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November 7th, 1999, 10:03 AM
Just to let you know that CTV is broadcasting... the ladies' freeskate now!!! In the intro...they said "Jennifer Robinson, Canadian champion...against American champion Michelle Kwan. She won her first Skate Canada title right here 4 years ago..." ...showing a clip of Salome...so little...I can't believe it's been so long...didn't even remember!!! Silvia Fontana of Italy...fluff piece...very touching (father who inspired her to skate died!!!...Peggy Fleming shared her costumes with SF...and last year at worlds...Peggy was in tears after her performance!!! Jennifer Robinson...gorgeous program...but it didn't have the impact of the short!!!... violin music...she does not draw the emotions out of the music like she did in the sp...she was slightly boring here and slow...needs to work on footwork!!! Julia Sebestyen...Tracey Wilson mentioned something interesting...because she has such spring and height on her jumps (it's really amazing!!!)...she can do a quad...extra rotation no problem for her!!!... I thought she was Irina Slutskaya for a second...wore a dress like Irina's in 97/98...and pony tail too!!! *Michelle KWAN... 2axel (nice and smooth!!!) 3z/2toe (gorgeous!!!) 2/2toe (she just opened up in the air...) 3sal (nice) 3flip (picture perfect!!!) 3loop (fall...leaned in air...not too high...looked like blade slowed down at entrance...ice???) new spin after loop 2z (at this point...her face looked tired!!!...smile gone) 3toe (wonderful!!!) My thoughts... b4 her skate...CTV showed MK backstage doing her usual praying... she looked worried and was thinking (probably about the midterm on the same day!!!). When she struck her opening pose...she smiled brilliantly...then closed her eyes... I thought that MK didn't have the energy today...that would probably explain why she doubled so many jumps...looks like she just couldn't hold herself in during the rotations and bailed out to double!!!...but let's not forget the ice factor!!! TW said it's nice for MK to get the jitters out now and be strong for the worlds...RB said "you don't see that scene very often with MK"...but called her "one of the best skaters on the planet"..."and not used to seeing her make so many errors..."... "pure quality and presentation is un//ed in this world"!!!...ITA!!! In the Kiss and Cry...1st thing...someone gave MK potpourri and she looked cute and surprised when alking to Frank...then MK said to Frank..."I didn't feel good going into it...but thought loop felt good...I think I was too slow"...and Frank responded with "you looked confused"...the two of them were laughing at replay...and MK covered her face... Then Frank said "OK???"...MK nodded her head and Frank said "Alright!!!"...she looked very upset at herself...probably also thinking of school... Overall...performance was delivered...a little slow!!!...but understandable!!! I am actually quite concerned about MK!!!...she looked way too skinny out there...IMO... compared to just last week...she looks like she lost quite a few pounds!!!...especially her legs, arms, and face...(well tha covers it but...)... her limbs looked skinnier than last year...and her face...remember she had a little tiny bit of fat under her chin last year???...that's all gone!!!...I strongly recommend MK to take some time to meditate and produce alpha waves to relax herself!!!...* Julia...landed more 3jumps than MK...but very sloppy... (she really is trying way too hard to look like Maria!!!)...her footwork was all over the place...she added too many spirals that were held for 1/2sec...not to mention the quality itself... TW said "there is a difference between Julia and Michelle Kwan...Julia still struggles to get the emotions across the ice!!!"...ITA!!!... IMO...Jen outskated Julia...even though JS landed more jumps...but Jen was mature and sophisicated...and was an actress on the ice...JS was JS!!!... Go MK!!!...U'll be fine!!!...don't worry and be happy!!!... Well...off I go to study my physiology test...

November 7th, 1999, 03:41 PM
Michelle fell on the triple loop. She did a double/double combo instead triple/triple. She doubled the triple flip and did a triple flutz. But did the 3/lutz, 2/toe clean, double axel clean, and triple sal clean. And she closed RV with a triple toe loop. It seemed like a disasterous performance but everyone did lousy....so this article i read said. They also said the ice was terrible...scrathed up with divots in it and everything. Oh well, more competitions to come! At least michelle got GOLD.

November 7th, 1999, 05:35 PM
Well, it sounds to me like the poor quality of the ice had a major effect on almost all the LP performances (mens and ladies!). I mean, you never see such top quality skaters in both disciplines make so many mistakes like that in the same competition!

November 7th, 1999, 05:55 PM
the Final group of men unanimously requested a resurface due to poor ice and it was not granted, due to some constraint of CTV. Plus, I read that the ice was not Zambonied between the dance and mens competitions. What the ham sandwich does CTV have to do with the ice, I wonder?

