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December 21st, 1999, 08:46 AM
I missed the mens but what did everyone think of the ladies? I thought Maria looked really bad. She was really shaky, fell on her 3loop, and I even noticed her trip a little bit on some footwork. Volchokova's jumps are super high but she needs to improve her posture in her skating (she's a little bent over and her arms flail a little). VV has a lot of potential; she just needs refinement. IMO Malinina's best days are behind her. I missed Liashenko's performance.

December 21st, 1999, 09:44 AM
Well I think that Maria's nerves were getting the best of her. She looked even more jerky than normal in her landings it really was not something pretty to watch. As for Liashenko, she had a step out on a jump but nailed the 3lutz/2toe. She also had a little trip after her spin sequence at the end of the program. It seemed she tripped a little on her feet but recovered from it. VV was really great! Her jumps have so much spring to them! They were really high and tight in the air. But like you said RCL, she just needs a little refinement which I'm sure she will get with more internatinal competitions and some practice. I am really looking forward to seeing VV blosom into a very elegant skater. I have to comment on her costume though! ERGGGHHH! It has to be one of the ugliest I have seen! Someone needs to donate some cloth to her or something so she can make a new one! JMHO

December 21st, 1999, 10:27 AM
On the last Ice Time (I think it was the last one)...Debbi said that Maria just narrowly won NHK!!!

December 21st, 1999, 03:37 PM
It's getting more and more painful to watch MB skate for me. It's really awful(sorry but it's true, for me anyway) Irina PLEASE keep your jumps together and win Europeans and SILVER at Worlds! If I hear the "let's see her skate in Europe" quote again I don't know what I'll do. I'd like to see MARIA skate CLEAN in Europe herself first(that's a lie, I don't want her to skate clean in Europe) Sometimes I'm a very bad sport!

December 21st, 1999, 05:16 PM
I know what you mean! I am really hoping that Irina will pull the upset over Maria!

December 22nd, 1999, 08:43 AM
I was really interested to see Maria's SP, because several people had commented favorably on it, I recalled one person calling it "brilliant", however, I already knew before it aired that VV had won the SP, so assumed that Maria had made a serious error. I was really disappointed. Even allowing for the diminished presentation from a fall on a jump, it was nowhere near "brilliant" to me. I found the music completely uninteresting. Her skating was slow and tentative, and boy, was that trip on the footwork so darn obvious to me! The jumps that she landed hardly got off the ground, they were choppy, awkward, and had little or no flow out of them, the footwork didn't look particularly difficult or interesting to me, and the choreography, while not as blah as Swan Lake, wasn't top notch either. I think Maria's getting progressively more nervous and while she may be getting more comfortable with the choreography of the programs themselves, as the season progresses, her technical elements seem to be getting sloppier. I mean, the loop is her best jump, her money jump, her best technique, and that loop was tilted like crazy and she's hardly landed many cleanly in competition this year. Volchkova on the other hand, was really really fast. And had high, impressive jumps and seemed to be skating with increased confidence. I think both she and Irina are feeling not only more confidence and security in themselves, but are smelling an opportunity. She seemed to have a greater feel for her music than Maria did, although her arm movements do need some work. I guess what bothers me about her arm movements, although they are IMO much softer, rounded and finished off than Maria's arm slashes and stabs in the LP, was that all her armwork was over her head. Did anybody else notice that? She was constantly raising one or both of her arms over her head, when there are plenty of beautiful things you can do with your arms and hands in all the other positions (a la the Salome slow section, Rach3 opening segment, just to name a few examples). She has so much to work with -- a deceptively long leg line, beautiful face, wonderful facial bone structure, the beginnings of nice arm movements, etc. If she would just put her hair up, and costume herself a little more elegantly, she would look so much more stunning on the ice and I think it might really enhance her presentation. I stand by my previous Russian team predictions: Maria, Irina and Volchkova, although not necessarily in that order. Probably not even in that order. I think Maria is likely to have a major meltdown before worlds.

December 22nd, 1999, 08:45 AM
I didn't see the US coverage of NHK sp...did MB make another Europe comment again???

December 22nd, 1999, 09:32 AM
I don't think they interviewed her - if they did I must've been out of the room or something. SW - MB's SP really did look a lot better at Lalique (I wasn't hallucinating). She does seem to be getting more scared as the season progresses. I was really surprised that after she won Worlds she didn't turn pro. like Yuka Sato did after her World title when it was early in the Olympic cycle. She definitely will have her hands full at Russian Nationals. I posted on another thread about VV's hair needing to be trimmed at the ends and then pulled into a bun. She looks like a little, big girl with her hair and costume. The costume is really bad and the skirt is too long which covers up her legs and line. Marina Eltsova used to wear longer skirts, so did Oksana Kazakova and I think they detract from the line.

December 22nd, 1999, 09:40 AM
I think VV is really pretty...but that dress isn't something I would wear for sure!!! rcl...MB does plan on going to the 2002 Olys and she is working on the 3axel as I last heard on CTV!!!

