward Nice, of course...

P.S. Don't forget Kwanderful Lutzes and Michelle Mahvelous Double Axels. She's got other elements we have to chant for as well...

March 28th, 2000, 09:19 AM
I'm glad to see the triple toe out of the program even though Michelle does it so beautifully.