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November 26th, 1999, 07:22 AM
1. Slutskaya (RUS) tech 5.5-5.7 pres 5.4-5.9 2. Soldatova (RUS) 3. Sokolova (RUS) 4. Nikodinov (USA) 5. Poth (HUN) 6. Ruh (SUI) 7. Gosselin (CAN) 8. Kanazawa (JPN) 9. Fontana (ITA)

November 26th, 1999, 09:22 AM
Good for Irina! I was hoping she would win! I was wishing Angela could place 3rd but guess it didn't work out.

susan ba
November 26th, 1999, 10:55 AM
great for irina! i was hoping the same thing too

November 27th, 1999, 07:08 AM
Irina got a 5.9 for presentation??? Wow!!!...I'm so glad for her. And I'm happy Nadine moved up to 7th!!!

December 19th, 1999, 04:41 PM
After watching the ladies competition, I feel that Nikidinov was not judged fairly. She should have been in either second or third after the long program. She made, I believe, only one mistake, while both Soldat. and Sokol. made several. Unfair judging spoils the sport, but I guess since the competition was in Russia, judges were determined to have 3 Russians on the podium. And it appears that they didn't expect Nikidinov to skate as well as she did. Too bad the sport is so subjective and political. I like seeing Nikidinov's improvement, because she is technically such a very good skater. She needs to work on confidence, consistency and projecting to the audience. Nikidinov's layback leg position is beautiful (better technically and artistically than either Soldatova's or Sokolova's). Also, Soldatova seemed promising last season, but this year!!! I hate Soldatova's long program -- she does nothing but fling her arms around, and those cutesy running steps do nothing for her in my opinion. She should lose the dyed blond hair as well (copying Maria and Oksana??). Soldatova's layback spin leg position is horrid. What are the judges looking at? She had a very hard fall on one triple and missed another immediately afterward. She did muster courage to come back and complete her other jumps, but the program is actually pretty boring -- its like she's trying too hard. She really needs to forget those attempts at leg spirals (her bending over at the waist so far does nothing because she does not have any height in her leg position). Why perform ugly, subpar leg spirals? Just because you're Russian, does not mean you're automatically an artistically good skater, but judges don't seem to understand that -- witness some of the high artistic marks they gave Soldatova. I agree with Dick Button's comments about Soldatova's program at Skate America. On the other hand, I am impressed by Irina Slutskaya this year. She looks strong and beautiful and she's obviously worked very hard. I'm glad for her, and I hope she continues performing wonderfully throughout the season. In the past, she did not have a lot of artistry, but perhaps maturity and marriage (and maybe ballet practice) have helped her. I also like her attention to her costuming; and her choreography is 100 percent better. She's learned how to put together the whole package. At this point, I feel she's much better than Butryskaya this year.

December 19th, 1999, 09:25 PM
Can someone fill me in on Angela's Lp? She was certainly robbed on the short program. I would seriously welcome the comparisons between her elements in the short and Yulia's. A JOKE! I am beggining to hate Yulia's skating. I really dislike it alot. It almost seems to be getting worse. What is it about Russians? I think Irina deserves her marks this year, how was her performance. Unfortunatley, I only saw Yulia, Elena and Lucinda, because MY HUSBAND WHO, FOR THE 2ND WEEKEND IN A ROW DID NOTHING, LIKE NOT EVEN TURN ON THE VCR THAT I PROGRAMED SO HE COULD WATCH ANYTHING HE WANTED AND ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS PUSH RECORD AT THE RIGHT TIME, WHILE I WAS STANDING ON MY FEET THAT WERE GOING NUMB AT WORK FOR 8 HOURS WITH MY ARMS BURNING AND MY FINGERS TINGLING AND I COME HOME TO JULIA! Anyway....any details? OH YEAH, AND A DIRTY HOUSE THAT I CLEANED BEFORE I LEFT FOR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

