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January 15th, 2000, 08:23 AM
I don't know if this has already been posted, but here's the link to the AP article on Yahoo: <A HREF=http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20000115/sp/skating_gp_final_2.html >Slutskaya Beats Kwan in Skating</A> Way to go Irina!!! Way to go Michelle! While I always want Michelle to win, I am very happy for Irina -- sounds like she had an amazing skate, and I can't wait to see it! From reading the other threads, it sounds like some people are upset that Michelle placed second overall even though she won 2/3 parts of the competition. I think there's some confusion about how this format works... Question: "Does this mean that coming into the 3rd round, the cumulative scores/standings earned from frist and second doesn't count?" Answer: YES! The final head-to-head matchup between Michelle and Irina determined the winner -- the first two parts of the competition did not factor into the final result at all. The combined results from the first LP and SP only decided who would get to skate in the final head-to-head matchup. (So, it didn't really matter who was 1st and who was 2nd after the first two parts of the competition.... Michelle & Irina had a clean slate going into the "super final.") Some positive things to think about for us die-hard MK fans (some of which have been stated by others in other threads): (1) This result will make Michelle more determined at Worlds (2) The media will have to face that Michelle is beatable, so hopefully they won't prematurely crown her the winner of a competition again, which should take some pressure off Michelle (I'm talking about stuff like "she'd have to leave the building to lose" which is what they said at last year's Worlds) (3) No griping from anti-MK people that Michelle was "held up" in this competition (which surely would have happened if Michelle had won) (4) This result will push Michelle to up her technical difficulty Anyone have something to add?

January 15th, 2000, 08:31 AM
aside from those jenny mentioned: how about Worlds is going to be exciting, nerve-wracking, nail-biter competition? Go MK!!!

January 15th, 2000, 08:38 AM
Jenny ITA!!! I especially agree with your number 2 reason...eventhough ALL your points are wonderfully made!!! What I wanna add??? I feel so weird!!!...I NEVER thought I would be HAPPY and excited if MK doesn't win!!! Usually I'm so sad the whole day!!! (I didn't go to school after watching the Nagano lp LIVE)... I honestly am very surprised at myself that I am so happy!!!...my boyfriend called to see if I was OK (I guess after viewing the results on the web)...and he was shocked that I was all excited!!! Worlds will definitely be amazing!!!...Other skaters are definitely ABLE to beat her in the presentation marks too!!!... ADDITION??? May be we'll finally see the 3axel from MK!!! Hee hee...

January 15th, 2000, 08:54 AM
I am extremely surprise how calm I'm reacting to the news. Overall, I am extremely proud of Michelle. Imaging, skating after Irina historic skates with a Triple lutz/Triple loop and Triple Salchow/Triple loop combination, she only made one error doubling the triple loop. Clearly, in her mind she already know that Irina won the competition after she step on the ice to begin skating to Arianne. I mean how can she beat that program, she couldn't. Instead she went out there and just skate the best she can. Overall, Michelle skated like the champion she always been, she got silver but hay, she still makes us proud. Congrats to Irina and Michelle. Michelle you are still the best and my sport hero nothing change.

January 15th, 2000, 09:02 AM
You sure said it all for me, much better than I rambled on just now at <A HREF=http://pub1.ezboard.com/fthealternativethespoilerzone.showMessage?topicID= 11.topic >http://pub1.ezboard.com/fthealternativethespoilerzone.showMessage?topicID= 11.topic </A> I'm breathless with anticipation for the TV broadcast and JUST SO THRILLED as a fan of skating. I will always ADORE our Michelle, but I think Slute just did something phenomenal. And I think it's A WONDERFUL THING to see an athlete achieve such a tremendous HIGH after such a demoralizing previous season, when no one pulled any punches in critiquing Irina and predicting doom and gloom for her future. I have utter faith in MK's ability to go on from this to even greater heights, and to keep making us all proud of her, no matter the shade of the medal. I just <font size=4>LOVE</font> good competition! Can you tell I'm THRILLED? LOL

January 15th, 2000, 09:03 AM
Thanks for the added comments... I agree that Worlds is going to be very exciting, and I'd love to see Michelle do the 3 axel! Keep those positive comments coming! One thing though.... I think Michelle skated before Irina in the super final. On <a href=http://www.icecalc.com/events/gpf2000/results/SEG089.HTM>icecalc</a>, doesn't the #1 and #2 in the "StN." column signify skate order?

January 15th, 2000, 09:12 AM
Jenny I'm glad you clarified the format for some people who were confused about the last round. It's true, I don't like the format but those are the rules and that's the way it goes. Just think, if this were Worlds, Michelle would be World Champion!!!!!!