November 7th, 1999, 06:04 PM
I just finished watching ladies' lp... Well, everybody seemed to have an off-day!! Every skater missed at least one jump. Michelle did a good job. However, I personally wish she didn't use RV as her lp... I wish she left it as an exhibition program... I don't know why, but I just feel this way. Can somebody explain to me why I feel like this? I just feel the RV at 99 Worlds was better... MK's spiral was the best compared to others'. Other skaters' spirals were really poor... Anyway, I was really happy to see MK again on TV!! Next year, I will probably see her in person!! I'm already excited. :)

November 7th, 1999, 06:10 PM
We get a dud at Skate Canada. Next time CTV does something like that, let's ask them to skate first to test the ice...but hey they still delivered live. So what do you choose.

November 7th, 1999, 06:14 PM
Yes, the ICE was a trouble-maker!!! Every top skaters had a hard time on the ice!!! :( :(

November 7th, 1999, 06:22 PM
Will...you may be feeling more attached to 99worlds exhib because it was the first time you saw it!!!...also...under the performance lighting...dark with spotlight...it's more appealing than just competition lights!!!... The ice was really annoying...I even think MK's loop was because of the stupid ice!!!...it looked like her blade was slowed down by a slight depression on the surface or something...so she was pushed...not leaning by herself...BUT I don't know!!! Also...I don't know if TW made a mistake...but when MK did the 2lutz...she said 2flip!!!... LOL...I think TW got confused because MK has that short entrance into the 2nd lutz!!!...Someone back me up!!!...it was a lutz wasn't it??? OK...someone explain what the heck CTV did to make the no zamboni thing???...

November 7th, 1999, 06:55 PM
One thing I was worried is that people out there might start saying that Michelle was only lucky that there is a weak field of ladies in SC and that's the only reason she won with a LP with some many mistakes...Although I believe that if the ice was better and if she isnt worried about her exam, she would have done much much better ! So did she double the flip and flutzed or landed the flip but double the lutz?

November 7th, 1999, 07:20 PM
Just wanted to state that the report that the ice wasn't resurfaced between the ice dance and men's competition is apparently incorrect. I read on another board that they were there and witnessed the surface being resurfaced twice after the ice dance competition.

November 7th, 1999, 07:48 PM
They can resurface the ice twice and it still may not make the difference. If there are a lot of divets, ruts, etc., they need to be filled and patched, not glossed over with one or even two thin coats of new ice. Resurfacing *may* help, but it won't necessarily solve the entire problem. Its disturbing to think that the CFSA may not have done everything to ensure that there was good ice laid down -- someone could have been hurt because of this. As for Michelle, who knows what the problem was: bad ice, fatigue, post-SA letdown, or midterm distractions. Maybe a combination of all of those things. It sounds like part of Yagudin's problem was that his concern over the ice conditions affected his performance above and beyond the mechanics, that part of it was mental. Maybe that was her problem. But heh, everybody, even Michelle Kwan, has bad days, and every skater has a mediocre or worse performance. Why not focus on the positive side of things? She won the competition, even if it wasn't a spectacular performance, she guaranteed her place in the Grand Prix finals, she finished the competition without getting injured by the bad ice, and now she's got what, two whole months to work out her balance between skating and school before she has another competition. Frank will be working at the rink she now practices in during the week fairly soon, so he'll be able to work with her more and help her get herself calmed and under control. Remember, she's only been in school, what, five, six weeks? A regular college freshman's head is still spinning at this point! It'll take a little more time for her to adjust, calm down, and really see how workable the situation is. Heck, Yagudin fell more and made more mistakes than Michelle did, and he doesn't have exams to face!

November 7th, 1999, 08:07 PM
Marco...MK did the 3flip beautifully!!!...she doubled her second lutz...but because MK has a short entrance into it...it looks like a flip...very difficult!!!... I think there was this confusion...NO...MK did not double the flip!!!...she doubled the lutz...and her 3lutz was not a flutz...NO!!! Janice...I'm with sw!!!...Resurfacing does not fill in the holes!!!... Alexei wanted a flood!!!...that's what was needed...I doubt they even did flooding before the women's freeskate...looks smooth...but a lot of depressions from my observations!!! sw...well said!!!I think we should be proud of MK...I'm more worried of her health than her "according-to-some...jepoardizing her skating with college thing"... MK looked so distracted...so tired...so skinny!!!... I'm very proud of MK to be able to do all that she is doing...she should stand tall as usual and take pride in herself!!! What a wonderful person!!!

November 8th, 1999, 02:49 PM
I read on a report somewhere else that all of the men wanted the ice flooded but the referee said no because it would interfere with CTV's live broadcast of the event. I guess that's what CTV has to do with the ice :-( This girl also said that somebody asked for her autograph because they thought she was Elvis' mother! LOL! Did anyone see Shallah and the MKGA banner? (just curious).

November 8th, 1999, 02:54 PM
When all the men had substandard LPs, what prevented them from flooding the ice the night before the ladies LP? Sheesh.