December 20th, 1999, 06:25 AM
I do think Angela was robbed somewhat in this competition, although I can't say how much because I didn't see absolutely all of her performance. The only legitimate reason I could even see for her being marked below the other ladies is that she seemed to be skating very slowly, but the jumps I saw seemed much better than the two ladies ahead of her (admittedly, I do not have a total triple count, and I didn't see all of AN's performance). I agree Soldatova is really getting on my nerves. I didn't see the SPs, but I hate the LP costume, the music is fluff without any substance, the arm flinging is really annoying, and the choreography is insipid. The only good thing about her skating is that Slutskaya and Volchkova are likely to knock her off the European and world team and we won't have to see her that much more this year. Hopefully, that'll give her a prod to improve for next season. I thought Irina looked great -- I just wished she had landed her second lutz. But still, she's looking more comfortable, confident and secure, and man, is she fast! Maria better watch out!

December 20th, 1999, 06:28 AM
I'm ROTFL!!!...

December 20th, 1999, 06:53 AM
A spouse not taping a skating show is definitely grounds for divorce!!!!!!However, give him another chance.....at least Michelle wasn't skating!

December 20th, 1999, 07:26 AM
Rene--I feel your pain. I was very, very impressed by Irina. Her LP is choreographically interesting, unlike many I could mention, and she performs it with excellent presentation. She's also doing better on her jumps. If she continues to put it together, I think we're loooking at Russian Nats and/or Euro Champion, even World Champion quality (not saying that she'll beat MK--only that she'll be of World quality and maybe MK's toughest competition, if they don't hold up Maria). Soldatova has become so bad (IMO) that I don't even watch her programs anymore, because I get bored, impatient, and annoyed. I watched this one because I noticed that she'd extensively re-worked the choreography--gotten rid of the beginning, which Peggy thought was so pretty, and replaced it with Maria-style hip wiggles and hand-sweeping-the-head moves, which she cannot carry off. Also, the more frenetic elements of the program have been cut back, so now it looks flat and boring. That repeated attempt at a spiral (the first one was OK, but the last two were just....) has got be be the worst choreographic decision I've ever seen--why would anyone choose to repeat and prominently place (at musical crescendos, for example) a move which they execute so very, very poorly? I'm sorry to be so negative, I'm usually not so unqualifiedly critical, but Yulia's skating is dismaying me more and more because she seems to be actually getting worse, while other skaters at her experience level (Volchkova and Hughes) are improving by leaps and bounds. sw, my pessimism tells me that Soldatova will be held up in Russion Nats. because of her World bronze last year, and knock either Slutskaya or (even more likely) Volchkova off the Worlds team. Ugh. Well, I fervently hope that you are right and not me.

December 20th, 1999, 07:32 AM
Unfortunately I missed Angela b/c I was flipping back and forth between COR and the World Pro. from last year that Michelle won that I missed last year. The only performance I saw in full was Irina's and I hope she wins Russian Nationals over MB - I think MB will be 2nd and Volchkova 3rd. We'll probably be spared of seeing Soldatova at Worlds. ITA that Julia's skating has gone downhill from last year. Her charisma doesn't seem to be showing through the program like it did last year - I don't think she's sophisticated enough to carry off the romantic theme yet. Her positions are sloppy, and her layback and costume make me cringe. I thought she was really cute last year but the blonde-ambition look just doesn't cut it. She's got a lot of potential but she and her coach need to realize and make the necessary changes.

December 20th, 1999, 08:08 AM
So, rcl, did you see East of Eden at the repeat of the World Pros? I just wondered what you thought of it, because it's widely regarded as one of Michelle's masterpiece performances (her best rendition of that program, for example), had the audience in tears, etc., etc. So just wondered what you thought? It's OK to say that you didn't care for it or thought it wasn't an earth-shaking masterpiece--I won't respond to such comments by issuing a challenge of lightsabers for two in a field at dawn :)

