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December 22nd, 1999, 06:27 PM
As soon as i arrived in Kennewick, Washington i went to a hotel that i thought the skaters would be staying in. As soon as i walked in the door i walked right past Carroll Heiss-Jenkins and Timothy Goebel. Then the lady at the loby asked me if i was a guest in the hotel, and i said "No" so she kicked me out. On the way out i started talking to who i thought was my cousin, who was behind me, but i turned around, and i had been talking to Michael Weiss. Is he walked by, i said "Oh, Hello" and he said "Hi" and walked off. I didn't have any paper or a pencil, so i didn't ask any of them for their autographs. When i got to the arena where the competition was being held, i bought a program and a flower to go with my bear to throw on the ice for Michelle. I had front row seats pretty close to the Kiss and Cry and the comentery box. The first head-to-head matchup was Elvis vs. Timothy. Elvis skated great. Timothy fell, i think, on a triple salchow (may have been a quad). Elvis won. Then it was Sarah vs. Elezabeth Manly. Sarah skated great and got a standing ovation. Elezabeth put her hand down on a double axel. Sarah won. The last matchup before the intermission was Michael Weiss vs. Victor Petrinko. I don't really remember how each of them skated, but all i know is that Victor won. Before the intermission was an Ice Dancing exhibition by Jamie Silverstein and Justin Pekarek. I don't know much about ice dancing, so i don't know how well they skated. After the intermission was Lu Chen vs. Dorthy Hamill. Lu Chen didn't skate too well. Dorthy skated good and won the matchup. Then it was Todd Eldredge vs. Kurt Browning. Todd skated good, except for he was way forward on a tri[le axel, and had to put his hand down. Kurt is soo funny, and he skated great. Todd won, but i think Kurt should have. Last, it was Michelle vs. Surya. Michelle skated great. She skated to "Hands" by Jewel, and skated in a tan dress that looked alot like her "One More Time" dress, but it was much more prettier. She did a 2axel, 3sal, 3lutz, and a 3toe-loop which she held the landing like she does on her 3salchow in "Kissing You". She got a standing ovation. Then she came to the boards by me and took flowers and from people. Then after about 2 minutes she made her way to me and saw my bear and said "Awwww" and i gave her the bear and flower and huged her. Then she huged my 2 cousins and went to get her scores. Then the last skater was Surya. I don't know how she skated b/c i was too busy watching Michelle in the Kiss and cry. When surya was done Kurt and some others started throwing Michelle's flowers on the ice for Surya. Then they started throwing whatever they could find on the ice. Then the audience got involved. Someone threw their shoe on the ice for her, and Kurt picked up Elezabeth and acted like he was going to throw her on the ice. Michelle won the matchup. Then they all took a victory lap around the rink lead by Michelle. I got to touch most of their hands. Sorry i don't know the name of the music they skated to or what jumps they did, but this was the best i could do.

December 22nd, 1999, 07:42 PM
Thank you so much for the review!!! did you get to take pictures? Ok, on the other thread, you said she was in her OTM costume and then changed to the new one (could it possibly be the one she skated to in the Disney Special for the intro and end?).... can you explain that? Like during warm up she was in her OTM and then changed? Sorry, I know this detail doesn't even matter, but oh well! How's her hair?

December 22nd, 1999, 07:51 PM
Oh KwanFan, thanks so much for the report! That is so great that Michelle took the bear from you personally. I love the eyewitness reports because then we get to hear the things like the Kiss and Cry action that don't always make it into the TV shows.

December 22nd, 1999, 08:00 PM
At the very beginning when every skater came on the ice to be introduced is when Michelle had on her OMT dress. Yes, i did take pictures, but the last picture i took was of Michelle's ending pose, so i didn't get i pic of her right in front of me :(

December 22nd, 1999, 08:47 PM
So michelle is skating to "Hands" by Jewel? Thats great! I've been wondering what song it was she was skating to. Thanks!

December 23rd, 1999, 07:07 AM
Out of the ladies who do you think skated the best program regardless of the scores?