December 22nd, 1999, 11:31 AM
Who in the world said her program was brilliant. It's nice especially when skated clean and i like the music but brilliant. Now red violin is brilliant falls or no falls. I guess it is just my opinion.

December 22nd, 1999, 06:43 PM
Maria didn't say anything new, but Terry reinerated what she said about "getting Michelle over in Europe" or something to that effect. I don't see anything that great about Maria's program either. But to be honest it was better when I had seen it earlier in the season and I do think the music and the first costume she had helped her look more soft and flowing.

December 23rd, 1999, 07:03 AM
Out of the ladies who do you think skated the best regardless of the scores?

December 23rd, 1999, 07:06 AM
OOPS! Disregard previous post.

December 23rd, 1999, 07:45 AM
RCL, I wasn't insinuating that you or anyone else had been hallucinating. :-) Lavender, I can't remember who said she was brilliant in one of her previous SP performances. Maria definitely was not interviewed (or at least it was not shown) during this broadcast. I seriously doubt she wanted to talk to the reporters after her SP -- I'm sure she was in quite a snit. I think that despite her errors she expected to get better marks and still get 1st place. Russian nationals is taking place this weekend, so now it'll be very interesting to see how Maria holds up under the pressure. Neither her results or her consistency have been improving as the season progresses (losing several judges on the Lalique LP, losing the NHK SP, just barely scratching out a win in the LP, not to mention less than stunning marks in all of her events) and several of her competitors should be feeling pretty good right now. Irina just came off a pretty great performance and win at Cup of Russia (despite the second lutz problem) and Viktoria beat Maria in the NHK SP and has stolen a number of LP ordinals from her in the last two competitions. The judges are obviously willing to place others ahead of her, particularly if she makes any errors, and I think she realizes it. Boy, if she loses Russian nationals, can you imagine what a bunch of nerves she's going to have for Europeans and the GP final? It could get really ugly...

December 23rd, 1999, 05:02 PM
I was watching my tape of this earlier today and just laughing my head off. All I could think after the ladies SP was, "And Butyrskaya thinks THIS is competition for Michelle anywhere on THIS PLANET?!" Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe how incredibly mediocre all those skaters were. None of these women can do a decent spiral. And ALL of them use the free-leg position in their laybacks that Dick has been harping on MK for using. I thought the scores for everyone but Butyrskaya were very accurate. I still don't understand how she got 5.6s for technique. She missed on jump completely and her spins weren't that good either. And Liashenko? I can't believe anyone serious about skating would think Michelle couldn't beat her at any competition, no matter where it's held! I think Butyrskaya's reaching a bit with this "Michelle couldn't get out of Russian Nationals" comment. Volchkova was okay but I just flat fell over laughing during her spiral sequence when Suzy Wynn said she was trying to do an inside-out spiral, "Almost like Michelle Kwan...but she's not quite there yet." I was absolutely ROTFLMAO. I'm not even going to give Volchkova brownie points for trying because it was just too pitiful. Her free leg wasn't high enough to sustain any kind of momentum so when she tried to turn over to the outside edge she lost all her speed and the spiral just kind of ended. And then I laughed when she did her combination spin and tried to do MK's "Kwan Spin" (the Y-spin). I do mind that people are borrowing MK's moves, but what kills me is that they've go the nerve to use them in competitions when they haven't exactly perfected it yet. It's kind of like giving the judges extra incentive for marking your score down! Maybe they think that if they try the difficult moves the judges will give them brownie points for trying or something? And what's with all that arm-flapping that the Russian ladies do? Every one of them use arm movements that don't have anything to do with the music. It's almost like a mis-direction play. Like, maybe if the judges are looking at your arms twirling around like propeller blades they won't notice that your footwork stinks, you flutzed, your spin's are off-center and you fell on the double axel? Anyway.....the whole competition gave my day a lift. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun watching bad skating. It wasn't just the women, the men stunk, the pairs were boring, the ice dancing slow and tedious and the women were just plain bad. And watching Annissina & Peizerat struggle with their choreography underscored for me why I don't think they're very good ice dancers. Suzy Wynn commented that the difficulty of the steps had taken away a lot of their speed from last year. When she said that I just thought to myself that was the point I was trying to make the last couple of years when everyone was saying that A&P were robbed in the World Championships. Their routines weren't very difficult, but they were fast, so the judges let it go. B&K's "Riverdance" was more difficult, but they're not as fast, so they get penalized for lack of difficulty when A&P don't. Now hopefully the judges will take a look at what they're doing and not how fast they're doing it. Which in a way they did because their technical scores weren't particularly good -- 5.4 - 5.7 I believe. If K&O were competing this year I don't think they'd have much trouble retaining their World title. (Not that that remark was meant to re-start the K&O vs. A&P arguments that are forever one flame war away from being a major forest fire.) Oops...I kind of strayed from my point.....those danged tangents are a bite!