December 20th, 1999, 08:52 AM
Yes I saw Michelle's EOE. I thought it was the best she's ever skated it - I didn't like that program when she skated it originally (95 or 96? can't remember which year) b/c I thought the music was boring. She's grown up so much and matured that I was really blown away this time. When I heard them say she was skating to EOE I thought "oh no" b/c of the music, but I was glued to the tube this time and missed what was going on with COR as a result. I remember I loved her Pocahontas program but didn't like EOE. The music still doesn't do much for me but Michelle skated beautifully - she brought out the crescendo of the music that I didn't really notice when I'd seen her skate that number in previous years. Actually I thought the WP was more interesting than COR b/c there was quite a battle for 2nd. Michelle was so far out in front that it seemed like she was doing an exhibition b/c she didn't fit in with the others and was in a zone like she wasn't even competing. It reminded me of when I had the gift of seeing Tara and Michelle at 97 Skate America. When they were warming up they stood out so much compared to the other skaters, they looked like they were in a separate competition.

December 20th, 1999, 09:00 AM
Thanks for your opinion, rcl, and glad you liked it. Michelle actually used part of that music in her LP in--let's see, 93? or 94. The 96 exhibition program to the same music cut she uses now had quite different choreography than the World Pro version. Wish I'd seen SA 97. Well, maybe someday I will. (That was a very bad year for me, that's why I missed it, and I don't want to see those competitions until I can watch them w/o bad memories. But, I hope I'm getting there!)

December 20th, 1999, 10:10 AM
you know how so many of us don't like Julia's style??? But the judges seem to like it a lot...is there some sorta things we're missing???

December 20th, 1999, 10:46 AM
Russian accents.

December 20th, 1999, 11:09 AM
It's true what you say DAHLINK!

December 20th, 1999, 01:05 PM
I thought of something positive about Julia's skating that I think the judges are responding to - speed. Although her posture is poor she does skate with a lot of speed which helps both her technical and artistic marks, whereas lack of speed is the major problem with Nikidinov. No matter how lovely AN's layback is, she's slow on the ice compared to the others. I've noticed that most of the Russian ladies have poor posture in their skating - e.g. Soldatova and Sokolova are bent at the waist when they skate and their upper bodies move around too much while they're stroking. Slutskaya has improved tremendously on this and I think MB has good posture overall in her skating which has put her over the others. It seems like a training flaw with their ladies b/c the Russian men have great posture. Whereas the American women generally have nice posture but sometimes don't have as much speed and have to develop it. I think it was in Katia Gordyeva's book that she said the ice quality is so poor in Russia that the Russians learn to stroke very hard to get through it; therefore they get a lot of speed when they're on good ice.

December 21st, 1999, 01:35 AM
I was just wondering: Am I the only one who likes Julia's program? Sounds like it! Oh well. I can't really even say why I like it. I just think it's pretty. I agree that the music isn't terribly moving, and the layback and spirals need tons of work. I guess I have some Russian in me that I was heretofore unaware of, causing me to enjoy this number! I also like the dress; I think I'm the only one of that opinion as well. It just goes with the music for me. And I do think some of her movements could be descibed as "flailing", but heck, at least the girl is trying to emote. What, I don't know, but she's trying! I like Angela Nikodinov's skating a lot more, but she needs to speed up! The judges are so enamored with velocity, it's the only way I can see her getting better marks. Well, that and including a few more triples. I think she tried five at COR, and completed four of them (the other was doubled). I could be mistaken, but that's what I counted. I think that even with Julia's falls, she may have completed one or two more triples. She came back strong after starting with some major mishaps. I think there might be one more thing Angela could do to improve her scores. She might want to let herself feel and express the music more. I wonder if she's concentrating too hard on the jumps to let loose a little. She is already artistic and graceful, but will only improve when she shares the emotions of her program with the audience while she performs it. I think once she reaches out to the fans while skating, the famous light will go on. Remember Lori Nichol talking about "the light" going on for Michelle, when Lori first played the music of "Salome" and told Michelle to just skate to it? This is the kind of breakthrough that Angela needs to have in order to fulfill her limitless potential. I say limitless because the girl's jumps are so controlled and well-executed, and her spins are not only textbook, but beautiful. When she finds the artist within and skates with more speed, she will be a serious contender at any competition she would enter.