January 15th, 2000, 09:15 AM
"I was fine, but I'm very impressed by Slutkskaya's performance. Usually I don't watch other skaters but this time I did and what she did is unbelieveable."

January 15th, 2000, 09:18 AM
I am absolutely crying right now. Michelle is truly a true champion when she made that comment. Again, she got my heart. Michelle my sport hero forever...

January 15th, 2000, 09:20 AM
that she certainly has the HEART OF A CHAMPION!!! She is just so precious ... This amazing soul never disappoints me.

January 15th, 2000, 09:21 AM
Gala, it's so nice to *see* you. It's been a long time!

January 15th, 2000, 09:22 AM
I just saw that press conference comment! She has so much class...it just oozes out of her.:-)

January 15th, 2000, 09:23 AM
It's awfully wonderful to see you also! Here I am ... my face all flushed and so totally PSYCHED now. I've missed you very much, lady!

January 15th, 2000, 09:26 AM
What a wonderful quote! Here is the Reuters article from Yahoo: <a href=http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000115/sp/skating_figure_1.html>Slutskaya Triumphs in Grand Prix Final</a>

January 15th, 2000, 09:28 AM
Honestly, I expected nothing more than class and grace from Michelle. I take her losses harder than she does. Gala, lovely post in the Alt. Glad you stopped by here. Nevermind, thanks Jen for the article that answered my question.

January 15th, 2000, 09:34 AM
Michelle always amazes me with her composure at events. I think it is so wonderful of her to say that when she could have said, I didn't watch, etc. I also think her remark sounds very relaxed, not too emotional about the loss, which is great. Maybe that comes from being at UCLA- all that perspective. Kelly

January 15th, 2000, 09:37 AM
Thanks baby :-) I tell ya ... next time do we LIVE CHICKEN sacrifice!!!! A WHOLE COOPFUL!!! Place your candles at GO MICHELLE GO shrine for Worlds! <A HREF=http://www.artwells.com/cgi-bin/anonimmus.pl?dir=private&name=gomichellego&cr=on&session=3880cc131427132d>www.artwells.com</A> (I just popped in this post to edit the long link which was messing up the forum formatting... ~jen75~)

January 15th, 2000, 10:08 AM
I am seriously in tears as I am typing this!!! MK is my hero!!! Even when MK doesn't win the gold...she has a way of STILL being a CHAMPION!!! She does have a Heart of a Champion!!!

January 15th, 2000, 10:11 AM
I guess it's not so funny that a lot of us are NOT totally depressed over these results (or are even happy about them in some cases!). Here's the reason, I think. We finally think Michelle was beaten by a performance that really deserved to win. Granted, we haven't seen the programs yet, but if her performances earlier this season were any indication, Irina has certainly developed into a very ARTISTIC skater. From all reports we know this was also an incredible TECHNICAL performance. So I don't think we're too upset because Irina really deserved to win - it was an excellent, well-rounded performance. If Michelle is going to lose - that's the sort of excellent competition we would always hope her to lose to. I guess in the past we might not have felt that the competition was so well-deserving. Know what I mean?

January 15th, 2000, 10:12 AM
I can't believe this girl! She never disappoints me in any sort! Her sportsmanship is a big reason why I'm such a die-hard fan!

January 15th, 2000, 10:16 AM
this reminds me of the 96 worlds when Michelle won over Chen lu , they were both brilliant,but Michelle really attacked her program and it showed. Cant wait'till worlds to see the outcome of this turn of events.DRAMA!!!!

January 15th, 2000, 10:27 AM
I told myself that I wouldn't get upset if Michelle didn't win the event because I could find logical excuses. I still did of course. But after reading about the final, I mean WOW for Irina [my jaw dropped just reading about the 3lutz-3loop combo] and I think that reading that comment by Michelle on Irina's performance allowed me to actually feel good now. I must say though, I hate gloating so I don't think I'll go to other messageboards for a while.=) I'm kinda excited too, in a way. I'm hoping that by watching Irina's performance, Michelle increases her technical difficulty in her jumps. My only wishes at this moment is that it drive Michelle even more and that Irina don't become as arrogant as Butyrskaya.

January 15th, 2000, 11:02 AM
for so long, i wanted people to stop putting burden on michelle kwan's shoulder by saying "they have to padlock the door so michelle can't come in to the building, that's the only way she's gonna lose". and "win that gold, you make us proud". commentators and articles had conclude the outcome before the competition even started. instead, why don't we just WISH HER ALL THE BEST. that way she doesn't have to carry the weight and pressure going to the competition. the result from the super final maybe, just maybe people will back off and wait the result for the next competition before predicting the outcome. i just would like to say that win or loose, MICHELLE IS THE GREATEST, PRETTIEST AND GRACIOUS PERSON I EVER KNOWN INSIDE AND OUT.