December 23rd, 1999, 07:46 AM
Michelle and Sarah both skated great, but i think Michelle's was better. 1) Michelle 2) Sarah 3) Surya 4) Dorthy 5) Elezabeth 6) LuLu

December 23rd, 1999, 08:26 AM
That's cool that you got to hug Michelle.

December 23rd, 1999, 12:03 PM
Does Dorothy do triple jumps anymore??? She had to of to beat LuLu. I know Katerina Witt doesnt do 3 nemore.

December 23rd, 1999, 01:46 PM
Oh I am sooooo happy for you...and ,admittedly,a bit jealous, too. Loved your review...thanks so much....How honest...you don't know how Surya skated....I would have been the same way....Ask me how Amber Corwin or Angela skated at 98 Nats...they were before MK...had to take a potty and ciggy break...to calm down before Michelle went on! Good for you! How does MK come up with all of these new programs and some skaters do the same ones two years in a row or do a portion of the lp or sp for an exhibition? Go figure!

December 23rd, 1999, 01:59 PM
KwanFan60-Thanks for the review! We finally know she has a new program. :-) Was her costume from her Disney special. Was it this one?: Pic 1 of costume (http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Rink/8988/mkspecial5.jpg) Pic 2 of costume (http://disney.go.com/DisneyTelevision/kwan/images/skate_kwan.gif) Too bad you didn't get a picture of her in front of you...LOL, I still get annoyed thinking my mom didn't get a picture of Michelle hugging me years ago (she had the zoom out). Do you have a scanner? If you have some good pics, and want to post them, I can put some on my site if you don't have a place to put them. Heather

December 23rd, 1999, 02:58 PM
Nope, Michelle didn't skate in any of those dresses. I should get my pictures back in a few days and i will try to explain what it looks like. My cousin got some pictures and they have a scanner, so i will try to get them posted up here when they get home and scan them. If i can figure out how to.

December 24th, 1999, 08:55 AM
MK is so cool!!!...I mean...new program after new program!!!

December 24th, 1999, 11:19 AM
Thanks for the review. I cannot believe you got to hug Michelle:)!!!!! Oh my gosh! So many of you meet and talk to and touch these gods/goddesses on ice:) (hehe!), and I can't even imagine it. I'd be totally awe-struck! I think that's awesome that you got to hug her, hope you enjoyed everything at the competition.

December 24th, 1999, 06:41 PM
Good for you! You got to see Timothy Goebel close up! I am so jealous! Thank you for the review. I honestly don't know how I would have acted around all the skaters you met. Perhaps you should think about commentating?

December 24th, 1999, 10:06 PM
Great review, thanks soo much. I have to admit too though that I am a *little* jealous...only a little though, um yeah. jj. Hey, if you hugged her and everything right by the ice, that means that we might be seeing you on TV then, in the near future right? Now that would be really cool; b/c you know how they always show mk collecting her stuff from the fans in the stands right? Well anyway, I'll be looking for you :) toodles.

December 27th, 1999, 07:04 AM
There was a Keri Lotion competition a couple of months ago (US vs. Russia), but is there another Keri Lotion? Is it going to be televised????

December 27th, 1999, 09:21 AM
They called the competition "Keri USA Vs. World".... I don't know why. It was a pro-am with teams on it. It airs Jan 9 :)

December 27th, 1999, 08:57 PM
A new program?? that is great because now me and My mother will have something to look forward to....By the way we both live off of your page. Every morning she wakes me up by checking to see if you've updated..then reads to me how Michelle Skated and so on and so on...keep up the good work :)

December 28th, 1999, 03:59 AM
Dorothy Hamill never did triples, but LuLu barely does now either. Hamill's quality of skating and top-notch spinning could beat many younger skaters.

December 28th, 1999, 04:45 PM
Well, i just got my pictures developed. Some of them turned out good, but some of them are blurry. I gave 5 pictures of Michelle to my cousins so they scan them and I can post them up here, but someone will have to help me with posting them up here.

December 29th, 1999, 01:33 PM
Thanks for the great review 'cause I bugged too many people at FSW trying to get the exact info on MK's program. You review did the trick. As for your pictures, I suggest emailing Jenny or Heather the scanned pics and they can post it for you.