January 15th, 2000, 12:00 PM
Right on, barang!!! ITA.

January 15th, 2000, 02:32 PM
At first I was devastated, but when I heard the details I felt better. I am thrilled that Michelle did not fall, to me that is in some ways more important than the result. I never doubted how Michelle would handle it, going back to her quote from '97 when she said its not like I'm going to die if I get second. But silver medals are harmful to my health, I think. I hardly ever get sick and I have not missed a day of school for sickness in 9 years. But in the last few years the only days I have been sick were the day of the Olympic LP, when I found out 99 worlds SP results, and I'm sick now a la fever and everything, and I was perfectly healthy this morning! That's what I call strange. Oh well.

January 15th, 2000, 03:01 PM
Well, I guess like most all of you in this forum I am terribly saddened by Michelle's loss. It's happened thrice since I became a fan and every time its such a burden to carry. Good thing, I'll be leaving for church soon, right after I update my Skate America page. Michelle won the first part, and would have won the head to head by skating cleanly but conservatively. But whether we like it or not, someone was willing to take the risk, and luckily did great. Irina Slutskaya who has matured over her year of absence from the Worlds, became the first lady to land a 3-lutz/3 loop. Michelle onlylanded a 3-2 double combination. This only means that (like Dick Button says) Michelle has to up her own technical ability to become truly competitive in the world of skating. She's capable of doing so, but she needs the strength and courage to take risks as well. But don't worry. Overall, Michelle won two out of the three programs. It is only the rules that detremined the outcome. Hopefully, MK takes this defeat as she takes every one, hopes that she can keep on despite life as a college student and then some. We love you Michelle! ------------ mk pics (ariane) <A HREF=http://us.yimg.com/p/ap/20000115/capt.france_figure_skating_58z.jpg >http://us.yimg.com/p/ap/20000115/capt.france_figure_skating_58z.jpg </A> <A HREF=http://us.yimg.com/p/ap/20000115/capt.france_figure_skating_1p6.jpg>http://us.yimg.com/p/ap/20000115/capt.france_figure_skating_1p6.jpg</A>

January 15th, 2000, 04:33 PM
I like Karin just busted out in tears after reading everyone's comments! For some reason they aren't tears of saddness but tears of happiness. Would you believe that HAPPINESS! :) I can only say that when I found out the results, I was devastated! Michelle is so classy! I can't believe how she handles these loses! I tell you I would have cracked! It's interesting that we are all acting so calm. I thought for sure people would be bashing Irina and what not but frankly I'm proud of all of you here for reacting so beautifully. This hopefully will be something of a wake up call for Michelle to up the ante and get some more 3/3 combos! I know she can do them. I didn't become a fan of Mk because she wins events but because of her skating and her. I became a fan of hersin 97 when she lost to Lipinski and her composure won me over and you know what, MK has won me over once again. And Irina, what can I say! She has as much class as Michelle! What she did took determination and guts. I'm so happy for her. Kind of off topic but, hey Michelle beat Maria in Europe did she not? LOL If Michelle had to lose to someone I'm glad it was Irina. :)

Brandon Russo
January 16th, 2000, 03:17 AM
I have been following the grand prix events & find it ridiculous on the final format, where skaters have to do 2 long ( 50% different on both) and a short program. Can you imagine the pairs competition where the guys have to lift the girls, really put the skaters on risk. I'm still upset over the defeat of MK because if according to the old rules, she would have been the winner. But I'm agree with jenny that that will push our MK to do more 3axels in the future. she really needs to upgrade the technical difficulty ( as the men are doing quard combination) and she also needs to skate with more speed & enthusiastism in her program in the future. I feel like she's omitting some jumps like the tripel-double comb ( suppose to be tripel-tripel where she landed in skate america) and double a triple . I also did not see the signature spiral sequence holding as long as she used to do it. I am not trying to be critical here but I think for her to be on the top , she needs those technical & speed upgrade.I also did not like the super final long program where she had that in the past year . I still think the "red violin" is the better long program for her. please MK if you see this note, please do not substitute the " red violin" with any other long program for your upcoming US national. MK always has the sportmanship when comes to accepting defeat, but in order to be the top skater, she has to continue improving her skills, refining her expertise, learn from the mistakes. good luck!!